How Much Taller Do You Want To Be?

How much taller do you want to be? Do you desire to just improve your height slightly to improve your confidence inside yourself or do you desire such a dramatic change in body form that you go through a full transformation on every level? If you do go through with the full transformation, how would other people react towards you after they see you again?

I would suggest that most people should only ask for 4 inches maximum in height increase. I personally can probably create a program or system within 4 years of full research which can increase a person’s height by 1-2 inches, by decompressing the vertebrate and decreasing the curvature of the spine.

However if you are around 5 feet tall (or shorter) and male, maybe then it would be appropriate to desire something more like 8 inches or even an entire feet in growth. There is objective scientific evidence that shows that a male’s chances for dating and mating success is hindered most likely by his height, beyond any other physical attribute.

However, I would say that desiring for a full 12 inches in height increase would be completely life transforming. There is currently no program out there that comes even close to giving anyone that type of results. I personally have never heard of any story or claim that allowed for up to an entire feet of added height, not even the scams out there.


5 thoughts on “How Much Taller Do You Want To Be?

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  3. heightseeker

    Im 23 years old and 5 foot 9 inches, and i would be very happy with just 1 more inch in height 2 inches would be even better but definitely not needed, i know that i have had some minor back problems and had really bad posture when i was younger, it is still not perfect but much better today, I think I already got somewhat taller through strenghtening my back muscles and stretching, so I dont know if that alone can give me more significant results.

    But I will follow your progress and hopefully things will go well.


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