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Nanotechnology To Build Replacement Organs To Make People Taller!

For the longest time, I had thought that the researchers who look into generating and regenerating bone tissue and cartilage tissue had no plans or desire to try to get bones to be increased in size aka volumetrically increase.

I was wrong. I have been very, VERY wrong.

In a recent Discover Magazine article, I finally realized that this belief that the average orthopedic researcher looking into tissue engineering and growing replacement organs would never think of applying their knowledge for the goal of helping adults grow taller was all wrong.

Let me show you guys what I mean.

1. Buy this magazine, that might still be in magazine stands right now, in every Barnes & Noble bookstore in the country. “Discover Magazine Series – Secrets of the Human Body” – SCB014 2016 – (UPC: 074470583509)

2. Flip to page 143, and read that single article. It is entitled “Extreme Enhancement – How Nanotechnology could turn us into 8 ft-tall super-athletes” by Mark Miodownik (University College London) –

Let’s just take 2 paragraphs from this article, the 1st and the 4th.

1st paragraph

“One of the most powerful applications of nanotechnology is the design of replacement organs, such as livers, kidneys, and eventually hearts. This will have an enormous impact on those in urgent need of donor organs, but also opens up the possibility of super-organs.”

4th paragraph

“Bioscaffolds are also successfully being used to develop replacement bone for reconstructive surgery. Whole bones can’t be created yet, but success in this arena will not only change the science of hip replacement, it may also lead to new type of cosmetic surgery in which wholesale changes to body shape are carried out. Want a pair of long, slender legs? Have a pair grown for you – and why stop at 6 ft?”

My Personal Interpretation

Reread the 4th paragraph, and tell me how you the reader interpret what he is saying. This guy has admitted that one of the main goals of tissue engineers and biomedical engineers have always had when it comes to figuring out how to regrow full bones was to allow people to possibly grow taller, as adults to the height and size that they want.

I once asked my friend who is a software engineer who works on really crazy high level technical problems why it seems that the young full of energy startup computer entrepreneurs never take on the really hard, really important questions. What he said to me made me change the way I thought about things completely. I was complaining that it seemed like you would have groups of MIT trained CS majors who decide to try to start the 17th health data collection app or the 34th payment system app, which has already been done multiple times before. Why do these young kids only work on simple, easy problems? It turns out it makes the logical sense. Once you have become successful and have made some money from creating that small app, then you move onto something bigger, a much bigger and harder problem when you have more people, employees, and capital.

The point is this: For the longest time, I have been complaining about the fact that no tissue engineering researcher or group who is trying to regenerate hyaline cartilage has ever come out publicly or claimed that the reason they are trying to do their project was because they wanted to regenerate new epiphyseal cartilage which will be re-implanted into human bone tissue, to expand and volumetrically grow the size of that bone. That is essentially increasing the human body’s height using tissue engineering. It turns out the reason they have not is because the problem is too big, too crazy, and too out of reach. It is smarter to start with an easier problem, just trying to regrow the hyaline layer of cartilage in the articular cartilage of the ends of the long bones in the legs.

I had written a post about a month ago showing that the world’s current hottest Biomedical startup is Samumed, which has their own treatment/injection which is supposed to treat osteoarthritis aka cartilage degeneration. A Venture Capitalist had said that if you can get just 1 mm of articular cartilage regenerated from a simple injection, the company that is created from it would be even bigger than Apple. Solving the medical condition of osteoarthritis is much easier, and feasible than getting a full hyaline cartilage with mesenchymal stem cells embedded in the exact correct formation grown in the lab. This is the intermediate step, which is already a multi-billion dollar opportunity for anyone who has success.

Basic message: Start with something small, and easy, and once you gain some success, you move onto the bigger, harder problems.

So far, let’s to a recap of the teams of researchers which are either really close, or already there.

  1. EpiBone: Professor Warren Grayson and Professor Gordana Novakovic will be involved as scientific advisors for this lab-to-reality company. The Paypal and Palantir founder billionaire Peter Thiel has put his own money to back this venture.
  2. Teplyashin’s Team: They got the tissue engineering approach to lengthen bones to work out years ago but they were stopped from testing this bone lengthening technique on humans by the Russian government.
  3. Robert Ballock and Eben Alsberg’s Research: Their research grant filed with the USA government was completed months ago and their published papers show that it was successful.
  4. Lawrence Bonnasar’s team: His work at Cornell and the whole spinal implant shows a lot of promise, which I had written multiple posts about before.
  5. Atala’s team: His research at Wake Forest University and the pictures of the lab grown fibrocartilage ear scaffolds are sort of the classic. His team probably won’t be the one to get the hyaline cartilage generation done first though.
  6. CellInk – Any company that does 3D-Bioprinting, using stem cell infused medium ink will help with the cause. I personally met the Swedish company’s founder, and his son in a Tissue Engineering conference last year. Super nice guy.

Termis Conference: The termis conference is THE biomedical conference that anyone who is interested in trying to figure this thing out should be attending. The word Termis refers to Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine International Society. This is the EXACT niche area of study who will definitely be the group who figures out this problem. In the past years of the annual Termis Conferences, the key people who I have said we should be following their work have attended it.

Overall Message: The people who are trying to regrow bone and cartilage tissue using the basic tissue engineering method of using a scaffold seeded with stem cells and than lab grown (aka in vitro) has always understood the possibility and implications of using their technology to make people taller.

Hexarelin and CJC-1295 (No Dac) Are Better Than Ibutamoren For Growing Taller

In the most recent post I wrote about Ibutamoren, someone did post and say that I don’t seem to know much about growth plates or my chemical compounds.

This person, who calls himself Steve, stated that instead of taking Ibutamoren Mesylate, which is also known as MK-677, it would be better to take CJC No Dac 1295 and Hexarelin. He states that there are multiple studies that have been published that show that the chemicals definitely work on children who are still growing to get taller.

Hexarelin CJC-1295

There is one anecdotal story he mentions where a guy stated on a Reddit thread that he grew taller by a full 1.5 Inches in just 4 weeks from taking a certain peptide combination (which I am going to assume he is referring to CJC No Dac 1295 and Hexarelin) from 6’ 3” to 6’ 4.5”.

Other information he states are the following….

Long Bone Growth Plates – 18-22 years old
Vertebral Growth Plates – 21-25 years old
Clavicle – 21-25 years old.

What he has said from a quick glance is completely accurate.

