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In a previous article post I did entitled “Tallest Female Teenager In The World – Who Is It?” I had mentioned that besides the original three female contenders, there was a new addition. That was Jessica Pardoe on the UK was at the age of 19 was 6′ 9″. Now, in that article I was really trying to figure out whether a girl can still be considered a teenager after she gets past the age of 18 since 2 of the 3 top contenders were 19 or older. Only the Brazilian Elisany Silva was still technically a teenager since she should be 16 at this time (late Aug. 2012).

However, it turns out that this website seems to get quite a bit of traffic from people who are searching up the name “Jessica Pardoe” on google and other search engine sites.

Well, it was recently reported that Jessica Pardoe had her height promoted once more, to a maximum height of 6′ 10″.

Here is Jessica meeting 6′ 9″ Caroline Welz, the tallest woman in Germany. From the video it look like Caroline may actually be taller than Jessica but a look at their shoes would show that Caroline is wearing thick high heeled boots which can often give more than 2″ in extra height, and Jessica is wearing Teenager Converse-like shoes which give more like 0.5-0.75″ in extra height.

From the video on Youtube below where the story was reported by The Daily Star UK, Jessica Pardoe has grown from the mid 2011 story of her being 6′ 9″ to 6′ 10″ by only october of 2011. My real question then becomes, did Jessica really grow another inch in height from July 2011 when the news stated she was 6’9″ to 6’10” by October? If that is true then that is quite an insane growth spurt to go through.

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