More Information On Alexander Teplyashin and His Moscow Based Clinics

More Information On Alexander Teplyashin and His Moscow Based Clinics

June 1st, 2014: This is the 2nd part of a 2 post series where I explain to the readers how this Moscow based stem cell research clinic finally succeeded in getting the stem cells method to fully work. To read the original article, click here.

This is a very quick post today since I am getting more and more information on Teplyashin. I went back on the website and found a Youtube Video which talked about this guy. I will put the video at the bottom of this post. There is a video of him answering questions in an interview and I got his russian name from the screen which I clipped and pasted to the right.

I had to use a russian/cyrillic keyboard to type out his name. (It turns out the problem I had before with finding the right character to write “x” is two characters, which is “KC”. That was why the day before I couldn’t write out his real name. This is how you spell his name.

адександр тепляшйн

Copy and paste the following name into the Russian based search engines like or

Here are two russian sources I used (Here and Here). Use Google Chrome so that the russian based websites can be automatically translated into English to read.

TeplyashinHis Clinic Name: BEAUTY PLAZA HEALTH & SPA

Address: Russia, Moscow, ul. Kuznetsk bridge, 17, 7th floor

Or: Kuznetsk Building Street, Building 17, Building 1

He seems to have founded even a company based in New York called Stem Cell Higher Technologies Inc (which I found no information on from a quick search on Google).


Contact Numbers You can Try:

  • +7 (495) 234-57-20
  • +7 (495) 234-57-30
  • +7 (495) 234-57-40
  • +7 (495) 234-57-50
  • +7 (495) 621-11-22
  • +7 (495) 621-18-88


PlackYou would see that this guy is a credible plastic surgeon which seems to have experience going as far back as 1985. There seems to be a lot of review websites which critique his level of surgical work. There is a lot of information on this guy. For example, he has gotten quite a few medical awards from European countries back in the 90s.

The fact is that at some point, Dr. Sanjay Gupta and Hillary Clinton have visited this guy to interview him on the stem cell research going on in Russia. There is a Russian Journalist Sergei Dorenko who wrote about Teplyashin in a book entitled “2008” He wrote about that experience in some type of autobiography called Chasing Life (I assume that is in russian). The book is even listed on sale on Amazon Here (not an affiliate link). The other way to spell this guy’s last name is Teplyashina. (This is the source I used)

PublicationsIt seems that in the Moscow scene in terms of stem cell research, this guy is sort of a famous plastic surgeon celebrity, sort of like Dr. Shahab Mahboubian based in Hollywood, who does Limb Lengthening Surgery.

His focus is on breast augmentation, breast implants, and breast lifts. There was a website called at one time which now redirects to his primary website

(Warning: Website is NOT safe for work. Includes some nudity.)

Analysis On His Research

I found out earlier today from a quick search result on Yandex more about his speciality. His focus is on plastic surgery alterations on the breasts. He is one of THOSE types of plastic surgeons. The obvious question then is whether this guy ever really did the research for bones and cartilage regeneration. Was he really involved in that research, or did he do the act of slapping his name on a project which he was not really actively involved in? We know from many USA universities, tenured professors often get their post-docs and graduate students to perform the real lab works and then take credit for it by putting their name somewhere as one of the authors.

I am quite sure that he was not the originator of the paper I had cited in the previous post. The likely real tissue engineering innovator is someone in his team, who has focused their attention on the bone/cartilage side of tissue engineering research. His focus is on extracting and growing stem cells from fat tissue. The one really well known patent he published which can be found in Google Patents refers to getting MSCs from fat. That is still relevant though, if you can get the end result of both fat and bone marrow derived stem cells to be the same.

One commenter calling themselves Tynai from Russia gave some interesting useful information which I clipped below. They are answering some questions so maybe Tynai is a marketing representative for Teplyashin’s Beauty Plaza Business. His English is hard to understand though.

Moscow Based Clinics

It seems that he answered some other questions I have had. The team that Teplyashin is head of seems to fully realize what they have achieved, and do want to take the stem cell technique to human and to the world-wide market. They intend to patent this idea. However, there is some issues still and the regulators in Russia is asking them to do more trials to prove the general concept that it would work properly.

This would kind of explain why the Moscow based clinics have been saying that they would get the tissue engineering technology ready for the general public for at least 3 years now. That was the big complaint by the guys at the Make Me Taller Forums. They heard about Teplyashin’s research, but the team did not deliver in the time they had initially claimed. They said only 1-2 years, but it has been 3-4 years past. The reason Tynai is giving suggest that there are not enough willing participants who would agree to do the preliminary clinical trials as test subjects!! The last I checked, there was at least 3-4 willing participants who wrote back in 2012 on the MMT forums that they are willing to do it. So maybe the clinic is lying. I believe that they will have a patent filed, but to actually bring it to market in even say 3-5 years time, I am not holding my breath.

(Side Note: For people who are don’t know that much about legal issues dealing with copyrights, trademarks, patents, etc. the legal process to get a patent to be properly filed often takes at least 1-2 years. I took a Bioengineering and Entrepreneurship course at the local University of Washington for fun and a huge section of the class was devoted to talking about the lengthy process it takes for universty lab based discoveries to finally become patented and taken to the general public aka market.)