I have known since 2013 that the vertebral cartilage don’t ossify until after the long bones do. The clavicle is indeed that last bone to fully ossify. The pediatricians and GPs (Family doctors who probably specialized in Internal Medicine) would tell the average teenager that he would stop growing around the age of 16-19, but that is not actually true. I had sort of realized just a few days ago from noticing the difference in height from incoming university freshman males, who are usually 17-18, and young male adults who are in the work force, usually around 23-25, that there is a definite difference in height averages between the two groups. That means that the conservative age that the regular doctor will tell their teenage patient is off by probably a few years years. Usually guys don’t stop growing until they are 21-23. The old number of 17-20 are a little off.

My Thoughts

On many of the online forums and discussion boards on the internet that is related to bodybuilding, and weight lifting, you can see that the posters always refer to studies and cite the PubMed database almost every time.

There is no doubt that there have probably been thousands of guys who have come before me and after me, who also are avid readers and searchers on PubMed. I seem to remember from a podcast episode where this guy who was selling Juicers and promoting the benefits of juicing stated that he spent his free time just searching for interesting studies off of PubMed, which he thought made him unique and special. I hate to break the news to him, but there are thousands of guys out there who do the same thing he does, so his “hobby” is actually quote common.

The young people today want to stay in formed, and are always willing to consume more information, especially the type that helps them learn more about how to take care of their body and stay in good shape.

Clearly the young people and the internet savy users in the year 2016 are very well informed, and can detect BS very easily, and will call people out on their inaccurate information and insufficient knowledge. You got an entire generation of young guys who grew up getting into the weight room really early, and having the access of the internet in their hands. The result is that they did their own amateur independent research on steroids, by reading PubMed a lot. Which is fine.

I admit that when it comes to steroids, the whole process of cycling, and other growth hormone secretagogues and analogues, I have very limited knowledge. I just never got deep into learning about all of the types of steroids, and synthetic growth hormones being sold today. What I do know is that the term ‘Steroids” actually refers to synthetic testosterone, which is the male androgen, produced not just in the testes but also in the adrenal glands. The naturally occurring testosterone in all adult males is actually called “Anabolic Steroids”.

Growth hormone, aka Somatotropin or Somatropin, produced mainly in pituitary gland in the center of the brain. This is completely different from testosterone, although they can both be places under the umbrella term “steroids” since they are both used often by guys in bodybuilding to increase muscle mass, reduce fat percentage, gain more energy, increase sexual stamina, etc.

There is probably hundreds of guys who was searching on PubMed years before I came along trying to look at all of the possible types of chemicals that can get them to grow taller. There are some obsessed bodybuilders who really, REALLY know their steroids, and have probably read hundreds of studies and know all the ways the synthetic chemicals interact with the body’s function and the neurotransmitter pathways very well. Nearly every single guy at some point in their life probably have thought and desired to be taller and it makes sense that they would score the internet looking for maybe some secret clue or trick to do it.

I know since the amount of traffic that comes to this website every day where young guys looking for secret pills to take to grow taller is extremely large. I get thousands of emails from guys asking for help to give them height.

What I do know is that the people who posted on the old forum who was active in the mid 2000s, they already had suggested these chemicals because they had already exhausted the PubMed studies and hit their wall of dedication. There is no chemical that can lengthen the bones after the bones have no cartilage inside them (Although there are tricks to get around this technical problem which have been suggested and theoretically can work).

Here are just a small list of the things that people back in 2005-2010 had found and suggested, which all make sense and can work for young kids with growth plate cartilage.

CJC No Dac 1295
Oxandrolone (aka Anavar)
Estrogen Inhibitors

All 4 of the 5 are chemicals that either assist growth hormone production, increase growth hormone production, or is basically a synthetic type of growth hormone.

If you read what the this site ( said about the side effects of using CJC-1295….

“…Another side effect of the CJC-1295 is acromegaly, since it helps in increasing the levels of the growth hormone. Acromegaly is a condition where extra growth hormone is released even after the internal organs and the skeleton have finished growing. This causes thickening of the skin, deepening of voice, enlargement of jaws, and slurring of speech. Another effect of acromegaly is the swelling of the soft tissue in the internal organs. This could result in the weakening of the muscles of the internal organs, like the heart. This was tested during the phase 2 testing of CJC-1295.”

Notice that the the writers note that a person can develop acromegaly if they took the CJC-1295 after their bones have fully ossified. The cartilage areas in their bodies that are still left will start to go through some type of hypertrophy process. The elbows, knuckles, wrists, ankles will all swell a little.

A recent post I wrote a few months ago had said that there is a chance that taking some growth hormone after the bones have fully ossified can for some individuals give them maybe 1 last inch in extra height. It seems that the HGH-agonists and HGH-stimulating hormones can cause the articular cartilage in the knees and as well as the very, VERY thin last layer of fibrocartilage in the edges of each vertebrate bone to thicken slightly. When you combine all of the vertebrate bones, the slight expansion of the articular bones, and the irregular bones in the ankles going through periosteal bone growth (bones just get bigger in width), they can all add up to give a noticeable last burst of a mini-growth spurt. Of course, I am assuming the user is around 22-24, just after their bones have all fused, but have not gotten thicker due to the process called “filling out” aka “getting wider”.


Maybe Ibutamoren may not be the best chemical for a height growth (for that teenage male who has a little bit of growth plate left), and maybe Hexarelin and CJC-1295 (No Dac) will be more effective, do a much better job, and the chemical’s effect would not wear off so quickly. I was not informed of the full information of the chemicals but I do make corrections when a reader of this website chimes in, writes a comment, and corrects my reported science based facts which are not 100% accurate. For that, I thank the commenter for their input to make this website better.

Ibutamoren Does Allow You To Grow Taller

It is very rare that something comes from another source or website written in the english language which actually teaches up something because we have always thought we sort of knew 99% of all of the relevant information and studies that are released on the subject of height increase. This is something that we were only made aware just a couple of hours ago.

It seems that a very small blogspot post ( has linked to our website, and in that article, the writer mentions a compound which I have not heard before. Ibutamoren. Whoever wrote these 2 posts clearly did their research, and used some of the information that we have discovered and gathered, since they obviously have read our news on Teplyashin’s research and the effects of Relaxin.

In their post on how it might be possible for people with open growth plates to easily grow taller, they basically propose orally ingesting a dozen compounds which all have effects which stimulate the levels of IGF-1 and HGH in the subject’s system. Plus, they cite all of the studies that are backing up the claims.

