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A Quick Guide On Scams And Internet Marketing

After some long thinking, I decided to write this post to help people who are searching for a solution to their height problems to not be cheated, tricked, or scammed by the countless number of Internet sharks out there.

I know a lot about these internet scams because I have been searching for a way to earn some passive income recently because I move a lot and wanted to see if I could find a way to earn money online. Well, here is the dirt that I have found which you can use if you want. I promise that if I ever sell anything on this website or promote any product, it will be of the highest quality and worth actually buying.

How most people online make money. – Here is a few sad truths.

I. Most people make money online by teaching other people how to make money online.

The sad truth is that even the most honest people in the Internet who tells you specifically that they are NOT using that form of business model is in some way using that business model. It doesn’t mean that they are doing it intentionally, but it does show that there are some very successful internet business models and it is hard to make good money consistently without using some form or version of the models. I list 4 good guys who actually do this but do it cleanly. Their stuff is worth reading about so you learn this stuff for yourself.

(Note: I am absolutely not affiliated or work in any way with these guys. I get nothing for saying that these guys are worth checking out. I would actually probably prefer you didn’t know too much about this type of stuff. It is  a very deep rabbit hole and if you choose to go down it, you may never be able to get back out.)

  • 1. Smart Passive Income
  • 2. Viperchill
  • 3. Problogger
  • 4. Income Diary

II. Most people who run successful online businesses teach other people how to start, build, and run successful online businesses. However, they rarely show you how to get your first customer, or how to sell your first product. They are mainly advice, information, and consultant driven. All the advice or information they provide can be found somewhere else on the internet, but are you willing to trade your time to find all the information or pay a little money to save your time? These are the few sites and companies worth looking into.

  • Andrew Warner – Mixergy 
  • Sterling & Jay – Internet Business Mastery
  • Chris Ducker – Virtual Business Lifestyle
  • Matt & John – Lifestyle Business Design

III. There is a special group of people who popped up in the last few years who live the mobile, great life by teaching you how to create the type of life and income streams they have.

  • 1. Corbett Barr – Lifestyle Design – (If you want to download his book that shows how he created a 6 figure business in 18 months  from 2 blogs and working from Mexico click HERE to get his free E-Book.)
  • 2. Tim Ferriss – Four Hour Work Week
  • 3. Chris Guillebeau – Art of Non-Comformity
  • 4. Mike – Road Warrior

IV. Almost everyone on the internet who sells or runs an E-Commerce website is a middle man. They almost never create or build anything that they sell. They are not the true creators of value, but the distributors, the salesman, the transmitters. They probably don’t have an actual business office. They probably stock up their products (better known as Inventory) in some big closet in their house or apartment they live in.

What these really good internet marketing guys do is figure out what exactly you really want, and then teach you how to get it.

Key Point I: What People Want – What most people really want when they fill out a survey is 5 main things. – All 5 are to make themselves feel good about themselves.

1. Money – How do I make money online, automatically, easily, and quickly ?

2. Own Business– How do I start my own company that I can run and operate remotely so that I can be anywhere in the world and still have money flowing directly into my bank account?

3. Sex (This one is mainly for men) – What is the easiest, quickly, most sure fire way to meet a really hot girl I can have sex with?

4. Relationships –  I want to know the easiest most full proof way to attract that girl/guy that I have been interested in for the last 4 months. OR I want to attract the best girl/ boy that I can so that I can be in a relationship and get love – basically I want someone good looking, kind, and smart to love me. 

5. Health – I want to get healthy and lose my excess weight and fat the easiest simpliest way possible. 

Well, the internet marketers know that deep inside of you that you pretty much really want those things. If you look at the biggest internet companies that focus primarily on marketing that is what they advertise and sell. They are selling you either money, sex, or something related to one of those two things.

