Counseling, Therapy, And Coaching Over Height Issues

I wanted to post this on the website/blog for anyone who feels that they feel extremely unhappy about their height that I can do some personal counseling, therapy, or coaching either for free or a very low cost ($20/hr) if they are extremely dissatisfied with their life because of of their lack of height. If your situation is particularly serious, of course I would be willing to do some therapy for free. There might be some issues which I can’t help with if the cause is biochemical in nature. Words can only go so far. I am not licensed to write prescription drugs.

I actually started and my own life coaching company that is based in the Pacific Northwest part of the USA, Seattle. My main focus on coaching and therapy is towards men, and helping men figure out and deal with their deep issues and insecurities. However for this specific area of Height Growth & Development, I have enough expertise to help both genders. Contact me through the email above if you desire some form of help in either your struggles or your pursuits.

In terms of credentials, certifications, and training, I have NONE. I don’t intend to be dishonest or lie about that issue. My undergraduate degree was actually in engineering with a specialty in physics and the sciences. I got into Self Help and Personal Development maybe 3.5 years ago right after my job was eliminated at the small alternative energy company I was working for because the company could not get a Series B round of funding during the crazy 2009 depression. I spent 2 and a half solid years reading all of the classics of psychology and self help, practicing meditation, and testing the methods and techniques on my self and my friends. Learning things like Hypnosis and Neurolinguistic Programming and Cognitive Psychology has been really fun.

I don’t want to sound like a charlatan but I created the company by myself as a LLC in the beginning and was the only employee for a good 3 months before bringing along a partner who is the Chief Advisor of the company. 90% of the work and development of the company is done by me since this company is my idea and I hold complete accountability and responsibility to the fate and success (or failure) of my company. I had a part time marketing intern to researching the different types of distribution channels and there is another Coach but she doesn’t have any major work yet because I haven’t been able to get enough clients for the company. Marketing is a tricky subject and I am still learning. I wanted to make my company history and practices completely transparent. 

It may turn out after years of research and study by me and me posting and writing articles on here that being able to grow taller or increase our height after the bones are sealed is impossible. What will happen to the people who had dedicated so many years of their life to this pursuit if they realize finally that it is not possible? Their world and belief system could collapse.

A brilliant hypnotherapist once said that the reason why we are unhappy is often not the reason we think it is.

When a person goes to a therapist, counselor, or psychiatrist because they are suffering from some psychological issue, what they came to the to clinic or office for is often revealed not to be the real problem that they have been trying to deal with and confront.

From the teaching of the best in the self help community, here is the basic 4 tenet which I have reached in conclusion.

Principle 1: People are mainly controlled by the two main forces of pain and pleasure. From an evolutionary and economics perspective, the force of pain and the need to avoid pain is a far greater force of an influence and control than pleasure. 

Principle 2: The only reason why we as people never do what we are supposed to do is because of FEAR. That fear is preventing us from doing the hard work and developing the type of discipline within ourselves that is neccesary to push us to the other side, which is achievement. 

Principle 3: We often feel like we are struggling against the world and always competing against other people just so that we can get a piece of the happiness and resources to satisfy ourselves and ensure our survival, comfort, and security. The struggle is too overwhelming for us to deal with at many times and that leads to anxiety, which is the main mental destroyer inside of us.

Principle 4: The main 4 fear that goes through our head is this.

1. I will not be loved

2. I will lose the respect and/or love of someone who I respect/love one day if I don’t continue to act, be, or look a certain way.

3. I want to love and accept myself but I can’t because of some reason I created in my own head which may not really

4. I am not enough


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  2. dominik

    Hello man
    My name is Dominik, i come from Slovakia and i a 23 years old.I have been looking for somene for long time who have some experiences, or now something about height increasing in adult age. Hope is you:) i have a direct question dor you.What do you think about hypnosis or meditation program for growing taller?Is it possible to increase human height by some spirtuality stuff or not?…i have contacted with a few pepole who tried that stuff and they achieve some succes. F.e one guy from usa grow taller 3 inches, but it take him 5 yers meditation every day by the age 27-32.Unfortunatelly no one gave me some evidence that is really working…thats why i want to know your opinion becuse you probbaly have som research about it
    BTW my height is 175 cm in the morning and 173 cm during a day….I d like to icrease me height by 5 cm thats why i am wonder on meditation program.
    i am nor preffer streching exerciss becuse i will”grow” just in to my spine…i want to grow proporcionally or no grow

    Thanks for reply and i wish you lots of succes in your life

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