  • L-Dopa (500 mg) – Increases GH levels by 1000% temporarily
  • GABA (5 grams) – increases GH levels by 525% temporarily
  • GABA (3 grams) – increases GH levels by 400% temporarily
  • Glutamine (2 grams) – increases GH levels by 400% temporarily
  • Arginine (9 grams) – increases GH levels by 220% temporarily
  • Ibutamoren (25 mg) – Taken daily for 2 weeks increases 24-hour Growth Hormone levels by 97%.
  • Ibutamoren (25 mg) – taken daily for 2 months increases IGF-1 levels by 40%
  • Ibutamoren (25 mg) – taken daily for 1 year increases IGF-1 levels by 20% on average
  • Creatine (20 grams ) – increases GH levels by 83% temporarily
  • Casein (36 grams) – taken daily for a week will cause IGF-1 to increase by 15%.
  • Milk (3 glasses a day) – increases IGF-1 levels by 10% and increases milk’s bioavailability.

So how much to take, and for how long?

The poster recommends taking 25 mg of Ibutamoren for 3 months, and this is to gain 1 full inch of height. 

(WARNING: This is all the poster’s research!!) – Supposedly it takes about 126 IU of GH Injections in HGH therapy to help the still growing kid get 1 inch of height. This is over a 3 month time. He/she/the poster then divided that 126 IU by 90 days to say that there is supposedly about 1.4 IU that is used by the patient’s system each day. Apparently, adolescents used around 700 micrograms of GH that is naturally produced in their bodies each day. That 700 micrograms converts to 2.1 IU. You combine the 2.1 IU that is used up by the child and the 1.4 IU that is created by Ibutamoren.

The poster cites this study “Effects of an Oral Ghrelin Mimetic on Body Composition and Clinical Outcomes in Healthy Older Adults: A Randomized, Controlled Trial” as saying that taking Ibutamoren repeated does not decrease its effects.

Our Thoughts: A lot of theses studies that show that taking something like Ibutamoren increasing height and having a noticeable effect on the levels of IGF-1 and GH are always done on lab rats/mice. The person who wrote this post did not read through the articles they cited in their entirety.

We always err on the side of caution and say that this person’s claims on the ability of Ibutamoren should be downplayed, although we can say that it is possible that it could work. When you actually look at the effect of Ibutamoren being taken from the 2 week range, the 2 month range, and the 1 year range, clearly you see that the ability of the chemical compound to keep the IGF-1 levels elevated drops, due the human body’s own tendency to reach some level of homeostasis. You go from 97% elevation, to 40%, to 20% by the time the time range for the experiment is pushed to 1 year.

If you talk to any bodybuilder who has used steroids they would just say “DUH” since any foreign compound will have its effect diminished over time by the body. That is why bodybuilders have this idea of “cycling”. You take the GH level stimulating drugs in a cycle, intermittently.

I haven’t personally done any level of research on Ibutamoren but a quick Wikipedia article on it says that it is a GH secretagogue (analog of GH-releasing peptide (MK-677)). It also promotes the ghrelin receptor. What is sort of surprising for me when reading the Wikipedia article on it is that it can raise by the IGF-1 and the GH levels without also raising the cortisol levels as well.

Here is what we can say for sure. If we can show that the effects of Ibutamoren decreases at a much slower rate than say Glutamine, GABA, and L-Dopa, which all can raise the GH levels in the body to a much greater degree, then we can say that “it’s effects doesn’t decrease with repeated usage”.

We DO NOT recommend trying to use this compound for the kid who is just starting puberty. However, we do recommend using this chemical compound for the 14-16 female girl who has sort of stopped growing taller, as well as the 16-18 year old boy. This type of compound is used as a last resort, when the teenager realizes that their growth plates are just about to close, and they are trying to push that last inch of growth out.

Limb Lengthening Surgery Case 1 From a Reddit AMA

Since we are in the subject of trying to become taller, we are fully aware of the largest online communities in the English language websites on the public side of the internet. The and are two forums which probably have the most discussion on the subject of LLS. Sometimes there are more public cases. That is what happened when a poster in the subreddit thread did a Ask Me Anything (AMA) for the members of the /short group. So far there have been around 181 comments and replies, which is definitely A LOT more than the usual number of comments left on any regular topic or post.

Limb Lengthening Surgery Case

Let’s summarize this more public talk, since the poster did show a few pictures of himself before and after the surgery.

Before Surgery Height: 5’ 1”
After Surgery Height: 5’ 6”
Current age in June 2016: 21

This young male individual does have a girlfriend, who seems to be very supportive. She knew before he decided and told her about the LLS that he had a lot of insecurity and issues over his height. She didn’t want him to go through with the surgery but she did understand why he wanted to go through with it. She herself is also on the short side but she doesn’t have the type of psychological hangup on height like him. She does not fret over her height, so she will never want to get the surgery. If she did have a similar level of issue as him, he would support her in her decision to get the same type of cosmetic surgery.

As the poster notes “I would only recommend to someone who really, really wanted it. It is not something you can do on a whim. It’s a long journey…”

As for his friends, he will just tell his friends that his sudden jump in height is from a late life growth spurt, which is completely reasonable and acceptable.

As for telling people, he did not tell most of the people in his life of his decision to get this cosmetic surgery. He did tell his family about his decision, as well as his best friend. His family did support his decision of getting the surgery and even paid for the surgery. It seems that the family did understand his psychiatric issues over his short stature and probably understood at a deep level that getting the surgery might be the only way to give him some type of peace of mind. The parents must be at least reasonably well off and have enough for this type of surgery since it can be more than $100K for something like this. In addition, the parents were also very supportive. Even his grandfather was supportive of his decision because his grandfather is also quite short and had to deal with a lot of psychological anguish in his own life for this short stature. It really didn’t take that much explaining and convincing for his parents to understand. They already understand before he ever mentioned it just how big of an issue being so short was for him. They got it.

Height of the rest of the family

Father: 5’ 6”
Mother: 5’ 0”
Sister: 5’ 0”
Grandfather: 5’ 0”
Grandmother: 5’ 3”

As we can see, the family he comes from is genetically predisposed towards short stature. Medically, it would be called Idiopathic Short Stature.