One of the best known Internet Marketing Gurus Eben Pagan (who made his money selling information products on Dating Advice for men) once stated that if you want to get people to come to your website and buy your product, they must already have an irrational need or desperate desire within themselves to pull out their credit card and put in the right numbers and then click that send button. (Note: If you want some of his Online Business Building Seminar DVDs or programs (Like Get Altitude) for free, email me. I bought it and it is quite useful. I can’t put it on this site because I will be sued for that)

Key Point II : Mailing List & Newsletter – The email is the primary way that most people make their money online. The primary objective is to build that email list up more and more. Do you ever notice that every site these days seem to have a pop up that asks you to enter your name and email information? Well they are trying to get you to put in your information. That way, maybe 2 weeks later, the person who runs the website sends a newsletter to you through their mailing list provider. They write a nice sales letter by using a good copyrighter. At the end of the newsletter is always a link, either to something they want you to eventually hopefully buy or someone’s else site, who they are probably affiliated with or in partnership with.

The two most commonly used mailing list providers are MailChimp and AWeber. MailChimp is free to use while AWeber costs some money.

Now, you might be wondering, will I eventually put a popup or opt in page and ask for your email address one of these days? I don’t think so. If I did, I will tell you. If I plan to sell you anything, I will make it very plain and clear my intentions.

Key Point III: Affiliate Marketing – This is another way many people make money is buy promoting, endorsing, and selling other people’s products who also have companies is in the same or similar niche. You would  be amazed at how large the percentage is that affiliate marketing plays on an internet marketer’s total income.

Key Point III.2: Combining the power of affiliate marketing + Information Products +SEO – they go to a site like Clickbank, find out which Information product has the highest gravity (I am not going to go into what is gravity on here), get the embbeded code, set up a 1 page sales site, and place a bunch of ads by embedding that code. If they are good enough at SEO and writing some decent content, they can get 1000s of people to click and go to their site. Assuming the internet average of .1-1% conversion rate which they can check on Google Analytics (which is free), they get a high commission as an affiliate to an E-product (usually a pdf, mp3, or mpeg). That can amount to a good $40-50 per day per site if they are good at writing sales letter.

Key Point IV: Google Keywords – The internet marketer in the beginning is probably using some form of Software to analyze the types of keywords that people are typing into search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. They look at what are known as “keyword longtails” to figure out what exactly people are typing into the internet. They compare the number of times people type a certain word or phrase and see whether there is large competition in that niche. A really popular software people use these days is Market Samurai, which basically shows you how to hack the internet and google to find what other people are looking for.

Key Point V: SEO – SEO stands for search engine optimization. Search Enginee Optimization is just a fancy umbrella term to refer to any strategy a “guru” might use to rank their desired website to be higher and higher on any of the search engine’s ranking page. Google is almost primarily talked about when one talks about Search Engines in the US. SEO tactics is something I haven’t studied or know about. All I did for this website is download two plugins (WordPress SEO and All in One SEO Pack) and add some meta information. You can’t click on a few links these days without running into a “SEO/ Internet Marketing consultant these days”

Key Point V.2 Pay Per Click – Google has this program called Adsense which allows people to make money when someone else clicks on the ads they put on their website. People have been making money through Adsense for at least a decade now. I remember using Adsense and realized that the Ads did not agree with the purpose of the websites I have created before. Overall, the amount of money a person can make through PPC or anything similar has drastically been decreasing over the years as people become smarter and smarter over the internet.

Key Point VI: Social Media – Everyone is talking about Facebook these days and trying to figure out what is the most effective way to market their products on this platform. LinkedIn is also doing it. A lot of companies think that by spending money to buy ads on these well known platforms they will increase their revenue. However, FB and LinkedIn are failing spectacularly at it because people these days are just getting smarter and smarter. No one is clicking on those ads anymore. Instead use Pinterest and Tumblr.

Key Point VII: Traffic – Traffic is the life blood of all companies and websites. If you have no traffic, you are essentially dead. No one is coming to your website and reading your information. You can’t sell your products and all the money you put into marketing your product was wasted. There are pages like Alexa which tell you how well a website is ranked. Almost everyone who does any internet marketing has Google Analytics installed on it. They know how many people are going to their websites and how well they people coming to the site are actually buying their product, clicking on the links they want, and where the people are coming from.

