Review On The Grow Taller With Shin Lengthening Website

Review On The Grow Taller With Shin Lengthening Website

Shin LengtheningRecently one of the regular readers of the website expressed a desire for me to take a look at a website they have found entitled They did state that there seems to be nothing being sold on the website so it seems to be not doing any type of hard sell on anything.

I decided to spend about 30 minutes looking over the content and articles on the website. From checking over the sitemap part, it seems that the website has a total of 20 pages. I looked over the title of the pages hoping to find something that was new and not already stated in most other “grow taller” websites.

I chose not to care too much about the design and look of the website, since those things are not important.

Overall Conclusion

This website has always been designed to be based on scientific principles. We put extra effort in doing the research and making sure the science makes sense. We hoped that the Grow Taller With Shin Lengthening website would do the same. Overall, I felt that the website is lacking in serious content. From checking the Facebook Page that associated with the website, it seems that the website was created back in 2012.

The main claim made by this Dennis guy is that he managed to grow 7 inches taller in the years of what would be considered puberty for most adolescents. He claim he grew 3.5 inches in his shins alone which took him 3 years to do. He refer to a type of exercise known as Chaos Training, which I have on idea what that is. It took me a few minutes to realize that Chaos Training is similar to the P-90X workouts that are becoming really trendy in recent years. The exercise is intermittent but highly explosive. The idea is to do bursts of high aerobic and anaerobic exercise to get the testosterone increased. I would guess at this point he is just talking to the guys who are reading his website. The increase in testosterone would correlate to a similar spike in GH release.

We have shown in previous posts that males who have an above average level of testosterone level in their system before adolescence do seem to end up with a higher than average final adult height. However too much of the hormone would lead to stunted growth. It is a really tricky thing.

He also claims that if you stretch out your abdominal area you will be able to lengthen your torso by 3-5 inches as well just from stretching out the cartilage. 3-5 Inches??

Other things he suggest is to try dry swimming, the cobra stretch yoga position, and to go cycling. His suggestion that you should raise the height of the chair seat of the exercise cycle is something dozens of other “grow taller gurus” have suggested. There have been no results from this method, except maybe a few weak or injured knees.

The only section that was worth looking into was about how you can possibly lengthen the shins, which is just the front side of the tibia bones in the lower leg portion.

The main argument that is made by this Dennis Raney guy is that in Ancient China there was the practice of binding small girls feet to make them smaller. This shows that through excessive loading on the bone, the bone can be made to deform in the shape and angle one desires. The problem with this argument is that the Chinese Foot Binding is done to LITTLE GIRLS, NOT GROWN WOMAN. When you are young, the tarsals and meta-tarsal bones in the feet also have cartilage in them. The reason you can bind those feet to make them disfigured is that the binding is started when a girl is around 4-8 years old, much before her bones reach maturity, and the cartilage disappears. Try this practice of binding on a modern chinese woman’s feet and you would find that the feet can no longer bend to the will of just cloth. You might even get a slap over the face for being old fashioned and too traditional in thinking about the role of women.

It even states in the Wikipedia article that the binding of feet started even earlier, around the age of 2-5. (source)

In addition, I would like to quote how he defines the term puberty…

“Puberty is the stage in life when boys or girls become sexually mature. It is a stage of bodily change that usually happens between ages 10 and 14 for girls and ages 12 and 16 to 17 years for boys. Puberty affects boys and girls differently.”

Does this mean that this guy thinks that puberty is supposed to be over by the time we are around 17 years old?

I would guess due to just normal growth process and the variations of the distribution curve, for this person he probably kept growing past the age of 17. Growing in height at 19-21 is NOT unheard of. He went from 5′ 4″ to 5′ 11″. If I was to try to explain how he got so much taller, I would say he experienced a phenomena known as catch-up growth. Catch-Up Growth is what happens to the body of a adolescent who experienced slower growth rates earlier in their puberty years. The body goes into a sort of overcompensating process to increase the longitudinal growth of their bones to even out the growing line. For more understanding, we suggest reading the study Catch-up growth: definition, mechanisms, and models.

His claim on 7 inches over 3-4 years is not unreasonable. The Grow Taller Guru Lance Ward claimed that he grew about the same amount when he was around 20-21 as well. I would just put these guys growth process as an outlier, a data point in the overall set which is out of the ordinary. Growing taller for a male in their 20s is not normal but not impossible.

(Note: As a general rule I don’t link to websites which I don’t believe in. It is well known among people who work on the internet that putting in a link means that the website you link to gets more authority in the eyes of the search engines algorithms, especially what are known as high PR related websites).

15 thoughts on “Review On The Grow Taller With Shin Lengthening Website

  1. Cathy

    Thanks for highlighting a few facts about the above site. Actually gave it a trust score of 90% making it safe to use. However i have one question. There are success stories on his cycling page at the end of leg lengthening with cycling post. What is your view on those stories. I just purchased a bike after reading those stories hoping to add at least an inch.

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  3. donttrytodisappointothers

    Although I accept that you, as the owner of this website, is doing terrific job in bringing more and more facts related to human growth and trying to help many people like me out there who are seeking for that little miracle (not necessarily without effort) to increase a little height in their stature, you have absolutely no right, I mean no right to lower other people’s hope like that. Trying to prove every-other person as a scammer is not doing any favour to your’s reputation. Danis wasn’t 21 for god sake when he did the exercises. He said he was 26 and I firmly believe him. He doesn’t look like a thug to me by his words, but rather a person , WHO ACTUALLY WORKED HARD PHYSICALLY, to achieve what he is today. I think since you are actually 6 feet tall, you aren’t that obsessed to grow taller but rather finding things or science behind it and make your own name in the future. See what I did there ! .. Why don’t you try yourself what he did there and claim anything?

    1. LOPA

      I agree with you.I trust this Denis guy.There seems to be truth in what he says.He’s not making tall claims merely to make money but providing invaluable advice.

  4. samrat bose

    i really agree with this article,and one of the guy here told not to trst the site, then why d hell u r here?u may be a tall person so u luv to discourage others..

  5. Debby

    When good intention guys like Mr. Raney come out to give us short people hope, you try to attack them.
    That makes the attackers the wrong people. If you are short and reading this, please support people like Raney and encourage them than demoralizing them.
    I see nothing wrong with his site and claims after all he shows his journey which to me is factual, scientific and gives hope to short people like me though thanks to Dennis, my legs have started growing slightly. Love you Dennis. Keep it up!

    1. Aki

      Hey Debby, Since its been almost n year will you please share your current feedback or any progress you observed. Reply is certainly awaited.
      Thanks in Advance.

  6. paul

    I trust Dennis because ive tried the cycling method and I grow from 5ft 7 to 5ft 9
    For 4 weeks and im not lying. Im trying to get to 6ft wish me luck lol

    1. jeet singh

      Wao.. really how old were you when you tried this method i ‘ ve been searching for some methods for height increase.. since a month but this one really inspire me.. plz tell me how old you were..? I want to try this too…


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