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If you have come to this webpage by clicking on the link on the main page, you probably are interested in finding out how you can increase your height by 9 cm or 3.5 inches. In my personal opinion, 4 inches or 10 cm is the maximum theoretical limit that is possible for natural ways to grow taller.

The reason why there is no method, strategy, or technique on this page is because I have not found anything that can even had the remote possibility to help on increase their height by that large of a difference. I promise you that if I ever did find some method, technique, or way to increase one’s height by 3.5 or 4 inches naturally I will be quick to edit this page.

If instead you are looking for something more reasonable like 4 cm of extra height that might be possible with certain methods and techniques I have found searching the internet space.

I personally am a very scientifically mind person but to believe that height increase beyond say 1 inch is possible, we must consider beyond the normal approaches of just good nutrition , exercise, and rest.

We move into the areas of eastern mysticism and non-scientifically validated theories and try our luck at those. As of right now, there is only two approaches which I have found which does have some hope that it could work, but the amount of personal dedication to the project is enormous.

They are …

1. Grow Taller Using Qigong Part IPart II

The method involves the use of deep breathing, affirmations, and strong vizualizations.

2. Grow Taller Using Lateral Synovial Joint Loading Part IPart II

This method involves putting a certain amount of load upon  certain areas on one’s leg to force distraction of the long bones. Scientifically valid.

At this point, there is no other reasonable way to increase one’s height significantly without medical procedures to be done.

Note: These methods and techniques should be added along with the program that we stated is need for the height increase of 3 cm.

If I do not find a way to do it within 4 years of the beginning of the start of the website, (August 2016) I will instead decide to place the only other option that really works and suggest limb/leg lengthening surgery.

If you however would be content in having up wards of maybe 3, even 4 cms of height increase, that might be possible. Refer to the other sections under the height increase guide tab for height increase of 1 cm, 2 cm, 3 cm, and 4 cm.

Thank you.

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