Excess Pituitary Stimulated Growth Hormones Increases Male Genitalia aka Penis Size

Something I read from the reddit/r/short threads recently made me remember something I discovered years ago. It seems that male genitalia, (aka Penis Size) can be altered/increased through excess levels of hormones.

I just don't know what the title might be, just please read it, not because of me.

Whoever the poster was, I am guessing that they are feeling the symptoms of a pituitary related tumor, whether benign or malignant. The tumor is stimulating excess HGH release into their system.

Like they said they are already 26, which suggest that their normal growth plates should be closed. This recent events which are indeed unusual for most people doesn’t seem to surprise me. I had guessed that excess HGH can cause even people with closed growth plates to gain 1 full inch in height, just based on the fact that there are still thin slivers of hyaline cartilage tissue in their vertebrate, tibia, femur, etc. which goes through hypertrophy. When you combine all of the hypertrophy the hyaline articular cartilage locations goes through, the total increase in height would often be around 1 inch.

As for height increase, this guy went from 6′ 2″ to 6′ 3″. His height will most likely not increase any further. However, he stated the other fact. His genitalia increased{Tyler-One thing to note is the penis is considered to be like a hydroskeleton}. When I think about this, it all starts to make sense.

Let’s go back a little.

For the normal, average, heterosexual, American men, the most common insecurity might not be their size, in terms of height/stature, but their size as in their “genitalia”. There are in fact entire internet forums dedicated by young men who actively do exercises to increase the size of their genitalia. Since the forums seem to be quite active, I am guessing that these guys who have that pursuit are slightly more successful in their endeavor than ours.

I had proposed in previous posts the idea that stereotypes have in them kernels of truth. I theorized that the stereotype that African American males have larger than average sized genitalia is true. The reason that is the truth is because I guessed that African Americans have higher than average levels of IGF-1 which goes through their system when they are going through puberty.

Higher levels of IGF-1 suggests higher rates of cardiovascular system related medical conditions later in life (diabetes, prostate cancer) which also has a slight correlation to having an earlier than average puberty. I am not sure, but I think I remember seeing studies which show that African American females (at least in urban locations) goes through puberty around 0.5 years earlier than their Caucasian American counterparts. This gives them a slightly less time to grow, assuming all other factors in their growth progression is the same.

Let’s remember our endocrine system. Pituitary gland derived GH goes into the liver, which converts it to IGF-1 which goes to the chondrocyte area (growth plate) of bones making them longer. We also learned that IGF-1 can be created located in the tissue right next to the growth plate. IGF-1 is created in both areas.

If my theory on the link between African Americans and increased IGF-1 levels during puberty is true, it would explain the increase in tissue (size and number) that is not just in bones.

This guy who posted stated that he noticed himself growing again. The obvious guess is that his pituitary gland has gone into overdrive, secreting GH, going to the lier, converting into IGF-1 and that is what is contributing to making his genitalia larger.

Now, this is not the only way chemically. There are a LOT of other options for men to increase the size of their genitalia. (think Relaxin, Prostaglandin ES , Prostaglandin Alpha F2.). In fact, it seems that taking something as simple as Niacin or Nitric Oxide (found in most GNC stores) would be able to do that.

Here is what most people need to realize about growing tissue in their body. Pituitary Gland derived HGH can grow almost all forms of tissue in the human body except for bones, at least interstitially.

If you have ever seen most people suffering from acromegaly, or maybe gigantism when they were younger, they often have wider than average noses, and have wider than average upper torso. The GH going through their system is expanding the costal cartilage in their sternum and the fibrocartilage in their nose even when they are in their 30s, and 40s, of course in small levels.

In fact, analogous to how men in today’s American society worry about the size of their genitalia, American females are too concerned with their mammary gland organs (breasts).

Too many American females get plastic surgery to make their breasts larger, to supposedly give themselves higher levels of confidence/self-esteem. What they don’t understand is that nature (being the generous “mother” that she is) figures out a way to give females who have smaller than average mammary glands larger ones, once they have gone through the process of pregnancy.

In fact, the actress Mila Kunis went on the Conan O’Brien show recently and talked about her experiences in adjusting to the fact that her mammary glands have increased from pregnancy, and now she needs to wear a bra, which she has not had to do throughout her adult life before. So girls, stop going to the plastic surgeon. Just wait for pregnancy to do it naturally. Sure, there is also the added side effect of increased nipple and aereola size, which is for the baby’s mouth. However, the mammary glands definitely increase in size.

Some people might counter and say that the increase is not permanent. I agree on that point, since based on female menstrual cycles, the breasts’ size increases and decreases based on the monthly cycle. However, pregnancy does cause certain chemicals to go often, which have such a dramatic affect on the female body that often the physiological and anatomical changes are completely permanent.

(I am referring to the fact that many caucasian females who had blonde hair before throughout their entire lives had their hair color changed to becoming brunettes because of the release of excess melanin from pregnancy. In fact, you will find many stories of females who had their hair progressively get darker and darker over time after each pregnancy they go through.)

From pregnancy, women gain these changes in their body

  • Feet size increase – Shoe sizes often go up by 1 full size, permanently. This is due to relaxin.
  • Breast size increase – I suspect at least 25% of all women who have gone through multiple pregnancy would notice an increase in cup/bra size that is permanent.
  • Hair color changes – Most pronounced in caucasian females. Light blonde hair turns progressively darker/more brown after each pregnancy.
  • Body hair changes – Increased levels of hair on arms/legs. Also, hair might sprout up in areas of body which wasn’t there before.
  • Hip size increase – Some medical profession might argue with me and say that certain women can never loss the extra 15 lbs they gain from their first pregnancy. They account hip size increase due to fat deposits that become an extra layer. However, I might argue against this and say that hip size increases can be due to realignment of the pelvic/sacroiliac girdle, causing the pubic symphysis to become stretched out.
  • Height increase – Now, this is the phenomena which is most rare. I had guessed that this only happens to maybe 1 our of every 10,000 women.

Interestingly, just today some other woman commented on a previous post “Another Case Of Pregnancy Causing Woman To Grow Taller And Increase In Height”.

Let me show you guys just how often I get messages to this website to that post about this phenomena.





3 thoughts on “Excess Pituitary Stimulated Growth Hormones Increases Male Genitalia aka Penis Size

  1. Timothy

    Haha It’s weird because the heavy weight of the pregnant body should make them shorter not taller.
    I remember our pastor’s wife gained a inch or two during her first pregnancy and she was in her late 30’s.
    I think that the female body goes through a spine elongation during pregnancy to allow more space for the baby.
    I noticed that many women who gave birth tends to have longer spine.


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