Experimental Alternative-LSJL Routine Part 2


Here’s the new LSJL routine I’m trying.  It’s not quite the same as LSJL as it’s not based on loading the synovial joints really, it’s more about loading groups of bones that are connected close to another bone by it’s growth plates.  It’s based on the observation that my arms gained in length relatively consistently but not the rest of my body.  The manner in which I clamp my elbow is relatively unchanged versus how I clamped it into LSJL.

For example, in LSJL you clamp the synovial joint on it’s side.

If you clamp the knee on it’s side you are pressing ligaments against the growth plate.

However by pressing the patella against the growth plate line you are not just pressing the ligament near the growth plate line(growth plate remnant), you are pressing the bone against the ligament which would generate a new stimulus.

The philosophy behind LSJL was to induce lateral compression of the bones to induce fluid flow in the bone to generate hydrostatic pressure to induce mesenchymal condensation to form neo-growth plates to grow taller.

Ligaments and other connective tissue have stem cells and coincedentally some run directly into the growth plate region.  Osteoclasts could theoretically eat away at bone and ligament stem cells could migrate and form neo growth plates within this growth plate line.  I’ll be posting some things to explore this theory.

Here’s where and how I’m clamping.  I know the pictures are bad but even if the pictures were better you’d still have to feel and experiment with the optimal clamping position.  But the idea is to clamp one bone against another bone.  So you clamp the fibula against the tibia or the patella against the femur.  Since bones often are connected to each other near the growth plate region this allows for the possibility of stimulating growth plate regeneration.

Now I haven’t tested this routine that long and ligaments and soft tissue are more fragile then bone.  So do this routine at your own risk especially something like the patella clamp.  I also have pretty minimal evidence so far as the only clamp that’s proved to be decently effective is the elbow clamp.  Most I’ve done for these clamps is a count of 120 but I get results for elbow clamping with about that much.  I’m going for several sessions a day though.

I might have to do a video as well for each to explain how I find the right clamping spots.

Patella clamp:



Fibula clamp:



Ankle(Tibia and Fibula) Clamp:


Cuneiforms and Metatarsals Clamp:


Elbow(humerus clamp):


Radius and Ulna(Wrist) Clamp:


Metacarpal bones(clamp):



20 thoughts on “Experimental Alternative-LSJL Routine Part 2

  1. themethod

    Hey Tyler,

    This is themethod, from the LSJL forum. Could you post more info regarding this new routine such as loading strength, etc. In July 2014 you started a new routine. You posted about it on this website but didn’t post any update. Did you grow from it?

    I updated my thread with new info and pictures, take a look at it when you can. Do you normally respond to pms sent to you on the forum? I have some questions I would like to ask you.

    1. Tyler Post author

      I got results in arm length and finger length(and only in the metacarpals) but not so much elsewhere thus leading to this change in routine. For loading strength, I do a reasonable quality. I tend to wimp out at clamping for about a count of 50 but have gone up to 120. I try to clamp multiple times per day though.

      1. Julius

        I’m interested in trying out LSJL on my arms but I find it hard to commit to something that I think is unlikely to pay off. Have you achieved a noticeable difference in arm length, how can you be so sure they’ve gotten longer?

        1. Tyler Post author

          Because my wingspan measured higher. First I noticed a definite increase from 72.5″ to 74.5″. Now it’s going closer to 75 but that’s not as big as a difference as two inches. If progress keeps up I’ll have more noticeable results.

          1. Julius

            Okay but that kind of increase should be noticeable, have you noticed that your arms are longer?

            Maybe an old sleeve you don’t have to roll up anymore?

          2. Tyler Post author

            My sleeves have all been short since I went from 72.5inch wingspan to 74.5. 2 inches was noticeable. Maybe a solid inch would be more significant.

    1. Tyler Post author

      About 74.5″ to 75″ in wingspan but I have to confirm as the tip of the finger is angular. I just realized I could like on my back and solve that problem.

  2. Unknown


    Always wondered, is there any research on what effect LSJL has on stem cells and muscles? If we just lengten the bone but the muscles stay the same, we lose hypertrophy potential and strength potential.

    1. Tyler Post author

      I wouldn’t worry about it. Bones are the limiting factor. I believe that muscles probably lengthen already but it doesn’t matter as they are limited by the length of the bones.

  3. Vinayak

    Hey….even if bone to bone method generates potential chodrocytes where would they make the extra bone matrix while the cortical bones are fused…..and also how can the chondrocytes simply push the cortical bone area and that too vertically ??…..This would…i think require a lot of force….Please explain how the cortical bones are effected through LSJL properly…as these bones make up for 80% of bone mass in our skeleton.So getting these bones to lengthen would be the holy grail of increasing bone length

    1. Tyler Post author

      Well, we know if growth plates are destroyed they can still regenerate via the Zone of Ranvier if there are still stem cells there.. So in those instances it does push against cortical bone successfully.

  4. Mario

    Does anyone know another website that is in the search for height gain? I think this one is almost died off. Tyler you guys have done an amazing job but you have to understand that there’s a lot of us that still check this website every night before we go to bed praying that there is something new. My hope is still up there.

    1. Tyler Post author

      I look for research and I go over previous studies to see what I missed but it’s pretty much waiting for a breakthrough study to be published. Would you be excited about a post about some minor gene associated with height growth? I’m still tweaking the new LSJL routine so it’ll be a week or so before vids. And remember the only post that matters is the one that illustrates a way to grow taller with proof.

  5. Will

    Hi Tyler ,

    What’s the name and model number of the clamp you are using in the photos , I know it’s Irvin though.


    1. Tyler Post author

      It’s Irwin Quick Grip Medium duty 512QCN. Although anything that fits and can generate solid pressure without slippage should do. You can experiment at a hardware store.


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