The Real Surgery Parts

  • Ethnicity: He is assumed by many other redactors to be “white”
    Total Cost: $130,000 – NOTE: Let’s remember that this high cost is actually a total cost for 2 different surgeries, one for the femurs, and the other for the tibia. Most LLS that are at the 7-7.5 mm LLS industry limit length limit is only for 1 set of bones, either the femur or the tibia, and those individual surgical operation usually cost more around $70,000. It is most likely that the $130K price is broken into something like $70K for the femurs and $50K for the tibia, and the other $10K for everything else. The $130K is for everything, including surgery, medications, wheelchairs/equipment, physical therapy, hotel, etc.
    Type of LLS Method Chosen: PRECISE 2 (Internal)
    Type of Nail Size Used: Don’t Remember, however he says the weight bearing of the nail was 50 lbs. It might be enough info to find out the exact nail size from just this.
    Level of Pain from a 1-10 Scale: Definitely 10 sometimes, but it seems this particular poster was able to handle it.
    Bones Broken: Both the Tibia and the Femur. Technically all 4 of the major long bones in the lower part of the human body was separated and slowly separated.
    Number Of Surgeries: 2 Major Separate Surgeries.
    Which bones were more physically painful?: Femur – The reason is because you go into pain every time you have to sit down on something hard or use the toilet sitting down. Since we are assuming the person is going to be resting in the hospital, the only time they will ever be sitting down on something hard, would makes perfect logical sense that to be only in the bathroom when using the toilet.
    Which bones were more psychologically difficult?: Tibia – The poster talks about something called a “Dorsiflexion splint boots” (no idea right now) and it must be worn at all times, even at night when going to sleep. I would assume this device makes it always uncomfortable.

    Frequency of Serious Complications and Side Effects from Choosing PRECISE from Paley: Very Low. I did a full post on Paley years ago. He is supposed to be the Absolute BEST, most experienced LLS Surgeon in the world, and his prices show that.
    Amount of time need to recover (to near 100% level): 6 months AFTER THE LENGTHENING IS DONE (So it is actually more like 9 months, at least for this individual person’s case).
    Amount of time to actually do the lengthening: 3 months
    Lengthening Rate: The poster increased his height by 5 inches, or 127 mm. He said that it took him 3 months to do the lengthening. That is only 90 days. However, there was not 2 bone cuts, but 4, so that means that the tibia and the femurs were lengthened every day in a consistent rate. Instead of it being 127/90 = 1.41 mm per day, it is actually 127/(90*2)= .70555 mm per day. That is exactly the suggested maximum rate of bone lengthened we have found mentioned multiple times before in the Make Me Taller and Limb Lengthening Forums. 0.7 mm of femur and/or tibia lengthening seems to be the exact industry.
    Amount of Lengthening Done for Each Bone/Femur/Tibia: 3 Inches of Increase in the Femur and 2 Inches of Increase in the Tibia
    Can you feel or notice the rods in side your bones? No. That is why Dr Paley is considered the best, and he invented this new Internal Method. There is a reason why it is called PRECISE.
    Exact Medical Center or Clinic: Paley Advance Limb Lengthening Institute.
    Exact Physician That Did The Surgery: Dr. Craig Robbins. Both he and Dr. Paley do an incredible job.

After the Surgery: You wake up the next day after surgery in pain, but the nurses will obviously give you the pain meds. You are then asked to stand on a walker, which will probably be extremely, extremely difficult to do. After a few days, you start physical therapy. There is supposed to be a bicycle machine called a Nustep (???) and the therapist will basically stretch as much as possible the muscles in the legs for the months that you are doing the bone stretching to make sure that the muscles also lengthen/stretch along with the bones that are mechanically being stretched in a very linear, systematical way. – “…The precise device in your leg uses telescoping rods that extend with turns from and electric magnetic device that you place over the osteotomy sight until your desired height is met or until the rods reach their maximum of 3 inches”

“I was not really bedridden…. I did go through a period when I used a wheelchair out and about, but I always used a walker at daily PT. It was pain was so great I wouldn’t wish on anyone. It takes a tough SOB but all of the guys there doing it all seemed like the results were well worth the pain. They do keep you doped up quite a bit for the most part which helps at times…”

You can either choose to get around the hospital/clinic in a walker or a wheelchair, but the walker will be much slower.

Other Notes: “…you can have both surgeries (this guy did both his femur and his tibia) relative close together and in some circumstances at the same time. Lets say 2 months wheelchair 3 months walker 1 month full weight bearing but seriously taking it easy. You don’t really use crutches unless you are only lengthening one leg.”

Commentary: If I remember correctly, I think the PRECISE technique, which is internal was invented and patented by Dr. Dror Paley himself. I remember looking through Paley’s CV and it said that he had been working on the technique for at least half a decade or so perfecting this new internal method. I remember it might have been around 2013 when I did the first post on the new technique, which is supposed to be much better, in terms of less complications, less side effects later on, and maybe even faster bone healing time.

Complications or Side Effects: from the poster “…my muscles are still a bit tight and they do seem to be pulling on my knee a bit. Sometimes that can be painful… I really need to do some laps in the pool so that won’t be a problem anymore! “ – “I and most other people were told to stop a bit early before the 6th inch because you can get too tight and then experiance something called “drop-foot”” – There was some loss of feeling around 1 inch from the incision sight in the left leg for a short while, but the surgeon told him that it was a normal symptom which goes away after about 5-6 months.

Myths About LLS:
Myth #1: you’ll never be able to play sports ever again. – NOT TRUE: He was able to go on hikes and even do sprints in a few more months, which we have seen from another older youtube personnel who showed us himself running. It seems that about 1 year after the surgery, after the bones have completed healed, he would be able to play sports again.
Myth #2: It is not offered in the US – NOT TRUE: It seems to be at least offered in California, Florida, and New York.
Myth #3: If you suffer from any type of psychological problem that is associated with your height, you can’t get it – NOT TRUE: It seems almost all people choosing to do LLS do have at some level body dysmorphia, height dysmorphia, or some type of real serious type of insecurity or hangup. Dr. Paley fully understands this critical aspect. He realizes fully that the only people who are desperate enough to allow another person to break their bones already have serious psychological issues with their height. Dr. Paley will definitely preform LLS on those people who have mental issues, and would almost expect that any person who comes into his office wanting LLS to have height dysmorphia already at some level.
Myth #4: There will be serious medical complications from choosing to go through with this cosmetic surgery which the subject/patient does not realize that will pop up years later, long term – NOT TRUE: From the poster “… Dr. Paley, one of the smartest people I have ever met, adamantly says there will be very little to no long term risks associated with the surgery. It’s relatively the same question as whether or not breaking a bone when you’re young effects you when you are 90”

Another Female Volleyball Player he met going through the process who wanted to be taller: 5’ 5” before and wanted to be 5’ 10”

Overall Changes In Attitude Of Life After Surgery: From the poster “…Personally, I felt abnormal before and that made me feel very uncomfortable and awkward. I am still short according to U.S standards, but I’m not abnormal and that makes me feel great. I am the same height or just a few inches away from many of my friends now”

Has there been any noticeable increase in amount of random stranger females attention/attraction for the male after surgery, from gaining 5 inches? Yes. He does believe that the boost in height has definitely helped him out.

