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[UPDATE: After writing this post a month ago and concluding it was a scam, I have since gotten into contact with the organization’s main representative and changed my opinion of the organization not being a scam. To read the full message and change in opinion, click HERE.]

Again I was searching around and gathering as much data from the internet as possible and I found this “organization” or site which I was perusing through my new favorite resource, the Short Support website. I personally would say that the site/group is the most useful site I have found up to date.

The site is at or you can click HERE.

The Biomedical Growth Research Initiative has a nice mission statement at the homepage which reads.

“” The “Biomedical Growth Research Initiative” is an international initiative of people with various forms of short stature syndrome. Our initiative wants to support biomedical growth research, so that new safe and effective height increase therapies will be available as soon as possible.

The initiative has received three detailed research proposals from worldwide leading biomedical research groups at respected universities. These research projects could revolutionize the therapy of unwanted short stature in the near future. But without funding these projects won´t be realized and nothing will change. …””

Me: Of course then the person asks the reader to give a donation. The address given is somewhere in Tel Aviv and at a PO Box too. A little shady and suspicious but I do like the design of the website. It looks like a real organization or company front homepage design. Then it goes on to say on the other pages….

The PotentialsThe potential of biomedical research in general

On June 26, 2000 the former US President Bill Clinton and the British Prime Minister Tony Blair announced, that a rough draft of the Human Genome had been completed after 10 years of work. They declared a new era of medical discovery, which would open new doors in treating and even curing an endless list of currently incurable diseases. Dr. Michael Dexter, the director of the Wellcome Trust, which funded the British part of the Human Genome Project, underlined the enormous potential of genetic research with the following words: “Mapping the Human Genome has been compared with putting a man on the moon, but I believe it is more than that”.Biomedical research already resulted in 100 drugs, that are on the market, and 350 new drugs, that are tested in human clinical trials all over the world.

Interesting Links :

Research results

Gene therapy

According to many researchers gene therapy is one the most promssing fields of biomedical research. All gene therapies have the same or at least a similar principle. Gene therapies want to deliver a therapeutic gene to the cells, that need this gene (e.g. liver cells, bone cells etc.). And the problem is always the same, too. The delivery methods (the gene vectors) are still not perfect. Current studies often use harmless viruses, like the virus of the common cold (an adenovirus), to deliver the therapeutic gene to body cells. Other researchers are working with liposomes, naked DNA or transposones. Some researchers try to combine viruses and liposomes or use gene guns. Still we don´t know exactly, which will be the most effective method. But surely this will change in the near future, as successful clinical trial results prove. Most researchers agree, that the delivery problem will be solved in about 4 or 5 years. Then the major problem of all gene therapies is solved. This means, that effective gene therapies, which will cure currently incurable diseseases, will be a reality in the foreseeable future.

Some of the most impressing research results in the field of gene therapy so far include:

There are also very promissing gene therapy studies against cystic fibrosis, different forms of cancer and other illnesses. Surely genetic therapies and biomedical research will radically change the possibilities of medicine. And gene therapies will only have minimal side-effects or be side-effect-free, as they work very specific on the molecular level. Current drugs don´t work very specifically, so serious side-effects are not unusual. According to a study by the University of Toronto side-effects of drugs are among the most frequent causes of deaths in American hospitals – even before diabetes and pneumonia. This will be changed dramatically by very specific biomedical drugs.

Stem cell therapy and tissue engineering

Another very interesting field of biomedical research is stem cell therapy and tissue engineering.Tissue Engineering is the study of the growth of new connective tissues, or organs, from cells and a collagenous scaffold to produce a fully functional organ for implantation back into the donor host. This technique will allow organs to be grown from implantation (rather than transplantation) and hence free from imunological rejection. The starting point for any tissue-engineered organ is the harvesting of small amounts of tissue from the future recipient of the Tissue Engineered organ. This could be as small as a 2mm punch biopsy for some applications.


Height IncreaseThe potential of biomedical research for a safe and effective height increase therapy

And surely biomedical and genetic research will also lead to new safe and effective therapies for people with unwanted short stature. Researchers already know, that genes on the Y-chromsome influence human height (the reason, why men are usually larger than women). And we know some genes, that are responsible for severe growth disorders, e.g. the gene for achondroplasia (the most common severe growth disorder) was discovered in 1994 by researchers at the University of California. An international research team from Germany, the Netherlands and Japan found the SHOX-gene, which is responsible for another growth disorder. Additionally it is known, that all the cells of the human skeleton are replaced within 4 years, also in adults. So biomedical therapies should be able to influence the bone growth process. And some British molecular biologists are interested in growth plate cartilage research and Dr. Simon Lee from the Chinese University of Hong Kong is working on a tissue engineered growth plate implant. Dr. Levine at the John Hopkins Institute is looking for the genetic roots of towering height. Lately there is also some encouraging news about stem cell therapies, that can grow new bone. These cell therapies may also be used to increase height. Perhaps the most exciting research results and visions come from the Wiscon Institute, where Dr. Heber-Katz works. She thinks, that it will be possible to regrow whole limbs by gene and cell therapies. If her research is successful, it will probably result in completely new therapies to increase height safely and effectively.

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Aims And TasksAims and tasks of The Biomedical Research Initiative

These early research results suggest, that new therapies for growth disorders and height problems on the molecular level will be possible. But of course much more research is necessary. So specific biomedical growth research should be supported as well as possible. This is the aim of the “Biomedical Growth Research Initiative”.

This international initiative of people with unwanted short stature wants to support biomedical growth research, so that new height increase therapies will be available as soon as possible.

The most important tasks of the initiative are:

  • Finding donators and/or investors for specific biomedical height increase research projects: This is the most important task of our initiative. We have two detailed research proposals from worldwide leading biomedical research groups at respected universities. These research projects could revolutionize the therapy of unwanted short stature in the near future. But without funding these projects won´t be realized and nothing will change. So if you know any financially influential person, that may be interested in donating or investing into biomedical height increase research, please e-mail our contact person Harald Oberlaender at Every interested donator or investor will receive the complete research proposals written by the researchers, all the necessary contact addresses and some additional information about the potential of biomedical research. Interested investors will also receive an initial market analysis. Surely a lot of people wish to be taller and we are convinced, that this treatment has blockbuster potential (more than 1 billion dollars market potential per year). So this research is surely also very interesting from a business point of view. Of course every interested donator or investor will be able to visit the researchers personally in their laboratories at their universities before making a final funding decision.
  • The information of the public about the potential of biomedical growth research: The more people are informed about the initiative, the more people will support biomedical height increase research. And so hopefully we will find an interested donator or investor soon. The public should also be informed, that height problems are serious problems and that short stature seriously affects many aspects of life, as the academic studies prove. The initiative plans to cooperate with TV-magazines, newspapers, radio shows etc.

So everybody, who is interested in supporting our search for interested donators and/or investors, please e-mail our contact person Harald Oberlaender at

Interesting Links:

Me: Here is my conclusion on the website or organization. It is a scam. My scam-o-meter is detecting really suspicious intentions. The truth is that the site is quite informative, and does have some references and links that it uses which is science and research backed. However, I am quite certain that the person who built the website is really just looking for donations and money. There is always the possibility that the organization was shut down and the address had to be changed so the mailing address is a PO Box but I would not bet on the venture being legitimate. I will say this again and again for people who might forget easily. Be wary of scams. 

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