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Reply To Geoffrey Arnold and His Blog The Social Complex

Reply To Geoffrey Arnold and His Blog The Social Complex

We have a tracking program for our website Natural Height Growth and can see most people who quote or link to the website. We found out from the tracking software that Mr. Arnold wrote on a Reddit thread that we on this website were selling a product so we had to be some type of major scam. We are not selling anything of our own, at least right now.

This is what Geoffrey Arnold has said about us, which we found insulting and rude, since he didn’t even give us a chance and look over what we have been doing for the last few years. Maybe the only way to describe this guy is to call him a “Hater”. He feels like he can’t play in the game since the world is discriminating against him and people of his “kind” unfairly so the only way he know how to respond is just to hate and write.

The back story, on what Geoffrey wrote on the specific Reddit Post…

“….This guy actually sent a message to my blog, advertising his site, as if I was going to publish it. I might get around to reading it later, but I’m sure it’s mostly gibberish. Hard to trust anyone who is talking about heightism while selling a product aimed at people who want to be taller.

That would be like getting information about racism from a company that sells skin bleaching cream…”

The clipping is from below…

Geoffrey Arnold

Our intention was to write two different books, one for people who are still growing and another for people who have stopped growing. At this point, we have looked at the science and say that it is possible for us to write one book for people who still have their growth plate cartilage and can possibly stlll grow. We can’t write the 2nd book for people with no cartilage left. We may never be able to write that 2nd book since we have found very little evidence that it would be possible.

There is a store section on the website but if he had look at it carefully, then he would see we don’t have anything of our own to sell. As for everything else, we give them for free. We even had DMCAs from the people at (Company That Will Not Be Named) and GT4I given to stop us from giving their products for free. We are putting our skin into the game and have come close to legal actions against people because we are trying to make the internet and the world a better place. We are trying to change the way the world operations in a fundamental way.

What don’t think that his work is that impressive. He has said that he has written over 1200+ post for the website. We are now at over 1100+. In terms of quantity, we will overwhelm his website soon.

He would have realized that our motives are not just a financial one. We’d love to actually find a solution and make some big profit from it but we keep the site going from google ads. We are a part of the Amazon Affiliate program but that doesn’t earn enough money since people don’t seem to click those links. This website is not as profitable as most people would believe. We are trying to build up a way to monetize the website to let us continue to pay off the monthly operating costs.

I wrote to him before because I thought he cared enough to want to help and maybe try to look for a solution. He sure has a lot of stuff written about heightism. Everything he says is more or less right, but would he would be willing to put in some type of effort to maybe change the system, and help people? If he doesn’t believe there is a solution, that is fine. He doesn’t need to lift up a medical textbook and go through the real research to see what is possible. He has the complete  right to just spend the next 10+ years and keep writing another 3000+ posts about how the world is bias towards short men and short people.

He’ll get a small following of people on Reddit who agree with him and he will probably will get some type of self satisfaction in knowing that he can only be half-fulfilled. He can justify his own existence in his small circle of influence and control. We get it, the way that the ego works to protect itself is to just be right about something. We might not be able to get what we really, REALLY want, but as long as we can sit back, be pessimistic, sceptical, cynical, or pragmatic about how bad the world treats us because of something which we can’t change, as least we can be partially fulfilled and satisfied. Instead of finding self-esteem in knowing that we can change this problem, he finds validation in his ego from knowing that he is “right” since he just talk about how bad the world is. He can be the sceptic who does nothing, but takes no time or effort to look for a way out of the problems that they vent about. 

What he wrote about us I would consider to be unfair since he never made the full effort to read any of our large posts and research extensively. He brushed us off without ever looking at the science. Why? It is the same reason why I have brushed off any type of height increasing pill or potion or herbal concoction sold by websites using the type of design from the 2004-2009 era. It seems to be too crazy and improbably to believe. However, at least I spend the time to look over what the websites have to say. Maybe they do have something of worth to say and something to contribute. He apparently did not take the time to look over what our research is, and dismissed us without ever looking into our content.