This Chemical Formulation Injection Will Make You Taller

Chemical Formulation InjectionAfter writing the recent long post about the fact that articular cartilage can go back into growth more from increased HGH stimulation after growth plate closure, I thought I would leave a real formulation which will definitely work to make the interested reader taller.

If the reader is rich enough, I would tell them to get the following three compounds.

  1. Real Human Growth Hormone
  2. Relaxin
  3. Growth Differentiation Factor-5

The last 2 years of my life dedicated to the pursuit of this knowledge has made me realize that this formulation of 3 compounds, when you inject it into your feet area, will cause the bones in the feet to loosen up, and then grow wider through periosteal appositional growth. The end result is that the feet bones now have more layers of bone and when the patient stands back up again, the overall skeletal structure has been “lifted” up slightly.

In addition, one would also have to keep their feet elevated for more than 6 months, while at the same time stretching the feet from the ankle area in a physical therapy type of situation.

The result would be a noticeable few millimeters or even 1 centimeter of increase. This formulation would absolutely work.

As always, all 3 chemicals are extremely hard to obtain, being very expensive. The normal person might be able to get their hands on real HGH these days, but the other two, I have no idea.

3 thoughts on “This Chemical Formulation Injection Will Make You Taller

  1. Irfan

    my sister height 4′.11″ we want to she grow her height with natural process can you help me or recommend some things


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