Video Of A 7 Feet Tall Chinese Yeren, A Human Bigfoot Hybrid?

Note: If you really want to see the video of this unique creature, just scroll down this post to the very bottom. I found quite a few videos of this creature off of the Chinese website and, and the Chinese documentaries and expeditions to find more information about it.

I was made aware today of a very interesting viral video that has been on the Youtube universe for a few years now. So far, it has already gained over 10 Mil views. Apparently there is even more old videos of what appears to be a very tall chinese/asian looking ape-like creature from the Chinese internet sources, which I found.

Just like the North American Bigfoot, the Chinese media also like to bring up this case on occasion to have “experts” discuss this person.¬†Apparently very little information is known about him except maybe 1-2 minutes of reel on him, walking around and squatting in a very primitive fashion.

What I do know for a fact, from a lifetime of being fascinated with the paranormal and supernatural is that maybe half of the cultures in the world have some story about giant primate type animals that lived close to humans.

Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Alma, Yeren, Yeti, Abominable Snowman, etc. these are all labels we have given these animals.

In the video below, we see a human that is clearly very tall. His head size compared to his torso and his arms, legs, limbs is just incredible. The average length ratio of most human’s heads to overall body length is supposed to be 1/8.5, but the head/body ratio seems to be much greater here. Personally, I estimate the size of him to be around 7 feet tall, which is tremendously unusual, similar to the case of Siah Khan, the 8 feet tall Iranian¬†farmer. However, if you look at the way this Chinese giant is walking, he seems to be just fine with no ailments. His ability to cognitively function is obviously not at the level of most humans.

If this person only had that shaped head without his great size, then most people would have written his mother’s story about being raped by a Yeren as fake. However, it is his great height and size that is most striking. We realize that the most likely medical explanation is that this human just suffers from microcephaly similar to the Pinhead from the old Freaks movie. Wikipedia says the name was Schlitzie. However, Schlitzie only stood 4 feet tall. This chinese version of a microcephaly seems to be 7 feet tall, if not more.

Of course, we have to realize that this creature/human’s body would look big compared to most Chinese women in the rural area. When we look up the Wikipedia article on Microcephaly, it states that most babies that have shrunken brains develop dwarfed bodies, not giant sized bodies.

This is not the only thing. Pictures from the videos of this Chinese Yeren shows underneath the hair on his head that he had grooves on his skull, similar to the skull of gorillas. I personally don’t understand the Chinese being spoken in the video but I can guess from the pictures that the researchers are analyzing that they are focusing on the head, to see whether this yeren was really human or some type of bigfoot hybrid.

I am not willing to say that this Chinese giant is the missing link, or a human-bigfoot hybrid. His mothers claims of being raped by a Chinese Yeren is also very suspicious. When you look at the video, obviously you know it is not a man in a suit, like people who do hoax for bigfoot sighting. The creature is nearly completely naked. This is video which seems to have been shot decades ago, so there is probably no video editing or graphics design done. The story is probably real, this human did exist, but most likely dead now.

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