LIPUS can affect face size

There have been conflicting reports on LIPUS for height but ultrasound has been shown to increase condylar growth in rats before.

Effect of nonviral plasmid delivered basic fibroblast growth factor and low intensity pulsed ultrasound on mandibular condylar growth: a preliminary study.

“Basic fibroblast growth factor (bFGF) is an important regulator of tissue growth. Low intensity pulsed ultrasound (LIPUS) stimulates bone growth. [We] evaluate the possible synergetic effect of LIPUS and local injection of nonviral bFGF plasmid DNA (pDNA) on mandibular growth in rats.
Groups were control, blank pDNA, bFGF pDNA, LIPUS, and bFGF pDNA + LIPUS. Treatments were performed for 28 days. Significant increase was observed in mandibular height and condylar length in LIPUS groups{it is reasonable to assume that this increase can be extended to other long bones to which LIPUS was applied}.¬†Significant increase in bone volume fraction in bFGF pDNA + LIPUS group. ¬†Increased cell count and condylar proliferative and hypertrophic layers widths in bFGF pDNA group. ¬†Increased mandibular condylar growth in either bFGF pDNA or LIPUS groups compared to the combined group that showed only increased bone volume fraction.”

“Growth factors like vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) and bFGF play an important role in the process of new blood vessel formation”

“blocking of bFGF leads to the prevention of bone formation at the craniofacial suture sites”

The condylar length and ramal height was about 1.5mm longer in the LIPUS group versus the control group.

LIPUS seemed to increase cell size in the growth plate for the hypertrophic zone while also increasing the number of cells in the proliferative zone(by increasing chondrocyte proliferation or causing resting zone stem cells to differentiate into chondrocytes?).

Although the one study “Application of low-intensity ultrasound to growing bone in rats.”, did not find that LIPUS increased longitudinal bone growth it’s possible that there methodology was not correct for inducing longitudinal bone growth.

The mandibular growth in this study indicates that LIPUS may have promise yet for being a part of increasing longitudinal bone growth at least for active growth plates.

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