Conclusion and Discussion:

“With Dr. Paley’s PRECISE method, you get all metal/hardware removed and you are left with only natural bone when you are done lengthening. Dr. Paley, one of the smartest people I have ever met, adamantly says there will be very little to no long term risks associated with the surgery. Just do some research….I definately had to put my life in the doctor’s hands, and so far he’s done a damn good job.”

If anyone did ask him where did he go and how come he came back so much taller, he would give any normal short lie and not focus on those topics too much. As for this decision and this journey he took, it is his life. He told only his family and close friends. It is something private. He doesn’t plan to talk about this phase of his life that much, and doesn’t plan to explain it to every new person that comes into his life. He will move on one day.

Yes, there is no doubt that the whole stretching part was extremely painful, but once you go through the process, basically you have walked through hell, gone through the gauntlet so to speak, and finally have made it to the other side, where you have lengthened your bones by 5 inches, and have had the physical therapists stretched your muscles also to be 5 inches longer, then your own brain will immediately start to forget the pain.

I remember this wonderful quote from this poster in my high school weightlifting class. “Pain is temporary. Regret lasts forever”. For a very brief short amount of excruciating pain, you will gain a permanent, lifetime of reward and gain. This poster has remarked that in the end, the process was all worth it.

Drinking Milk Does Make People Grow Taller

pouring milk in a glass isolated against white background


Something I read recently made me think back to this old adage that drinking milk will somehow make a kid grow taller.

In the early days of the website, I had talked about and argued over the implied correlation between dairy consumption and perceived greater adult stature. There was never any real conclusive proof in the first post, and over time, after a few more posts, I started to switch my opinion that drinking milk could possibly increase one’s height, and increase the rate of height increase.

One particular life incident that will forever be in my memory makes me think back to this idea. I once met two extremely tall german girls, both around 6′ 2″, buying 2 gallons of milk each and telling me that they drink milk similar to how they drink water. Of course, just how much significance should one put into 1 very odd, outlier experience?

Here is a theory I propose which probably will not be possible to be validated without some serious effort by medical professionals, over a long period time that is not reasonable to most researchers.

Drinking Bovine/Cow derived milk does make people grow taller, but it is not in the way that people would hope.


  1. If you started to take up the practice of drinking milk, even at the age of 10, when one is still growing, there would NOT be any noticeable increase in one’s adult height.
  2. However, if you can develop that milk drinking habit, and you also get your children, AND your grandchildren to drink milk from a very early age, basically the moment they are being weaned off drinking their mother’s breast milk, then your grandchildren will be taller from it.

I call it the grandchildren milk height theory, which I will shorten to GMHT.

Now, a lot of my time these days are focused on thinking at a subconscious level about orthopedics and orthopedic research, specifically because I have decided to dedicate my life towards this endeavor. I have personally read over a thousand studies, and there are a lot of ideas that run in the back of my mind. 90% of those ideas that I have while I am driving, showering, working out, etc. I write down but never decide to write up about, because they are either too scientific and have no actionable steps that the average reader can do.

Something that I recently really got into is the idea of using probiotics, or changing one’s gut biome/intestinal bacteria culture or composition. There was this stunning study that was done in fecal transplantation where you take a female who has been predisposed towards being overweight her entire life, and can’t seem to lose weight no matter what she did. She undergoes a fecal transplantation using the fecal matter from a woman who has been thin her entire life, who is predisposed towards thinness. The result is that the previous state of being always overweight is completely gone, and replaced by a women who basically seemed to have changed her genetic makeup. This study that I learned is absolutely stunning to me.

There is now even clinical studies being done to test this idea (Fecal Microbiota Transplant for Obesity and Metabolism) as well as proposed pills sold that is basically “poop”. In 10 years, it is possible that real doctors are going to be suggesting to their patients that they should swallow poop pills to help them loss weight. The most crazy thing about this is that I have read articles by people who have said that if you can created some pill that can help people loss weight and keep the weight off, you would become a billionaire. So it is kind of interesting to think about this idea – “Can a person become a billionaire by selling pills whose active ingredient is human feces?”

The famous podcaster Joe Rogan is famous for saying that he imagines the human species as just a very complex type of bacteria super-organism (Joe Rogan’s Theory on Life and People). In the medical lecture where I learned about fecal transplantation, the professor said that if we didn’t have any type of way to control, direct, and organize the bacteria in our body, we would pop like a balloon or shrivel up like beef jerky in minutes. In our stomach alone, there is supposed to be around 100 trillion microorganisms

This idea that we can change something that would seem to most people so intrinsic, brings back the idea of Lamarckian Evolution, which Darwin’s camp disproved more than a century ago. Before there was Darwin’s theory of evolution, there was Larmarck’s Theory of Evolution, which I have mentioned before multiple times on the site. What I am proposing is epigenetics, which most people who study/do research/work in the biological and medical sciences don’t believe in. Epigenetics and the field is indeed very controversial, and many studies that have been done to see if it is real has not stood up to the scrutiny of medical research professionals.

Based on darwin’s theory on how evolution really works, this theory I propose right now is basically wrong since the mechanism which I propose goes against how darwin explained why there is such diversity in the species in the world. Let’s make that clear.

Whereas Lemarck says that the features of our bodies change to “adapt”  to the the interaction of our bodies with the external world, which get passed onto our children, Darwin says that the changes that we find is due to random variations at birth. The net result of what we see, in terms of variation is from the variations that are not as successful not reproducing as much and dying off. Darwin is right on this point. This idea that we can do something to our bodies and/or genes, and have that change get passed onto our children is extremely unlikely. However, this theory does need to be proposed, since it is a Theory of Leap Of Faith. Its exact mechanism and steps are not completely logical, but there is just not enough data on to completely disprove this idea, since it is in “gray areas”. It just might work.

