HUGE LSJL update-x-ray proof of LSJL

I loaded my right index finger and my left thumb.  This post isn’t finished because I still have to break things down via gimp and it’s a lot harder to measure the bones than I thought.   But I wanted it up right away to get feedback right away. Maybe someone could help measure the bones of the right and left index finger and the right and left thumb.  I need someone to measure the bones of the right and left index finger to confirm that I’ve grown.  The x-ray’s are standardized as you can see by the centimeter mark on the bottom of the page.  Help me with this and we can prove LSJL.

One thing to note about the x-rays.  Is that the whiter something is on an x-ray the denser it is while the blacker it is the less dense it is.  So darker areas of the bone could be some indication of the possibility of a micro growth plate in that region.

X-Ray left hand:



X-Ray right hand:



No visible growth plates but that does not rule out microgrowth plates.  You’d need a lot more than a an x-ray to detect micro growth plates.  The difference in finger length does not seem to be due to swelling nor are there signs of osteoarthritic degeneration.  The bumps seem to be due ganglion cysts(see below).  The epiphysis on the right clamped finger is noticeably thicker.  If you look at the lateral view of the right versus the left finger then the difference is extreme and noticeable.

Here’s a side to side comparison between the two fingers:

20140829_143800The right index finger is longer than the left although I will have to do further analysis with GIMP or have Michael or someone do independent analysis.  Same with the left thumb(clamped thumb being longer than the right).

Turns out that I don’t really have osteophytes on my finger but really it’s closer to a ganglion cyst.  See this image here of this photo with someone with ganglion cysts and it’s very similar to how my finger looks:

1547906sThe lump is completely in the soft tissue and cannot contribute to height (see the x-rays)


Michael: This is what I can say currently after studying the X-ray of the left & right index fingers placed right next to each other. I stared for a full 10 minutes at the picture that Tyler uploaded but could not tell any differences in in the distance between the interphylangeal joints of the right hand compared to the left hand, at least for the index fingers. This is from his own comparison pictures.

However, when I took his pictures and put the pictures together (like below), after carefully looking at the X-ray, there does seem to be a noticeable long bone length difference, where the most proximal bone of the right index finger was just SLIGHTLY longer than the one on the left hand. You have to really look at the specific bone very closely but the difference is noticeable, when viewing the left-right hand X-Ray pictures below from a higher up perspective. When they are put to side to side, there is a difference. Of course, then the question would be, was the right index finger always longer than the leftindex  finger to begin with, from natural bone growth, before ever starting LSJL clamping?

When I looked at the left and right thumb bone X-Rays of the lateral perspective, the difference in thickness of the X-Rays is very noticeable. However, to me, it sort of looks like that the RIGHT thumb is thicker laterally than the LEFT one.

The Problem: I am now in a hotel for a conference in San Francisco and I don’t have an exact ruler on hand. All the measurements are done by eye. To be absolutely sure, I would need to find a ruler though, and maybe even go to a Kinkos or FedEx to blow up the X-ray pictures so that a ruler can be used to really do the most exact measurement possible.

What is obvious though is that the overall right index finger is longer. When you compare the skin edge of the right hand index finger to the one on the left hand, it is very noticeably longer.

X Rays of Metacarpal

18 thoughts on “HUGE LSJL update-x-ray proof of LSJL

  1. Julius

    Sorry but I don’t see it to be honest, Are you sure your fingers have grown?
    Also not sure how to measure images on a computer screen.

    1. Tyler Post author

      Maybe but for me only the right index finger is longer and this has only happened since I started clamping… Once we establish that the right finger bone is longer than the left we can establish that the right finger hasn’t always been like this…

  2. Alex

    I measured both index fingers (each bone separately) with Photoshop using the same measuring points. The right one is 0.17% longer. This is an absolutely insignificant difference. To put that into perspective: If one of your legs was 90.0cm the other one would be 90.15cm. I am not saying that these findings disprove the effectiveness of LSJL but they definitely don’t prove it.

    1. Tyler Post author

      Did you measure the lateral view? The difference is larger there. I tried using gimp but the measurement error was just too large. How did you start and end at the same points on all of them?

      One thing to keep in mind is that the epiphysis is not flat at the end so one point of the epiphysis could be longer resulting in overall increased finger length. It’s complicated so that’s why I’m waiting for Michael to blow it up and use a ruler because it’s hard to be accurate with pixels.

      How exactly did you measure?

  3. Julius

    Tyler did your armspan really increase?
    If you can prove that it’s still very interesting imagine all the people going under the knife to lenghten their legs or sport players they’d buy that for a dollar -or a million.
    Cheap and safe height increase would make you a billionaire yes, but longer arms is the next best thing.

    1. Tyler Post author

      I’m confident that my wingspan has increased. Measurements used to be 72.5″ and are now about 74.5″. If they grow further than confidence will increase more.

      1. Julius

        That’s quite spectacular in its own right and bigger hands also equals sex appeal but of course height increase is still the holy graal.
        What is the next step for you have the x-ray screens shown anything substantial at all?

        1. Tyler Post author

          I’m still trying to get someone to analyze them. I’ll work on doing it myself. I’ve been noticing more growth in my fingers and will keep an eye out for my arms which I measure by doing a windmill. Touch the ground with one finger tip and then try to touch as high up as possible. Overall height it’s harder to self measure because whenever you put your arms however your head you turtle up a bit and lose some height.

          I emailed the person who said that they only found a 0.15% length gain but I couldn’t contact them(tried emailing) so we can go over the measurements.

          Taking accurate measurements of the fingers will take a long time and I’m not as skilled at this sort of thing as others but if no one else steps up I’ll have to carefully and deliberately do it myself.

          It’s time for height increase to become a reality.

          1. Julius

            Let me just say: your determination is admirable.
            Would definitely pay for proper instructions and equipment if you succeed.

            Also, if you don’t mind, do you or your collueges have any plans to examine relaxin a bit closer. It sounded promising indeed but I feel like the discovery was left up in the air to some extent.

          2. Tyler Post author

            Unfortunately, a lot of discoveries wind left up in the air because of lack of research. I see promising studies all the time and no follow up. That’s why I’m so focused on LSJL so I can be sure to follow up.

            It would take a lot of resources to say do studies on relaxin. We’d need a lab and we’d need experts or otherwise we’d bleed money while we’re figuring things out. This would all be in the millions unless we were a part of another lab but we’d still need to pay experts and proteins are not cheap either. I’d love to do some studies on relaxin but it’s not something that can really be done on the grassroots level.

  4. Me

    I don’t think you can use one hand as a control, our bodies aren’t perfectly symmetrical. The fingers on my right hand are longer upon scrutiny than the fingers on my left hand.

    1. Tyler Post author

      That’s why I also loaded my left thumb. It’s hard to develop stringent controls due to lack of resources but the goal is to develop reasonable believe that LSJL caused an increase in bone length even though there is a chance of other factors explaining it.

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