The only thing for people who want the real deal in terms of an alternative to Limb Lengthening Surgery, they can only just wait, and hope that the Moscow based Clinic will roll out the less invasive surgical procedure in the next 3-5 years, which is very reasonable.

The Cost of The Stem Cells Method – Is it more expensive than LLS?

The guys at the MMT forum mentioned in their usual negative attitude that even if the surgery was available, most people who are not Russian Billionaires would not be able to get the chance to use it. I only half agree with those comments.

It will be expensive, and I would guess it would range around $100,000-$400,000 for each growth plate implant. Each implant based on how thick the cartilage is is claimed by Teplyashin in the older sources to give around 7-8 cms increased bone length each. That is very impressive. A multi-millionaire would be able to get maybe 4 implants (for their 2 femurs and 2 tibia) and gain up to 6 inches over the course of 1-2 years, while not being confined to external fixators or need to have another surgery to pull out internal nails.

However, as long as the technology and the surgical procedure is finally implemented for the commoner, even at millionaire level prices, over time, say in 5-10 years, there will be other clinics around the world (most especially in China and Plastic Surgery obsessed South Korea) which will have surgeons who learn how the procedure is done and implement it into their own skill set. Given another 10 years after the first successful surgery of growth plate implant, the price would be reduced to maybe levels around $30,000-$50,000, a full magnitude lower.

Over the Technical Issue of The Soft Tissue around the Bone Tissue like Muscle and Ligament being the constraint to limit bone lengthening…

I recently found at least 1 chemical compound (and 1 patent detailing another chemical) which have shown to be able to increase the muscle tissue fiber characteristic known as “extensibility” with just a few injections. That is actually going to be in one of the up-coming posts which will also be the next game-changing post. Stay tuned for that one. I DO NOT plan to write about the revolutionary chemical which can literally “lengthen” muscle fibers anytime this week though.

Some Closing Thoughts

There are some crazy research stuff going on in the world currently, often hidden from our eyes, and often they are not going to be something you can find from a quick Google Search. You would need to go to different countries, look in the labs of private think tanks funded by ultra-private rich investors with very personal agendas, privately funded university labs, government facilities, and military based operations. We are not aware of what is really possible because we are almost never told the whole truth. I am going to try to bring as much of the crazy research out into the open as possible for you guys to see.

The fact is that based on how explosive and fast stem cell research is going, and multiple university professors trying to find ways to regenerate hyaline cartilage, what Teplyashin’s team did is not really revolutionary. They are only the group that put the entire thing together and was willing to take the general concept of stem cells and tissue engineering to work for the purpose of helping adults with fully ossified growth plates grow taller. If they didn’t do it, someone else or another research team would have done it within the next 2 decades. All the real technical barriers have been overcome. I proved that after going through hundreds of PubMed studies on tissue engineering. The problem on how fast stem cell research can progress and be brought to the general public for use has been held back for USA government laws passed against lab work done on unborn embryos. That has actually held the stem cell field back for the last 2 decades. Only this decade did the government officials realize that one can get stem cells from other places besides just unborn fetuses and embryos. That is why the research have finally started to pick up again and this field is super-hot to get into right now.

To end this post, I would like to quote a passage from Hamlet, There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy”

I put a video below which was uploaded back in 2008. It shows Teplyashin giving an interview, all in Russian.

Him on a radio station to talk about the trends of plastic surgery for rich women in Moscow getting so much plastic surgery.

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  2. jojo

    sorry my English is not the best)

    I find this website very good and wait every day on new great news… !
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    I think every people look on this website for news to growth taller natural because he don’t want to make a Surgery???!
    I find stem cells is a good way…but not in combination with a operation.

  3. Tynai

    No, i dont have any relation to Teplyashin and his clinic. Im a height seeker like others here. There are participants who want to be test subjects but officials dont allow to do it because Teplyashin and Co. is a private clinic, so only public institutions can make researches. Buy they dont care…

  4. chris

    if this takes that much long time than forget about it who is gonna wait 10 years and must have atleast 7 figures to do implants better find some other way or forget about being tall. we can never change nature.

  5. NINA

    yo reconzco que estoy emocionada que con 4 cm yo estaria bien pero esto es muy ingenioso. Las celulas madre tambien permiten alargar la vida de una persona?

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    Guys, you should set your mind to achieve the desired results, your subconscious mind will always make it happen, like the movie “the miracle man” . Just set the height that you want in your mind and put an intention for that to happen, You just have to believe that it will happen, and then let your intuition guide you, remember everything will happen in the right time.
    I have 28 years, and I grew 4 inches because of my mind, I put an intention and I let it to happen, then my thoughts governed my actions, and my actions led me to the desired results that I had intended 6 months before, just like magic, but is simple, and usefull, We really have this power, we only need to know how to use.
    Best regards,

  7. Anthony

    Great to see this website continually being updated. Really appreciate the work you are putting in uncovering all of this research. It looks like this technique would be viable for femurs and tibia soon. However I was wondering, if the technology exists to create artificial growth plates, could these growth plates be implanted into the vertebra as well, to increase torso height?

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    hey I just saw this post, is there anything new to it? so the problemis is actually that they don´t have enough People to test it on? oh man this is unbelievable, poeple need to come together there is always a way. First of all they shoudn´t only ask russians they should go viral with this and I don´t know if this is legal but what about the ones who are for a lifetime in prison? rapers, Serial Killers I mean I would consider it, just ask more People…


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