Is The Real Height Requirement Of Men For Dutch Women In The Netherlands Now 6′ 3″ or 1.90 Meters Tall?

New evidence has come out suggesting that the real average height of ethnically pure Dutch men in the Netherlands may be as high as 1.92 Meters tall or 6′ 3.3″. This claim was something that I read from the book “The Tall Book” by Arriane Cohen. A claim like this is something that most people would write off as too incredible to believe, but I wanted to not just write off this claim completely. Anyone who has ever done a quick stroll through the streets of Holland or Friesland would reveal that the claim that 6′ 4″ is the average is not that farfetched.

First, we know that the Netherlands has a population of around 17 Million people, and the Ethnic makeup of the country shows that it is now a little less than 80% ethnically Dutch. In the Netherlands, there are large populations of Turkish, Albania, Arab, and North African communities. These immigrants usually come from poorer countries so the influx of immigrants has probably reduced the average height of the country to some level. How much? We take an educated guess

The last we checked, the average height of the Dutch, including the immigrant population was at 1.84 meters tall. So what would happen if the immigrant height factor was removed? We could make the arguement that the average height would get increased by 2-3 cms. A 1 cm increase would be too little since the non-dutch community makes up a very large part of the country, pushing the average height down. Anything over 4 cm would seem a little too large. It would be anything from 2-3 cms.

That means that if we were only looking at the pure ethnically Dutch males in the country, the real average height of the 18-30 year old group is more likely 1.87 meters tall.

Now, we have to remember that the Netherlands, like most other countries in the world is based on the Metric System. They use meters and centimeters, while the old British System which is used still be the UK, USA, and Australia uses feet and inches.

This means that sociologically speaking, if a native Dutch girl was to want a “tall” (relatively speaking) guy she would not say that the cut-off point is 1.80 meters tall, which is what the cutoff point is for most countries of the world, but say that the cutoff point is 1.90 meters tall.

In comparison, we can look at a country like South Korea, which a population of around 50 Million people. While the Wikipedia article says that the average height of men in South Korea is 1.74 m, a new study I found shows that the real average height is actually 1.75 meters tall (or 5′ 9″). Within this culture, the majority of girls prefer to date taller men, and since they are based on the metric system, there is a social rule that a man needs to be 1.80 meters tall (or 5′ 10.5″) to be considered dateable in certain girls’ eyes. And that is just the socially accepted cut-off point for the more superficial girls. To be considered “tall” in the Korean society, you are supposed to be at least 1.82 meters (5′ 11.60″). (Similarly, in the USA where the average height is believed to be 5′ 9.5″, the social rule of what is considered a “good” height for guys is 6′ 0″. The difference is 6. 35 cms.)

Notice that the difference in average height of men and what is considered tall is around 6-7 cms.

If we use this 7 cm rule and translate it to the dutch population, to be considered “tall” in this culture you would need to be 1.87 + 7 = 1.94 meters tall or 6′ 4.4″. Of course, there is no set requirement that a male needs to hit that “tall” category to be considered socially acceptable in height to be dateable for the majority of women in his group.

If South Korea could be used as an example, a 5 cm difference is what is required from average height. So for the Netherlands, 187+5 = 1.92 meters tall is the real cutoff point for young men these days.

Of course then you have to take consideration the non-ethnic dutch people/immigrants, so factoring that in, the height requirement gets reduced by 2 cm to just 1.90 meters tall. They would round down and say that they want a boyfriend to be at least 1.90 meters. To actually hit the right mark within only the dutch ethnic community, it would be probably closer to 1.93 meters or 6’4″.

To validate this idea even more, it was discovered recently that the real height of ethnically Dutch females is around 5′ 8.5″. On average we have found that the difference in height of men and women in a society is actually 5.5 Inches. This would suggest that the real average height of Dutch men is around 6′ 2″ or 1.88 meters tall.

So it would not seem that big of a stretch to ask that one’s boyfriend be just 2-3 cm taller than the average, at 1.90 meters.

For any people from the Netherlands, is this claim I made validate? Do your own life experiences, and casual observations agree with my claim?

3 thoughts on “Is The Real Height Requirement Of Men For Dutch Women In The Netherlands Now 6′ 3″ or 1.90 Meters Tall?

  1. Julius

    We’re all more or less obsessed with height on here but I think you are reading a bit much into it to be honest.

    Oh, and I can tell that the dutch aren’t that tall, trust me I live in northern Europe and I’ve met a few dutchmen and personally asked them about this.

    In case you’re interested the 184CM figure was self reported the measured one was 182-183 I think. That’s one or two CM higher than where I live (Scandinavia) and yes, there are many tall people walking the streets of Copehagen or Stockholm but most young men are between 178-188CM. 184CM would be a decent height, not tall but definitely not short either. My father is 187CM and has been described as tall despite his lousy posture, don’t let your insecurities run amok.


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