Tallest Female Teenager In The World – Who Is It?

This is the third in a series of posts where I try to find the tallest people of a certain age group.

The first post was Karan Singh who in 2010 was dubbed the tallest toddler in the world. He should be 4.5 years old now and considered a small child and I really don’t know how much taller he is now compared to tall years ago. Maybe he is over 5 feet tall, even maybe pushing 6 feet??

The second post was Brenden Adams, a native of Washington State in the US who stands at 7′ 4.5″ back in 2010 when he was reported by the news and even ended up on Oprah who introduced Brenden to a fellow giant Shaquille O’Neal. So far the doctors and genetics found out what was causing his abnormal height and growth and managed to turn on puberty to stop his growth and stabelize his body to some level of homeostatic equlibrium.

This post however is slightly difficult to make because the currently there seems to be 3 contenders to the title of the world’s tallest female teenager. So who are the 3 candidates?

1. Elisany Silva– A native of Brazil (born September 27, 1995) who stands at 6′ 9″ (or 2.06 m for the rest of the world) was 14 years old when the news picked up on her story in 2010. So she would be 16 now. Her height has stablized so it appears that she stopped growing. Her reason for her abnormal growth was because of gigantism. One medical expert said that, “She might have the symptoms of the disease, which may be the headache, vision problems, and death of some other glands, like the thyroid, adrenals and the ovaries….It might cause serious implications for her health and even death.'”

Daily Mail UK – Huffington Post – Youtube Video Of Elisany (In Spanish I think)

2. Marvadene Anderson – A native of Jamaica (born May 1, 1993)who stands at 6′ 11″ (or 2.10 m for the rest of the world). Her height appears to be natural and genetic since her father and sister is also very tall. She had held the title of world’s tallest female teenager for around 2-3 years but now she recently turned 19 and was planning on going to the University of Pittsburgh. Does that mean that she can no longer be classified as a teenager any more? She was featured on The Learning Channel for the documentary The World’s Tallest Children and also on The Oprah Winfrey Show

Wikipedia ArticleThe Daily Telegraph UK – Jamaica Observer

3. Malee Duangdee – A native from Thailand. She’s 19 years old and she’s 6′ 10″ (208.3 cm). Her condition is from a brain tumour that was diagnosed when she was nine. It caused a hormone imbalance and impaired her vision. I would guess it is another case of the pituitary gland being pushed so that it releases an excess of growth hormones. Apparently she has to get an injection every 3 months worth up to 2000 British Pounds to control her growth. The news that reported her was in 2011 and she was 19 so now she is 20 years old. Does that mean I can not list her as a potential candidate for the title of the world’s tallest female teenager?

Izismile – Metro UK – Daily Mail UK


NOTE: In a rather interesting twist of events, I just found a new contender to the title of the World’s Tallest Female Teenager. 

4. Jessica Pardoe – A native of the UK (Great Britain). She was 18 years old and stand 6′ 9″ (2.06 m). When she was reported and interview by the press and in the news, she was 18 years old and it was 2011. She would be 19 years old right now. She has a size 11 feet and a 38″ inside leg inseam. Her height and size is natural and comes from genetics. Mother is 6′ 0″ and father is 6′ 7″. Has a 1 year younger brother who is 6′ 10″.

Mirror UK – Daily Mail UK

So that is the 4 people I have currently found who can claim the title of the tallest female teenager in the world currently. Overall, they are all 6′ 9″ or taller. However 3 of the 4 are 18 years old or older so I am not sure whether they can be still called a teenager. Some are still in high school while others are starting college. I guess this is one of the posts where I leave the end question to the reader.

  “” Who in your opinion is the Tallest Female Teenager In The World?””

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