Go To The Gym – Hyperlordosis Correction Exercises Or Hyperextension Help Increase Height

HyperextensionHere is something that I recently found which will help a large percentage of people which will let them gain about half a centimeter in increase height quite quickly. Something which I have always believed is that getting exercise which can remove the load on our backs and vertebrate bone will lead to some height increases.

I was watching this Youtube video by Dr. Dror Paley when he mentioned the fact that one of the things he does when he is performing surgeon on his patients, but most especially the ones suffering from Dwarfism, or Achondroplasia, is to correct the hyperlordosis that is often most visible in people suffering from dwarfism.

HyperlordosisRefer to the Youtube Video “Achondroplasia A Guide For Parents By Dr Dror Paley.mp4”. Notice how the lower back area is curved towards the posterior direction.

When the surgery is being doing, the femur is pushed backwards during the lengthening of the lower limb bones.  Somehow it straightens out the pelvis, and by doing that, it also straightens out the spine.

The surgical part probably doesn’t seem that interesting but the surgical methods doing in the OR doesn’t always have to be. The thing is that if we can look at our own vertebral curves in an X-Ray, almost all of us have the lower back area curved a little. We can do something in our normal lives to possibly correct for those things with some serious dedication.

The study that proves that this exercise would indeed increase height, at least temporarily  – Spine Height and Disc Height Changes As the Effect of Hyperextension Using Stadiometry and MRI

So there are 2 things you can do to correct for lordosis

Part 1

Before the first video, I would like to remind people that I wrote a post maybe a year ago showing that I had found another scientific article showing that the Supine Flexion Exercise would also work to help decrease the load in the back. Refer to the post “Restore Spinal Disk Height And Increase Height Temporarily Through Land Based Supine Flexion

Part 2

You will need to go to the local gym and use the device which is above. It is known as the Hyperextension Exercises. The machine you will need is found in almost any local Gym. It has no moving parts. You just lie down on it, stomach facing the ground. You just use your lower back muscles or the core muscles to raise the upper torso/body upwards against gravity.

The benefit of these two types of exercises will be more than just a slight increase in height. You will also notice that your mid-section will become smaller, and if you are a guy, a 6-pack of abs. Having a strong back and core from repeated using this gym machine will over time give

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