Jessica Rogers – 18 Inch Tall Hopeful Olympian

Again I felt the need to show that one’s size does not determine the quality or richness of one’s life. Even if you’re less than 2 feet tall, you still have amazing control and power inside of you to do great things. I wanted to introduce you to one of the most inspirational people you may meet. You’ve seen Sean Stephenson, and then Nick Vijicic, and now you get to meet Jessica Rogers. Again and again, we see that these amazing people have been able to overcome their physical limitations like height or disability and given the world their own gifts. Please realize that no matter how small we may be, there are always someone out there shorter that you and has learned to live an amazing life without worrying too much about how big they are. Dream big baby, just dream big and try to make them real.

Jessica Rogers stands at only 18 inches tall (That’s right, only a feet and a half tall) but she has the spirit and heart of someone who is more than 10 feet tall. Jessica was born with Caudal Regression Syndrome, which means she has no lower spine and extremely small legs. She is hoping to participate in the 2012 Summer Paralympics. Damn Awesome to me.

She was featured on Oprah I posted the article about her down below or  you can find the article about her HERE.

The Life-Lifter: The World’s Smallest Swimming Champ
Posted: Mon 11/28/2011 02:09 PM | By: Amy Sharon

When you’re 14, life is lived in superlatives. “If this zit is still on my forehead tomorrow, I will die.” “If you let me wear this mini-skirt I will finally have a life worth living.” Or, you know: “I’ll be the happiest girl in the world if I get a place at the London [Paralympic] games.”

So says Jessica Rogers, the 18 inch tall, 14-year-old swimmer who hopes to take home the 2012 Paralympic gold. And I for one believe her. This girl is amazing. First of all, will you look at her arm muscles? She is buff.  Jessica was born with Caudal Regression Syndrome, which means she has no lower spine and extremely small legs. Jessica also engages in a grueling training schedule, waking up at 3:30 every morning before school to prepare for the Paralympics, according to the Daily Mail. As she told the Mail. “When I’m swimming, I’m free.”

Her mother, who adopted her when she was a baby, calls Jessica, “a typical teenager,” and told the Mail that she’s “incredibly determined. But she sees herself as the same as everyone else.” And she is. Except  that she’s a much, much better swimmer. And she doesn’t seem to spend any time feeling sorry for herself:  “I don’t think I’m special—I was born like this and just get on with life. Everyone is different in their own way.” We have to disagree: Jessica seems pretty special to us.

Me: I found the video below from Youtube from this link HERE.

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    Could you please do more articles that actually focus on increasing height like the “biomedical growth research” one? Articles like these aren’t helpful to height seekers.

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