How To Look Taller Using Insoles, Lifts, High Heels, And Special Shoes.

This post will deal with how one can look taller, not how to make oneself actually taller. I think we all realize that the process of increasing our height can be a very difficult and strenuous process, if not impossible. So there is always an easier way around it, but that involves just looking taller, not being taller.

The easiest way for most people to look taller is through special types of shoes one can wear. Most people have heard of high heels for women and lifts for men. It turns out that there is a variety of footwear and foot accessories that can be used to make ourselves look taller. The most types are thick insoles, Lifts which have thick heels prebuilt inside, high heels that are commonly used by women, and special shoes that are designed to allow for one to add thick insoles or thick heels.

For Women:

For women, they actually have quite a few options to look taller, whether clearly or inconspicuously

For women, the use of insoles is not usually needed since the wearing of heels is socially acceptable. However, special insoles for medical reasons like orthopedic help can always be worn for comfort and health reasons. One can use either any of the large online shopping sites like

1. Amazon

2. Ebay

3. Zappos

I do not believe I need to refer to any females who might be reading this website where on the internet to go to find high heeled shoes. If however, they desired to find shoes which added height in an inconspicuous way, I would direct them to the links below. The shoes available for sale on some of the links are for both men and women.

For Men:

For men, the practice of wearing shoe wear to appear taller is not really viewed positively, although no one would probably reprimand another person for that.

On this website on the Resource Page a list of websites and online stores are available for the individual to pick and buy the types of shoes that give the extra height that they desire.

For special insoles, one can also use Amazon or Ebay. Another great resource is to use Alibaba, but the likely situation is that one would have to buy a lot of the insoles in bulk.


The online shops offer a way to buy legitimate products which are supposed to help you increase your height.

1. Height Increase Speciality Shop – sells all kinds of products and equipment to help you grow (or look) taller

2. Lift Height Insoles – sells height increasing insoles you put in your shoes

3. Elevator Shoes – sells shoes with added padding

4. Walk Tall Shoes – sells shoes with added heel

5. Taller Heels – sells shoes with added heel

6. Better Shoe Lifts – sells height increasing insoles you put in your shoes

7. Orthopedic Shoe Lift – allows you to add height and inches to the shoes you want to alter

8. I Taller Shoes – sells shoes with added padding

9. Bugarri Shoes – sells shoes with added padding.

10. Tall Men Shoes – sells shoes with added heel

11. Taller – sells lift dress shoes

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