The Steps in the Mechanics of GMHT.

  1. Your start first with the first generation, where the still growing adolescent is given a lot of milk for consumption. – The result is no noticeable increase in height, if we compared their final height to say an identical twin which will be used as the control.
  2. This causes their gut biome to change – At this point, I can not tell the reader how the composition and culture of the bacteria in their stomachs will change. Just that the type, composition of bacteria in their intestinal tract will be altered.
  3. When the adult female becomes pregnant, they should immediate start to take calcium, vitamin d3, iron, and magnesium supplements, because those specific minerals are the exact ones that the developing fetus is going to be absorbing from their mother’s bodies. This is not just to ensure that the baby born will already be big, but also to prevent any possibility of hip fractures that can develop from the calcium deficiency causing pregnancy-induced osteoporosis.
  4. When the first generation has their kids, they immediately get their children, the 2nd generation to start having cow milk into their system immediately after they are weaned off their mother’s milk, which they should continue to consume until their are 2 years old (mother’s milk here, not the cow milk). This will have some dramatic effects on the ability of the develop infant’s body in being able to direct the calcium in their bodies towards the ossification centers in their bone. We are specifically talking about Calcium and VItamin D3 here. The gut biome changes again.
  5. When the 2nd generation have their children, they will repeat the steps done by the 1st generation towards the 3rd generation. The result is that the 3rd generation will grow into adult heights which will be noticeable taller than if they were not consuming the milk.

If we were to be completely analytical about this, we can even skip the 1st step. That first step might not be needed, but to explain the basic idea. This is indeed Lemarckian and Epigenetics, but the entire premise behind the website and this crazy endeavor of trying to manipulate one’s almost pre-destined height which is 80% controlled by one’s genetics, we have to use crazy, basically unvalidated ideas which most real scientists say is false.

What I am saying is that we can systematically change a person or a group of people’s heights by changing their gut biome with at least a 3 generation effort with increased dairy consumption to get the high level of Vitamin D3 needed so that when the children are still very young as infants, their immune system has already become altered. The extra Vitamin D3 will help be more effective in directing the calcium in their infant and adolescent bodies to go towards the bones.

It might be surprising but most American adult males are deficient in Vitamin D3 and most females are deficient in Iron and Magnesium.

The physiological changes that can happen are the following….

  1. Where once the grandparents (1st gen) were lactose intolerant, the grandchildren (3rd gen) or great-grandchildren (4th gen) are no longer. This is from a systematic almost forced changing of the gut biome to handle it when can be altered when the 4th generation was just an infant.
  2. Where once the 1st gen might have had celiac disease and have gluten sensitivity, the 4th generation don’t have it, and most medical professionals with their current testing devices will say that to the 4th generation that they don’t have a genetic predisposition towards gluten sensitivity, even thought their great-grandparents all had it. Same thing for other intestinal system chronic issues, like Crone’s Disease.

This obviously doesn’t sound as scientifically cool as say using the recently discovered CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing tool to create babies will superior height and intelligence, but in my eyes right now, it does sound viable. Like I said, it will take at least 3 generations to notice any effect.

I think back to the insane level of height increase that happened in the Netherlands over the last 100 years and imagine something similar. People are reminded that during Vincent Van Gogh’s era, the average Dutch adult male was quite short, and among the shortest in all of Europe. In 100 years, that stereotype of the Dutch has completely changed. Some people say that the incredible height of the Dutch was always there, just suppressed due to decades of malnutrition and bad childcare. That would suggest that the Dutch, and possibly all Northern Europeans, specifically the Scandanavians, are genetically somehow supposed to be a taller ethnic group than other ethnic groups in the world. Based on just data collection and looking at the tabulated anthropometric data over the last 50 years one can say that.

However, let’s remind the readers that there was a stunning article that the World Health Organization (WHO) published that I found two years ago which showed that when average out, it says that nearly all human tribes seemed to all have the exact same growth potential. That is saying that the stereotypically image of the short vietnamese male of the modern ega may be gone, when the adult males catch up in height in Vietnamese in 100 years to the “tall” dutch” that we find today. It was revealed that the Dutch society adult male did hit a plateau on their average height as early as even 2010, when census data was collected.

Summarizing It All

    • I propose GMHT, which says that drinking cow milk will make people taller, but it takes at least 3 generations of it to work.
    • You have to get the milk consumption to happen early, right after the baby stops drinking their mother’s milk.
    • The goal is to  change the gut biome of the person while they are still an infant, with a malleable immune system that can be altered.
    • This idea should work to cure lactose intolerance, which has been linked to the “short asian” idea since most east asian ethnic groups have a high occurrence of lactose allergy.
    • The milk has Vitamin D3 in it, which is critical in endochondral ossification development.
    • Vitamin D3 will help guide the calcium to the growth plates when the kid is still growing, making the interstitial growth of the long bones to become optimized.
    • Adult men have a Vitamin D3 deficiency
    • Adult females often have a Iron and Magnesium deficiency.
    • When the adult female becomes pregnant, she should immediately start to take calcium, vitamin d3, iron, and magnesium supplements.
    • Don’t supplement the just born baby with any supplements. The mother’s natural breast milk is enough to give the baby the right combination of hormones, vitamins, etc to ensure that the baby will have the most “fit” immune system. Nature had 5 billion years to perfect this natural process so let nature do its magic for the time when the mother is breastfeeding. Sometimes we have to take a step back.
    • Only when the stage of complete and only breastmilk consumption is over should the now infant be given supplements.
    • Add vitamin D3, calcium, Iron, and Magnesium powder in with the milk being consumed, so that the growing baby/infant reaches the full height and growth potential.
    • The full height and growth potential has been claimed by the WHO to be the same for most ethnic tribes in the world, not counting certain tribes that are pygmy due to environmental factors like Island Dwarfism.
    • This means that the male teenagers from stereotypically short ethnic groups may end up being just as tall as the dutch male teenager in a century or so, if they supplemented their next 3 generation of children and pregnant mother with milk and vitamins, at exactly the right stages.

(Note: This time I did NOT use any Amazon Affiliate links here. Too tired to do that.)

Updated Information About XCrunner and Alkoclar’s Claims On Methyl Protodioscin

Almost 99% of the messages we get to the email are just not helpful at all and people asking us to post the PDF for the Grow Taller 4 Idiots E-Book, which we can’t do anymore. Sometimes a reader of the website does provide some interesting new information for us to read, and reconsider. This series of emails were given to us by a reader, who goes by the first name Jacob. We read the series of emails, looked at the links, and wanted first to post them down, before we wrote another post giving our analysis and thoughts on what they said, since the entire series of messages is quite long.