Key Point VIII – Twitter – Twitter is a tool that many people these days are using to promote their products or programs, as well as their affiliates. Just don’t fall for it. Ever see a weird url? Well that is the marketer using a program to squeeze a long url into a shorter one and wanting you to click on it. Filled with a lot of spammers who want you to use the Cialdini Influence idea of Reciprocity who first follow you hoping then you will follow then. Then later they over whelm you with spam trying to get you to check out their website or their affiliate partner’s site.

Key Point IX: Information Products – If you want to know what is the easiest and simpliest way to make money, it is to start your own website. You spend about $60 first to get a host, and pay only $12 per year to register for a domain name. If you want to get creative, add a nice wordpress template on there for another $50 and your website looks completely professional. Then you just start writing and trying to create the best content and value as you can and learn about SEO to get the people to come to your website. Then you write a 60 page E-Book mostly filled with fluff, put a price tage on it that ends in $x9.99 and link it with your paypal account and you wait for the sales to come through. Of course it is never as easy as it sounds but in this case, you probably can get the entire process done in less than 3 hours if you really sat down with someone who already knows the trick of internet marketing. In less than 3 hours, you can theoretically be getting money pumped into your bank account by selling immaterial products. No overhead, no fees, no stress.

The scam really comes in when the people who do the internet marketing tries every single trick they know to get you to come to their website and buy their information product while cost absolutely no $ to create except some time. Hell, some people don’t even create or write their own material but pay writers and copyrighters to write everything, form the sales page to the information product, to even the testimonials. Just look at the practices of Dan Kennedy or Frank Kern. They make millions a year doing very little, learning how to leverage the system, and profitting wildly from it.

My point is, most of the pages you see selling some form of product that is said to help you grow another 2 inches in 4 months are written by internet marketers trying to trick you to buy a basic multivitamin. Don’t believe in them.

Key Point X: Blogging – There is probably over 100,000,000 blogs out there right now with people writing about all sorts of things, stuff that interest them. How many of those blogs are actually worth reading? I am not sure but I am positive that we can all tell the difference between a good blog with high quality writing and amazing content to blogs that are not worth reading. I think it is the personal dream of millions of people who desire to just write and blog for a living.

I mean , just imagine this type of scenario and reaslize how damn seductive it sounds. It would be like the perfect lifetstyle. And millions of people every day get sucked into the whole Internet Marketing matrix believing that they have found the secret key, the perfect magic bullet or hack that would allow them to be financially free”

“You wake up in the morning at 11 am on a tiny secluded island in the middle of the Caribbean, and do your routine of morning ablutions. You then go to the nearby coffee shop and buy a super expensive cup of coffee and italian sandwich. You come back home at 1 pm and sit down. You spend 1 hour in front of your Macbook Air typing out a 3000 word blog post, send another 20 minutes editing, and hit the Send button. You go to Google Analytics to check the traffic on your website and go to your Paypal Account, or Clickbank account, or Bank account to see how much you made recently. You see that your information product or that recent program launch you did had raked in $1500 last night while you were asleep doing absolutely no work. You go around and make a few money transfers, give a call to your accountant to make everything is in order, give another call to a guy you are doing business with remotely to get them to join you in your affiliate marketing program. You then finish by answering the hundred of emails that appeared in your inbox asking you for coaching which you have been charging $300 /hr for with only a phone call. So after basically 2 -3 hours of work , you are done for the day and made over $1000.”

You made more money than some people make in a week by doing almost no work. That is probably the ideal lifestyle that many people who go into blogging for profit or money is really hoping for. They do it for year and years hoping to built enough of a traffic or mailing list to be able to finally sell some product or launch some program, wether it is a seminar, coaching program, or another information product.

Key Point XI: Advertising –Ever see those banners either on the side or the top or bottom of articles you read online? They are ads which someone paid someone else to promote. When you click on that ad, the person who was doing the endorsing gets a small bit of money becasue they managed to send “traffic” which is you to the ad payer’s webpage. In this model, supposedly every one wins. That is in theory but in reality, only the person who is posting the ads win, since they are in a situation where there is no possible way to lose. The person who paid to post that ad can lose from getting no conversions to buy their product. The person who clicked on the ad loses when they realize that they have been tricked to go something which they didn’t intend for.

