A Simple Jaw Realignment Exercise Increased This Man’s Height Over 2 Inches.

A few months ago, I became aware of this website called ClaimingPower.com, written by this guy who said that his goal for the last half a decade was to change the overall shape of the face, by pulling the nose. The led to me getting in contact with other people who are working on the same type of project. This one guy shared to me that he found a much faster, more effective method to pull the face, to make the face more aesthetically pleasing.

We talked for about an hour on Skype and he said that it is possible to get this type of “facial realignment” change since the irregular bones that make up the human face (maxilla, mandible, occipital, etc.) are not fused. There are sutures between the bones which means that the bones can indeed move slightly. The last I heard from him, he had gotten a 6 figure initial investment and was trying to patent his technique.

So I wanted to understand and learn more about this interesting small world and who else has tried this bone remodeling idea. One name that came up a lot was Michael Mew, who has famously given talks at Men’s Self Improvement Conferences, specifically the 21 Convention, which used to be a convention were men in their 20s shared tips and techniques on how to pick up women.

A little more searching on Google revealed a few more relevant websites, but there was one website which caught my eye. Orgone Energy Products. This website is quite interesting and strange. What the website reminds me of is one of those really much older website designs you saw maybe back in the mid 2000s. Some products that are listed on there like CycloAstragenol are products which were really hot and talked about a lot by the media 5 years ago but has now died down. Could an extract from the Astragalus plant really help inhibit the shortening of telomeres and hold back aging? We are not sure.

There is one blog post entitled “Orgoneproducts Newsletter: New Hormone Enhanced Orgone Chembusters, (NCR) Nuero-Cranial Restructuring, and True Love.” writen back in Nov 2 (of 2015?) which made a strange claim.

Apparently from doing this simple jaw alignment exercise, this guy went from 6 2.5″ to almost 6′ 5″ in height.


“The one natural solution for boosting testosterone levels in Men that I offer is TKO- Tongkat Ali an Indonesian herbal based formula that will raise testosterone levels. Hormones are a complete conversation in themselves, feel free to contact me for more info that I am hesitant to put into print…..The good news is even the worst case scenario can now be changed with consistent application of physical regenerative therapies, hormonal reset, continual immersion in high intensity life force fields. What types of physical regenerative therapies am I talking about? Three, specifically and a fourth to be talked about at a later date. First is Neuro-Cranial Restructuring, the short name is NCR, not to be confused with National Cash Register. NCR developed by Dr. Howell, is an advancement of endo-nasal therapy. It uses small nasal balloons to release connective tissue in the sphenoid bone. An NCR treatment is like unlocking a spring, allows for symmetry correction in the head, face, and spine. The balloon is inserted in one of the six nasal passages in the nose. There is a testing protocol to determine which nasal passage. The testing protocol is where the magic is found, diagnosing the correct nasal passage with each treatment allows for the least amount of force to be used to create the greatest movements without trauma. Each NCR treatment creates compound positive symmetry changes which results in correcting facial and spinal distortions over time. Incremental change leading to massive long term results. In my case, I have partially corrected a scoliosis in my spine that resulted in an increase in functional height of 2.5 inches. When I started I was 6′ 2″ and a half, I am now a shade under 6′ 5″. My head size increased as well as I my eyes became more level over a 5 year period. We now have a fulltime NCR practicioner, Plato Rosinke, in New York City. Plato has been trained by Dr. Howell and is one of the more proficient NCR practioners in the world.”

My Personal Interpretation – Now I don’t know how old this person is who writes the blog, or how bad his case of scoliosis is. However, he did claim that his height increased by almost 2.5 inches after this technique, which somehow straightened out his back. The truth is that most people have some level of curvature of the vertebrate. If this technique can somehow alleviate the level of curvature of the vertebrate, then this technique should work for the majority of the people in a population giving at least a fraction of a inch extra in height..

Not only that, he made another claim in a more recent post (June 24) that his shoe size also increased. “The Shoes Have It.. Starecta/Bite Block Changes: Shoe size jumps from 11-13.5


“The starecta/bite block begins the reversal of the compensation process and the body unwinds and regains it’s natural symmetry. After three months on the Starecta, I was having almost daily headaches. I thought this was part of the correction process, but little did I know it was from shoes that were way too tight. I had naturally high arches the story goes, one day I got the epiphany that maybe I needed bigger shoes! I hobbled down to my favorite shoe store on St. Marks and First; the name escapes me, but it is my favorite. A small selection, but all the shoes are well thought out at this nameless shoe store that be my favorite of all-time. I got a new pair of sneakers size 12; I had jumped a full shoe size...About a month later, the headaches started up again, but this time I was wise and made a pre-emptive strike and ran to my favorite nameless shoe store to buy the next installment in this shoe saga. The headaches again subsided, there was peace in the land and all was well. This time I started to look more closely at my feet, I speculated based on the size of my arches, I was not quite done with the shoe expansion….They no longer had my Size! I had outgrown them, 13.5 apparently was too much of a man for them.”

My Personal Interpretation

This guy makes the claim that there is some type of biomechanical connection between the feet and the alignment of the jaw. He was using this device/technique called the Starecta for months and the headaches started. By some luck, he realized that maybe the headaches were caused from having the shoes being too tight. So he got a size higher. Later, the headaches came back so he got another size larger.

My Final Conclusion

Whoever writes those blog posts have gotten themselves into the area where scientists would never go into. Many things that this person says works is not based on real scientific data. However, this person is willing to try a lot of different healing methods to see which ones works for him. The efficacy of all of the techniques and ideas he throws out should always be questioned.

What I found suspicious is that he talks alot about heartbreak and hormonal issues. It is very possible that he is still a teenager, and this growth in height and feet size is just from natural growth of the body. Or maybe he is in his early 20s. Then we have to consider the possibility that this person actually suffers from a pituitary tumor, which is causing the excessive height growth and the increase in feet size. That would definitely explain those intermittent bouts of headaches. People who suffered from excessive GH in their body from their puberty years to adulthood, turning the gigantism to acromegaly talked about how they suffered through headaches.

If the person who runs the website is ever reading this, I strongly suggest they go check their hormone levels with an Endocrinologist and get a CT scan of their brain.

4 thoughts on “A Simple Jaw Realignment Exercise Increased This Man’s Height Over 2 Inches.

  1. Steve

    Although this guy could be even be in his mid 20s,with a pituitary tumor as its not that rare for a guy to grow a couple inches until 25

  2. Bora

    I am beginner in stem cells topic thus i have a question, maybe the example, Teplyashin putch stem cells with cartilage(?) to bone and them they grow or how?
    Can anyone could explain me how is it working.
    Thanks for everyone answer:)

  3. Karl

    I’ve had NCR done once, and it did improve my posture slightly. Normally you’re suposed to do it 4-6 times (the average), to achieve the most benefit, depending on how bad your situation that is, but I haven’t been able to afford it more this year. I think it’ll only make you taller if you have scoliosis to improve. I plan on trying a few more times next year along with the FaceMax to lift the maxilla


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