May 25th

Hi, Tyler

On making your next post on your website, I suggest a possible further research on this topic.

Do you remember Guy name of Alkoclar and XCrunner mentioning about Methyl Protodioscin?

Well I thought it’s lab made but apparently it’s also extracted from either Tribulus Terristris or Dioscorea Nipponica Makino.

In many of Methyl Protodioscin compound that is sold especially on Alibaba, most of them happen to be extract of Dioscorea Nipponica. Few of them were also extract of Tribulus Terristris. Chemical compound of Methyl Protodioscin nonetheless happen to be C52H86O22. I’m not too keen on chemistry and I had several theories behind this which was shut down by several people.

There are lab made compound of Methyl Protodioscin that is produced in America (several labs I checked) but unfortunately they are only sold to doctors and researchers with chemical lab company ties. Ordinary people may not be able to obtain them or the price is too high for few mg even for sample purpose.

The link below is worth checking out because it says that Dioscorea Nipponica (from ethyl acetate extract method) INHIBITS Pi3K pathway

But we need stimulation of Pi3K (along with CNP expression and IGF-1 and HGH) for bone growth to occur and many of these pathways are dependent on each other.

This is contrary to XCrunner who said that Methyl Protodioscin creates DNA methylation and I have yet to find any article that supports this claim. Not doubting him but this is worth looking at because it seems contrary to his claim. You might want to put this in your next website because it’s worth checking out.

Also I found a Chinese herb named Si Wu Tang (on the other hand) that seems to proliferate Pi3K pathway. – “Si-Wu-tang extract stimulates bone formation through PI3K/Akt/NF-κB signaling pathways in osteoblasts”

I also found another Chinese herb named Roots of Asparagus Cochinchinensis

which claims to have some Methyl Protodioscin in them but that root doesn’t belong to either Tribulus or Dioscorea family.

Interesting. – “Methyl Protodioscin from the Roots of Asparagus cochinchinensis Attenuates Airway Inflammation by Inhibiting Cytokine Production

Cheers, Regards,

On May 27th

Yeah I will continue on from my previous email. Below is email conversation I had with ‘O’ (XCrunner)


He mentions bmp7, osteogenic protein and gdf5 in addition to methyl protodioscin and dimethyl icaritin and also mentions that his latest client from Czech Republic (35 year old woman grew 2 inches in three weeks from 5’8″ to 5’10”.So from my thinking on this, it seems like methyl protodioscin and dimethyl icaritin isn’t enough; it seems like there needs to be more and from what I seen here, bmp7 and gdf5 is like protein in DNA (I could be wrong) and you can’t really get this from supplements. These “protein” seems like something you have to get from certain bio-chemical lab and have these inserted or injected into the bone or body.I’m also in a learning phase and this height increase topic has been an obsession with me. I could go on research like this on my own and not realize time flies by. Unfortunately we are all in a theory based learning and none of the users online (from my assumption) seem like they applied this because perhaps maybe most weren’t serious, they were skeptical, didn’t have enough money, not possible or all of the above.If I knew I was going to do this seriously, I should have majored in Bio Chemistry instead. All in all, take my posts with grain of salt. Some of what I said could be right or wrong.But I think as far as Dimethyl icaritin is concerned, it’s probably pure icariin (Horny Goat weed) that Xcrunner might have want us to obtain.

I try to order these compounds from alibaba (since it was impossible for me to obtain any of this in the United States because they don’t release these to ordinary people)… my attempt in trying to get these product from China (most of the sources in alibaba comes from China) has been futile from miscommunication from sellers not understanding what I specifically wanted to being inconsistent with their price and general bad feeling about ordering from overseas from possible customs objection in the states. Possible scam scheme is also probable and not to mention, the Chinese don’t have good reputation with quality products and I might not be able to know if what they sent me is real or not and also unfortunately I would not have any chemical source for me to send my product to for testing in case if it’s real or not.

On doc file of compiled XCrunner’s note, they are out there online and I even found one from your naturalheightgrowth website.

he mentions..

Methylprotodioscin, Icariin and Glycine Propionyl L-Carnitine.

About 500mg 2x a day, once in the morning and once later in the day (3-6pm)

This will re-open the growth plates + IGF-1 boost from the Glycine Propionyl L-Carnitine.

I will be combining the MENS routine with this as it will re-open the growth plates.

You can lift weights and fap.
Avoid junk food and don’t cycle these supplements.


Xcrunner never mentioned Glycine Propionyl L-Carnitine so I don’t know where this popped up. Perhaps he has more list of ingredients that he is not telling us. Either way, he contributed a lot regardless… but I’m just trying to verify whether what he said was true and I’m willing to put myself as a guinea pig …. reading is good but applying and attempting discovery is better.

Interestingly, when I typed in “Methyl Protodioscin height” in google (already pre-shown as google search word), one of the link I found was this…

On that website, the Methyl protodioscin they recommend seems to come from Tribulus Terrestris (Not Dioscorea Nipponica).

Another interesting link from the same source

I took some notes as I went on and read from variety of sources online and other scientific source. I also took notes from your website as well and try to tie all this as one puzzle piece like you said.

(+) CNP, (+) cGMP, and (+) Nitric Oxide, (-) PDE5, (-) Myostatin   so plus is “increase” and minus is “decrease”

increase CNP, cGMP, Nitric Oxide level in addition to inhibiting PDE5, Myostatin. I get were Icariin comes from since it seems to inhibit PDE5 and inhibit Myostatin,

Also there are many product that claims to have Icariin but when I read this,…. (some products have icariins with the “s” at the end. This link says to get icariin (60%) as best source. I thought they were biased since they might want to raise the sales but what they say makes sense

Worth reading.

On Methyl Protodioscin…

The word Methyl threw me off at first so I had to research on this. XCrunner mentioned that Methyl Protodioscin increases DNA methylation. If we can use SAM-e supplements (that does the same by increasing Methyl Protodioscin), couldn’t we substitute that and just use SAM-e plus Icariin?

Chinese yam also has Methyl Protodioscin and if you can extract this using alcohol or Propylene Glycol then it might be possible to obtain Methyl Protodioscin without relying on chemist (although safer route seems to say that it is better relying on chemist) … I think ordinary people can extract roots too.