Key Point XII: Consulting or Coaching – It seems like everyone these days is a coach. People are calling themselves Life Coaches, Business Coaches, Success Coaches, Body Transformation Coaches, Dating Coaches, SEO Marketing Consultants, – if you see someone  who has the title consultant or coach by their name on a resume or business card, be very suspicious. It is not that hard these days to slap on a label or title.

I started my own company which is a life coaching company because of a very horrible personal life experience which I went through in the beginning of this year (2012) and I wanted to find a way to make sure that what happened to me will never ever have to happen to another guy. I focus on a very small niche group of people and I don’t intend for that company to ever grow too large.

Last Key Point: All of the scammers and internet marketing guys should realize that their business model is unsustainable. They may be making 6 figure for 2-3 years but eventually their traffic and the people who go to their website will dry up. Their content will get stale and they won’t last. If they are not completely transparent with their business or practices, they will eventually be found out, exposed, and will be forced to shut down their website/business or restructure it to look liek something else or go into another niche. At last but defnitely not least, this website/ forum is the best or worst kept secret in all of the internet space when it comes to hucksters who learn new techniques and ways to get you to open your wallet. : The Warrior Forum – Be careful out there and don’t be cheated.

Sean Stephenson – 3 Foot Giant In A Wheelchair

I remember seeing Sean speak for the first time from a Seminar program I was watching and I was astounded at the level of authenticity and pure love that was radiating from him. I don’t remember ever seeing anyone be so charasmatic but also be so physically stunted (I know I am not being completely politically correct here). All I can say is that Sean is amazing, and one of the best speakers I have ever heard. He goes into detail to describe his own life and the crazy challenges he has to suffer through compared to some of us.

By his own admission, Sean is only 3 feet tall and in a wheelchair. When he shows you his chest or his arms ,they are also slightly deformed. He suffers from a rare form of medical condition called Osteogenesis Imperfecta.

My point is, I don’t think any of you who are reading this blog is anything near as short as Sean in the video. For the person who is 5′ 6″, there is another person just like them that have to be only 5′ 0″ and have to live with that. Of course for the 5 foot tall person, they have to realize that people who are 4 ‘6 ” do also exist in the world and they have to live in their body.  Sean here may be the most extreme case of physical handicaps one can ever meet, at least from first glance. However, Sean has been able to search deep inside of himself, find the courage to move forward and push on, and somehow also just give more value and happiness to the world than most of us who are average size.

Just realize that no matter how short or bad you think you have it, there is someone else out there who has it worst in terms of physical attributes but they have learned how to deal with it and live life as the best as they could, without complaining or believing that the world wronged them in some way.

Note: What I posted is only the first part of a 6 parts series on Youtube which appears to be a documentary on Sean’s life. If you want to see the 2nd to 5th parts of of the entire documentary, just follow the links which appear after the video is over. Enjoy.

Height Is The Last Frontier For Personal Development

As I am sitting here today at a cafe looking out into the world at how crazy other people seem to be working, striving, and fighting to get their piece of happiness in the world, I am amazed at the dedication and tenacity which some people put into their work to make a better life for themselves and their future children. The surest way still and always will be to success and achievement is through hard work and perseverance. I of course admire all the people who work so hard to achieve so much. they have dedicated their life to give their service to the world and make it a better place. I am always amazed at how much we can change and improve if we really put all of our heart and effort into any project.

If we desired, we can gain almost everything we in terms of money, wealth , and success given enough time and learning. However, in other aras, hard work and effort is not enough to reach the goals we have set up for ourselves.

When it comes to the area of personal development and self help, so many people these days have joined in on the social phenomenon and took to learning more about psychology, anthropology, and sociology to understand better why they do what they do and how they can change their thinking and behavior so that they are more likely to reach their goals and achieve fulfillment in their lives. If we look at the list of things that people have done to completely transform their lives, we realize just how cast and deep the changes are and possible when it comes to creating or manifesting our dreams are.

