Evidence of LSJL arm length increase

Previously, I stated that my wingspan has increased from 72.5″ to 74.5″ but I didn’t have any proof because I didn’t take any before pictures.  I’ve been trying to get my wingspan increase but haven’t had significant enough measurements for undeniable proof.  I’m keep trying to increase height and wingspan but what I can do is try to create new photos to compare to the old ones

.arm length beforeHere’s an image from about 2012.  I tried to recreate something like this picture as best as I could.

arm length afterThis was from today.  The dumbell acts as sort of a constant.

The problem is the image is not 3D so it can’t account things like the dumbell tilt.  Right now my forearm measures 11 inches elbow to wrist “bump”.  Using the dumbell handle as a constant, I compared the forearm length elbow to wrist(although it was harder to identify wrist in the before picture.  I was pretty generous to the before picture.

Before forearm length as dumbell handle lengths: 2.4 dumbell handles

After: 2.48 dumbell handles

Which is about 3%.  My wingspan increased by 2 inches.  Assume a 0.5″ of that is in my left forearm.  .5″ is about 4.76% of 10.5″.

So given the inaccuracies of the photo I don’t think it’ll be easy to have definitive proof using the two unless someone has ideas of creating a new photo standardized against the first.


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