Introducing Methyl group CH3 by substituting CH3 and take out one of Hydrogen atoms…     Protodioscin is (C51H84O22)

Chuan Shan Long (Dioscorea Nipponica) has Methyl Protodioscin … If we can somehow shred this into a powder, soak it in boiling water and boil it off with alcohol. The US customs is pretty anal about what you can import from foreign countries and many natural products from China are banned from entering the America because many Asian plants are invasive (cause environmental harm) and are not FDA approved.

Recent find. (I emailed Alkoclar but he replies with short answer and it doesn’t seem like he is interested in giving out samples anymore..

username by the name of theotheradam put interesting post

#1 Raise FGF2 
Astragalus Membracaneus 

#2 Inhibit FGF3/RasingCNP

as far as I know Astragalus Membracaneus is in IGH-1 (pill that sells with Ghenerate) along with IGF-1 spray. 

Astragalus Membracaneus also sells by powder. 

I have A LOT to write on these topics… and I didn’t mean to bombard you with all this and more links to read. This should ALL tie together.

Like I said, this is my obsession and I could go on and on and research into this ALL day ALL night.

If you are interested, I like to talk to you more. You can add me on gmail and we can chat and talk more about this. Sorry about my writing style, it seems confusing with scattered notes style but I think you can pick up what I’m trying to say here.

On May 27th

Kaneka from network54 forum 177048 (Joey’s forum) and also mentioned by Easyheight

32 year old man growing from 5’10 to 6’0″. I also hear few stories about people growing after their plates were “closed” so In some ways when XCrunner has told me that growth plate never closes but remain inactive.

Modified fast and junk food makes people obese, we have steroids that make people’s muscles HUGE… and there should be steroidal altered chemical compound from some plant extract that can make people grow taller past the puberty age.

You also mentioned Alfalfa,

I think the key ingredient is Isoflavones. Found this… interesting

So the key here is to obtain Heirloom or Perennial Alfalfa

The Alfalfa that Kaneka megadosed is from company Holland and Barrett

I remember I megadosed Alfalfa same way and all I got was bloated gas and massive diarrhea but maybe my body wasn’t ready at that time. This was long time ago in 2005 or 2006 or so if I recall.
I also remember trying out Tim’s Adultheightincrease Super Monster homeopathic drops possibly in 2010… didn’t work for me…

On May 27th

My theory on

why gr0wthnut grew 1.5 inches at age 27 but Nixa Zizu didn’t was because (possibly supporting XCrunner’s theory), Nixa Zizu lifted weights… Even though Nixa said he try to avoid leg (deadlift and squat workout) and only did Bench press… still … Both of them did the LSJL very similarly BUT

gr0wthnut only did high stairs machine cardio at the gym (not sure if he lifted weights) but perhaps that might have something to do with it…

Xcrunner on his post said to avoid working out, lifting heavy weights and only masturbate twice a week for that negative feedback loop.

the HGH released all went to recover his muscles instead of going directly to his bones from doing LSJL.

so my assumption, they are all Dependent on each other… HGH, IGF-1, Pi3K pathway, Osteoblast formation, Chondrycyte induction, DNA methylation… all need to work WITH each other.

By the way, earlier I made a typo… Sam-e increases DNA methylation (Not Sam-e increases Methyl Protodioscin) … . still I need to find how and why Methyl Protodioscin and what that has to do with DNA methylation. My purpose was to replace and substitute Methyl Protodioscin if I can’t find it or extract it and use Sam-e instead.

Think link (Indian height increase website — they look like they sell things…) . It looks like Indian height increase website.

Their explanation on height increase supports Xcrunner’s. Their last sentence quote below…

So you see growing taller isn’t about growth plate fusion, it’s about cells. Controlling the differentiation of those cells and increasing the proliferation of those cells. Don’t let growth plate fusion fuse your mind to the possibilities.

I’m 5’8″ and half (174 cm evening height on good days) … on “bad” days with too much movement (it’s 173.5 cm or even 173 cm). My morning height is usually 176 cm or 177 cm… Big height fluctuation.

My goal is 183 cm (6’0″) if more better. My age is 28.

On May 27th

Compiled note I made month ago (Compiled Notes Here)

Most of it you already know and you are more knowledgeable than I am in this regards but it’s also worth knowing from other’s opinion. If this all ties in together and we somehow find a method to grow taller, this demand (will be limitless)

(source includes naturalheightgrowth and youtube video notes)

On May 27th

Found something on Methyl Protodioscin (DNA methylation wasn’t mentioned and am still going to research on this as I go along)

But it says something about osteoclast

From the pdf (attached) … quote below

…… methyl protodioscin, a major constituent , possessed the strong inhibitory activity both on the formation of osteoclast・and the bone resorption ,…..

On May 27th 

as far as osteoclast is concerned, (if I”m not mistaken), osteoclast eat away the osteoblast and osteblast proliferation is needed for growth (one of many factors) and this methyl protodioscin (particularly) from Dioscorea Spongiosa has shown to inhibit osteoclast behavior and promote osteoblast behavior.

I couldn’t find any more than this and if this is true, then perhaps it is a step towards right direction.
On May 29th

From “Medicinal Plants in Australia Volume 4: An Antipodean Apothecary” – By Cheryll Williams

My (Jacob’s) thoughts: I put in red box and also on screenshot. This has been done on animals and detailed that methyl protodioscin stimulates osteoblast proliferation on animals. If it can be done on animals, it would probably make sense that it can work on humans as well. 
Similarly, icariin also seem to simtulate osteoblast proliferation 
quote from link … (shown below)
Osteoporosis – “…Animal studies indicate that Icariin also stimulates osteoblast activity in bone tissue, leading to the development and marketing of medicinal products based on Epimedium extracts for treatment of osteoporosis.

On June 18th

Suggestive idea:

I was thinking… Since Methyl Protodioscin is hard to obtain and they only get released to doctors and laboratory and even if we did obtain them, they are expensive like usually hundred of bucks for few 20 mg or so but we need A lot of them to promote DNA methylation, I have alternate idea which might be cheaper.

Since Methyl Protodioscin is claimed to have the Methylated Protodioscin and the Methylated part just gives off the CH3 to the nearby group, couldn’t we substitute it with SAM-e + regular protodioscin and consume it together?

That way the methyl group from SAM-e gets detached and possibly gets re-attached to protodioscin becoming “Methyl Protodioscin”.