Research On Endometrial Cancer Shows That Tamoxifen Modulation Of Estrogen Explains Its Effect On Longitudinal Bone Growth

I was going through this YouTube video entitled A brief discussion of Endometrial Cancer of Uterus and the lecturer revealed something at the time range of 19:45-20:00 of the video which explained and might have resolved an issue which I have been trying to figure out for a while now.

In the older post Increase Height Using Tamoxifen, Where Scientific Sources Contradict Each Other I had shown that there seems to be contradictory information on the effect of Tamoxifen on longitudinal bone growth. While Tamoxifen is supposed to be an aromatase inhibitor, preventing estrogen from turning into testosterone, there are a few cases which say that tamoxifen is bad for bone growth.

The Lecturer would reveal the following clue…” Tamoxifen is a selective estrogen receptor modulator that has an estrogen antagonist effect on the breast but has an estrogen agonist effect on the endometrium”

This shows that for different areas of the body, Tamoxifen can help increase estrogen or help decrease it.

Translation: Tamoxifen doesn’t just decrease the estrogen rate, but could increase it in other places. This means that tamoxifen is a horrible compound to take or inject to be used as some type of aromatase inhibitor like Letro or Anavar.


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