Why a CNP supplement would help you grow taller.

We know that CNP is important for height growth but we don’t know why it affects height so strongly.  This study provides us with the information that elevated systemic levels of CNP increase longitudinal bone growth meaning that a CNP supplement to increase height in the growing has great promise.  If only cartilage specific CNP increases height, than a CNP supplement would not help.

The Local CNP/GC-B system in growth plate is responsible for physiological endochondral bone growth.

“C-type natriuretic peptide (CNP) and its receptor, guanylyl cyclase-B (GC-B) are potent stimulators of endochondral bone growth. As they exist ubiquitously in body, we investigated the physiological role of the local CNP/GC-B in the growth plate on bone growth using cartilage-specific knockout mice. Bones were severely shorter in cartilage-specific CNP or GC-B knockout mice and the extent was almost the same as that in respective systemic knockout mice. Cartilage-specific GC-B knockout mice were shorter than cartilage-specific CNP knockout mice. Hypertrophic chondrocyte layer of the growth plate was drastically reduced and proliferative chondrocyte layer, along with the proliferation of chondrocytes there, was moderately reduced in either cartilage-specific knockout mice. The survival rate of cartilage-specific CNP knockout mice was comparable to that of systemic CNP knockout mice. The local CNP/GC-B system in growth plate is responsible for physiological endochondral bone growth and might further affect mortality via unknown mechanisms. ”

“we developed transgenic mice with an elevated plasma concentration of CNP under the control of human serum amyloid P component promoter and exhibited that these mice showed prominent skeletal overgrowth phenotype, indicating that CNP can humorally[relating from a hormone] affect endochondral bone growth”

“CNP and GC-B exist in nonhypertrophic and prehypertrophic chondrocyte layers of the growth plate, respectively16. Together with the fact that mice with systemic depletion of CNP or GC-B exhibit severely impaired growth of bones formed through endochondral ossification, we could suppose that the local CNP/GC-B system in the growth plate is a physiological stimulator of endochondral bone growth. Nevertheless, it remains possible that the CNP/GC-B physiologically regulates endochondral bone growth via mechanisms other than the local effect on the growth plate; CNP secreted from a tissue other than growth plate cartilage might influence or stimulate endochondral bone growth. In fact, CNP is capable of humorally stimulating endochondral bone growth, as demonstrated by the observation that transgenic mice with elevated plasma concentrations of CNP exhibit skeletal overgrowth phenotype

“the extent of impairment of endochondral bone growth observed in cartilage-specific CNP or GC-B knockout mice is almost the same as in systemic CNP or GC-B knockout mice, respectively. Thus, the autocrine/paracrine effect of the CNP/GC-B system in the growth plate is the primary physiological stimulator of endochondral bone growth in body.”<-It doesn’t matter if you stimulate CNP or GC-B directly in the growth plate.  As long as you do it systemically you will grow taller while you’re actively growing.

14 thoughts on “Why a CNP supplement would help you grow taller.

        1. Tyler Post author

          I recall seeing something that it may work for adults. It’s mainly an FGFR3(causes dwarfism) inhibitor but it may have effects beyond that. CNP basically makes you lankier. It increases chondrocyte height with less width. So in terms of the FGFR3 effect it won’t work on adults but CNP again may have effects beyond that.

          1. Julius

            Chondrocyte is present in all adults no?

            Still, how likely is it that this will have an effect on adults, and how far is it from being available?

  1. clara

    Hi! My brother is 16 years old, and i want to help him to growth more, can you tell me what type of food or supplement he need to growth?
    Thank you!

    Excuse me my English is not the language I speak

  2. viki

    there are already methods that can make people grow 2-3 inches taller, so would this be the method that can make you the most taller? what would be the Limit? I guess you don´t know that yet but is that like the best prototype of the Magic Serum?

    1. Tyler Post author

      The limit is unknown but CNP seems to have a very significant effect on height so it’s very possible that the effect on height can be large.

  3. Jake

    I turned 23 last April, will IGF-2 in pill form might give me the chance to increase growth? And if not do you have any options as I’ve you discuss numerous other options such as Meclizine and a CNP supplement (which i don’t know where i can buy it). I’m 5’5 work out every other day and diverse stretching techniques before bed. Any help will be a huge effort.


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