If we look at everything about oursevles, we realize that we can change almost everything about who we are as a person

1. Hair – Hair dyes, Haircuts, Extensions, Wigs & Weaves, Shampoos, Conditioners

2. Skin Color – Whitening lotions, Tonors, and another hundred types of skin cream which I

3. Eyes – Laser eye surgery, Double eyelid surgery, Eye replacement implants, Contact lens, Glasses,

4. Nose – Piercings, Rhinoplasty, Fillings, Reductions

5. Face – Complete full plastic surgery – Just go to Seoul, South Korea and get your entire face redone to look like a younger completely different person for less than $30,000.

6. Weight – Over 1000 diet and exercise plans out there, all requiring one to take the initiative to exercise, diet, and stay disciplined.

7. Feet – Pedicures, massages, lotions,

8. Chest – Female breast enlargement or reduction, Pec implantations and reductions.

9. Genital, Penis – Penis Enlargement Surgery, Virginity reconstruction surgery,

10. Stomach – Tummy tucks, Suction, Butt lift

11. Teeth – Dental implants, braces, Invisible braces, dentures, Teeth whitening,

12. Aging – Anti-aging cream, plastic surgery, botox, spas, massage treatments.

Of course, as humans what we can not change easily, we can cover and hide from the side of others so that they never have to see the bad parts of us.

For the mental aspect of our lives, we seem to have a cure for everything on that nature as well

1. Depression – Prozac, Zoloft, hundred of other pills and chemical prescriptions which can change the neurotransmitter flow rate in our brain. Most types of therapy.

2. Anxiety – Prozac, Zoloft, hundred of other pills and chemical prescriptions which can change the neurotransmitter flow rate in our brain. Most types of therapy.

3. Stress – Meditation, Yoga, Most types of therapy, Tapping, Having a pet or child, etc.

4. Post traumatic stress syndrome – Most forms of therapy, including regressional therapy and hypnotherapy.

5. Emotional baggage – Support groups, therapists, counselors, bar tenders, anyone willing to listen

6. Mental and Emotional blocks – therapists, life coaches,

7. Phobias – Psychiatrists, Therapists, Life coaches, NLP

8. Autism – Programs, Therapists,

9. Behavioral patterns – Therapists, Life coaches, NLP

10. Addictions – Support groups, psychiatrists, therapists, NLP

11. Negative Impulse tendencies – Programs, Support groups, Therapists

12. Stuttering – NLP, speech therapists.


However, of all the things that define us as who we are and makes up who we become, the only thing that we still can not change about our selves to a large degree appears to be our height. If we can truly change this about ourselves, then we would have full control over everything that happens within us in our own inner universe which our body encapsulates, barring medical conditions like cancer or genetic propensities.

Our height is still something that requires massive work and skill in changing. I personally am not sure we can change with the knowledge and technology we have today. When I look at the future of the development of the human race, height and/or changing our size will be truly the last frontier for personal development and self improvement.

Insecurity From Self Identity Through Height

If I try to become more aware of my own intentions on why I desire or why other people desire to increase their height or grow taller, there is only 3 possible reasons that I have come up with.

1. To finally be able to accept themselves.

2. To get other people to accept and like them.

3. To feel good about themselves they look at themselves in the mirror.

In all three of the reasons, the element of acceptance is the main factor. They are either trying to get someone else to accept them and love them, or trying to get themselves to accept who they are and love themselves.

Time and time again I see with people around me and in my own coaching program that often the biggest problem that people face is that they either can’t love themselves or can’t get other people to love them, at least not the people they secretly wish would love them.

In terms of not getting other people to love them, the best example is a hormonal, rash teenage guy who is being reckless and uncaring. His parents and siblings can love him completely and unconditionally but he doesn’t care about that. He only wants that cute girl in his writing class to love him because that person is who he holds a high respect for and value in their opinion and judgement. It is so cruel and sad sometimes to realize that what we really want deep inside is something that the world or other people will not give us, at least at this point in their life or development.

As for trying to get other people to like who we are, I used to help other people with that. When it comes to getting other people to like us and accept us, the process is actually not that hard. Most people at a deep level want to be liked so if you just express your own genuine nature, be kind, and show that you like them without any expectations of getting anything in return, most people would be receptive to your actions, become very kind towards you, and like you in return. Learning about social skills, mirroring body language and vocal communication, building rapport, creating attraction or deep comfort, understanding qualification, these ideas will be enough to help us gain friends and lovers if we apply them diligently and practice them daily through forced communication.

