Update #3: What Has Changed Over The Last Month Towards Me Getting A Taller, Slimmer Body – June 1st, 2013

Update #3: What Has Changed Over The Last Month Towards Me Getting A Taller, Slimmer Body – June 1st, 2013

It is already June, and this website/blog has been around almost a year. The research has been wonderful and in this month actually there was a few big breakthroughs. I’ve found evidence that growth plate regeneration has already been done by a few biomedical researchers in university laboratories in the USA so now the big thing to figure out is what is the least invasive approach to embed the growth plates into the adult human bone without causing too much pain and decrease the amount of time needed to recover.

So what exactly has been going on in my life? Have I got any taller from May to June?

Push Up HandlesDiet & Weight: I have recently dropped in weight from decreasing my food intake over the last month. These are the things I have done to loss weight.

  • I managed to decrease my soda/pop addiction to a fraction. Where it used to be I would drink Sprite & Cola every other day, I am now drinking 2 liter bottle of water each day for the Summer heat. 
  • Since moving back to Seoul I had to give away the bike and put that in storage.
  • My exercise program now focuses on doing pushups using Push Up Handles, Jump Rope for the aerobic workout, and sit-ups to decrease the fat content in my stomach.
  • I’m supposed to do 40 pushups, jump rope 800 times, and do 60 situps today. That is not a lot compared to most guys who work out but I just got back to exercising after not doing it for over a year.

I don’t have a weight scale around the apartment so I am just guessing right now. I have noticed that right after I wake up, my stomach seems to be smaller and thinner. Current Weight: about 209 lbs.

Height Increase: There are no swimming pools in Seoul that are cheap and convenient so one of the only exercises I really like is not available. The good one I have found is in Everland but there is no way I am going to get on a bus for 2-3 hours just to use a pool.

So I stick to stretching. The main stretches I do, which I do 3 times a week, usually around 10 PM is with a yoga mat…

  • Yoga – The local E-Mart sell perfectly reasonable priced yoga mats for 12,000 won and that is what I use to do the stretching. I focus on 3 main stretches, which is to… 1.Twist the torso, 2.Pull down on the torso, 3.Pull up on the torso.

Height Gain From May: 

I did not see any increase in height this month. My hair has grown out so the measurement error has gone back up so any slight increase I notice from the morning measurement I don’t trust.

If you want, you can read the update I did in May in the post “Update #2: What Have I Been Doing To Grow Taller And Become Healthier – May 1st, 2013


8 thoughts on “Update #3: What Has Changed Over The Last Month Towards Me Getting A Taller, Slimmer Body – June 1st, 2013

  1. Anoun

    Hey, I just turned 17, I’m a guy, and assuming that my growth plates are open, can I hope to achieve a permanent height gain of two inches (or more) using stretching or other types of exercises? I don’t have money for pills, so that’s out of the question. Thanks in advance.

    1. TheOtherAdam

      98% sure you won’t. If you have really bad posture you can increase your heihgt by an inch maximum . Though this would not be permanent, an hour later your spine would have compressed from the stress of gravity and you would be back to the same height. If stretches helped any child that did yoga would be, on average taller, and if any adult (there are people that have done yoga for 15 years) did yoga they would have gained height to some degree. My parents eat the healthies diet possible, and they have been doing yoga for more than twenty years, but they haven’t grown a centimeter. My advice, get an Xray, just to be sure and start taking an anti estrogen. Letrozole is the best you can take at the moment. It will stop your growth plates from closing, and you gain a sure 2-4 inches over the course of a few years. I’m not selling you anything, nor am I being a disinformer, I have done the same thing and just want to stop you from dissapointing yourself/wasting your life. I hope everything works out.

      1. Rafael A. Gonzalez

        Isn’t Letrozole supposed to treat post-surgery breast cancer in females? I wouldn’t take this even for the purposes of “experimenting” with it. Medical drugs can be pretty darn dangerous if not taken correctly and for the established purposes. I don’t mean to bash TheOtherAdam’s response, but playing with fire (if you will) is going to one extreme. The other extreme would be to just dumbly think that height “is just genetics” and just go through life believing everything is impossible and that people are untrustworthy. Although the forum author Michael is greatly helping those in need of height increase, we as individuals should also take the time to do some personal research and experimentation and not have ONE person know everything and do all the work for everyone.

  2. Matheus

    I feel we are getting closer to discovering how to grow as an adult,

    Good luck in your routine michael!

  3. Jaylen

    Just wondering how much HGH will help me in gaining height as I am only 17 and my growth plates haven’t fully closed yet

  4. Raven

    Please don’t give up your research. I really need a solution to become taller as an adult. Some people think that becoming taller for a woman is not important, but it is for me!!!


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