As for ourselves, we know at some intellectual level that it is never that we “CAN’T” love ourselves. It is always that we “won’t” love who we are. The main issue is over acceptance. At the back of our minds, we logically understand that part. Unfortunately another part of our mind creates a force that resist us from reaching full acceptance so we are not letting ourselves just relax. We often find that we feel the need to struggle, to compete, and to improve just so that we can be even satisfied with our state in our lives at that current moment. We really will not accept who we are so obviously we can not reach the next step which is to love. For any of us to ever even be able to reach the level of acceptance, we have to do it at both an intellectual and emotional level. However, research has shown that we as emotional creatures can override and then rationalize away our emotions so all we really need to do is find a way to emotionally accept ourselves. So how do we at a deep level emotionally accept ourselves? It could either take years and years of trials, tributlation, mistakes, and errors before we finally hit some breaking point where the external world becomes a place where we can no longer deal with or control, or have any power over. Once the extenral world becomes too hard or difficult for us to deal with, our ego will logically go to the inner world and try to find safety and security therre. If then we find that our inner world is also in strife and chaos from anxiety, turmoil, then our  brain has three choices,

1. Run back to the external world and struggle again to exert our will on it to give it what we want

2. Go mad and crazy

3. Give up and let go of the emotional pain inside.

To be able to let go , we have to at some level change or reframe ou identity. Our identity is the image and idea of who we think we are. How we view ouselves and how we stay congruent with that image is how

The great Anthony Robbins once stated that one of the most powerful forces within us is to stay “true and consistent with our identiy , of who we think we are”

Of course other wise people have also shown that the greatest force within us is not the survival instinct, which is to run away from death , “but to keep things the same, the way it is”. Change often leads to discomfort.

There is one last axiom which I wanted to bring which is that humans mainly operate on the pain and pleasure principles. Our actions can be simplified and explained by assuming the individual will run towards pleasure and run away from pain. However, the force of pain and suffering is far stronger and more likely to get us to take some form of action than the force of pleasure. The stick is a better incentive than the carrot.

If we then combine the three axioms together then we understand the true primary force within people. People want to continue to do the same thing over and over again while creating a subjective illusion that they have choice and free will within a safe comfortable environement keeping to their own personal blueprint of the world and staying always within their identity. If anything comes in to try to change their identity, they feel immediately threatened and creates resistance from using every form of ego defense mechanism possible. This is all played at a metalevel of communication and intepersonal behavioral dynamics. If we realize that in our meta level battles that we can’t win, we either try to make the opponent lose at the cost of ourselves, fight to remain at our position, or try to find a way to end it in a draw. Again, all meta-level communication conflict theory.

If we somehow are pushed to the edge of our comfort zone, we will react irrationally to come back to our comfrot zone. We will definitely react towards the force of pain because that is one of the primary drives.

How you define yourself as a person will ultimately create the most pain and also the most joy in you. In certain very dramatic situations in our life, our identity can be completely stripped form us.

Ex: We were married and one day we found out our spouse has been cheating on us and just ran off with the other women/guy. We are left stupified at what happened. There is no emotional closure, our brains and emotions can’t make sense of what happened, and no one can give us an adequate answer to the main question “Why??” so both our mental and emotional circuits are destroyed. Our notion of who we are, our identity, has been completely ripped out of us in one day, and there was nothing we could have done. Then comes the blame, and where the blame is placed. Is it on ourselves or the person, organization, or agent that caused the change in the situation which we had absolutely no control over?

When it comes to almost anything else in our life, we have some form of control and ability to change something that we don’t like by taking action. When it comes to the issue of height and size, it maye turn out that we may have to one day have to find a way to emotionally accept our limitations and the realities of our real size.

The problem with identity is that ultimately, the concept of “I” is very fluid. The self ultimately is constantly changing. As time moves on, our surroundings change, our relationshps chagne, our thoughts change, and our values change. When we try too hard to define ourselves only in a certain way, our attachment to that mental construct of what is ourselves will be lsot eventually. When we call ourselves a mother, what happens when our children dies suddenly? We lose that sense of identity. Partly, our sense of identity is connected also to what we do.

When it comes to something like height, that almost never changes once we reach a certain age, we can often feel stuck. How we are compared to others is the primary way we define ourselves in this world. When we state that we are short (which is from being compared to others of our age range and primary peer group), that is something that can not change. If we are too focused and attached to that label or description, we develop often an emotion to that part of our identity. When that identity elicits a feeling of insecurity or anxiety, we try to find a way to avoid it. However, with height we can never truly escape that level upon us. So either we can try to change the external by finding a way to help us grow, or we stop focusing on that label and that part of our identity.

What if instead that although we are 5 feet tall and we graduated from Harvard Medical School? Well then we are short and a doctor. We can reinterpret our identiyty by using the positive, stronger parts of our identiy. At some level, everyone is proud of themselves or confident in themselves in some way.

While we may not have the best body qualities, we might have an amazing intellect. While we may not have an amazing intellect, our social skills and ability to deal with people are amazing. While we may not get along with people well, our skill sin making money and dealing with finances makes us rich and wealthy.

The primary point is that if you never do find a way to change the attributes that make up who you are, then look for another aspect of your identity, which is always changing, and be confident (and even arrogant) from that.

How Much Taller Do You Want To Be?

How much taller do you want to be? Do you desire to just improve your height slightly to improve your confidence inside yourself or do you desire such a dramatic change in body form that you go through a full transformation on every level? If you do go through with the full transformation, how would other people react towards you after they see you again?

I would suggest that most people should only ask for 4 inches maximum in height increase. I personally can probably create a program or system within 4 years of full research which can increase a person’s height by 1-2 inches, by decompressing the vertebrate and decreasing the curvature of the spine.

However if you are around 5 feet tall (or shorter) and male, maybe then it would be appropriate to desire something more like 8 inches or even an entire feet in growth. There is objective scientific evidence that shows that a male’s chances for dating and mating success is hindered most likely by his height, beyond any other physical attribute.

However, I would say that desiring for a full 12 inches in height increase would be completely life transforming. There is currently no program out there that comes even close to giving anyone that type of results. I personally have never heard of any story or claim that allowed for up to an entire feet of added height, not even the scams out there.


Is Our Pursuit For Height Increase An Obsession or Mental Illness?

Something I learned about today from more reading was a medical term that may apply to some of us who are on this personal journey or even quest to find a way to grow taller.

While there are some of us who have a healthy interest because they want to be taller, there are some of us who have an unhealthy obsession with the topic.

The mental condition I am referring to is “Short Stature Dysphoria” where patients are deeply dissatisfied with their height. I would like to add that for most people who are deeply dissatisfied with their height, it is not from being too tall, but form being too short.

I personally don’t know if I am afflicted with this mental condition, but I do know that I have a personality that is very easy to be addicted to something once I am interested. When I was younger, I was diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). I am in my mid-late 20s now and almost all of my teenage weird habits and tendencies are gone. I could claim now that my younger stranger self was just going through the typical teenage issues but know can really know.

I guess there is still a part of me that still gets obsessed over some subjects, and they may never go away but what was once a consuming thought or desire has abated into something more controllable. These days, I can be far more objective and calm about many things which I could not have been years ago. I think for this topic at my age, I have accepted my own height since it is not that bad. I can live with that and find some peace with it. I can always wear bigger shoes or put padding in my shoes to make myself feel a little better and more confident about myself.

So, please guys, just learn to keep everything into perspective. Being short does really suck and is something which we may never be able to change. However life doesn’t give us the amount of time we each need to get over our issues and heal properly. For the people who don’t understand us, who can’t understand why we are so intensely dedicated to finding a solution, they will never understand the pain and internal suffering that may go through a person who tries to change something which may not be changeable.

Should we maybe one day 10, 20 years later wake up and realize that all of that pursuing got us nowhere, and that we are left with nothing of value to show for our effort??

I don’t know but in the words of Fox Mulder from the 90’s hit, The X-Files, “I want to believe”.