An Alternative To Limb Lengthening Surgery

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So here is a very interesting study done by a group of Russian scientists researchers. The Institute the researchers are affiliated with is the Cell Technology Center at Russia’s Veterinary Academy. Apparently they went into sheep’s hind legs, cut them open, and inserted a porous implant where stem cells were added. The implanted eventually dissolved into the bone and the stem cells started to turn into the tissue around it, the bone and that meant that the leg expanded from the new bone cells.

The article is posted

Sheep with model’s legs

Plastic surgery knows hardly any limits in making women as beautiful as they can afford. Even the most undistinguished clinics can provide their clients with breasts of any size and hourglass waists. However, long legs have until recently remained beyond their wildest dreams – until Russian surgeons invented a stem cell technique and tested it on sheep.

Until recently, the Ilizarov frame was the only option to lengthen or reshape limb bones, as well as to treat complex and open bone fractures. However, any woman whose self-esteem is impaired by not having legs up to her neck will soon be offered a different way. That path is not paved with roses either, but even high technology cannot cancel the old truth about beauty knowing no pain.

Specialists from the Cell Technology Center at Russia’s Veterinary Academy have completed a four-year experiment to extend bone tissue. They have tested their method on a hundred sheep, implanting in their hind leg bones a porous implant (matrix) impregnated with stem cells taken from the animal earlier. In fact a sheep’s legs have comparable structure and bear a similar load to human ones. The experiment has successfully led to the implant’s biodegradation and replacement with absolutely natural living bone tissue.

“This technique will help lengthen limb bones by up to 8 cm, and only because muscles and skin cannot be stretched further,” said project leader Alexander Teplyashin. In addition to fulfilling many women’s wildest dreams, the new technique will be widely used in disaster medicine. It will help treat survivors with problem bone fractures who would have otherwise faced limb amputation.

“It will become possible to replace the fractured part of any bone, even the skull, with a stem cell matrix,” Teplyashin said. Dr Davud Dervishov, head of the Academy’s immunology department, shares his colleague’s enthusiasm.

The project is now pending official approval of clinical tests. So hopefully, the women looking with envy at models on glossy covers won’t have to wait long.


Me: From the forums, it is generally concluded that this could become an alternative to the traditional limb lengthening surgical process that is available today developed by Ilizarov. There will not be any internal metal implants inside a person’s leg. The problem with this alternative method is that now the inhibiting factor is not the bone, but the muscle and tissue around it since muscle and tissue cannot stretch beyond say 8 cms in length in such a short amount of time. With the Ilizarov method, the muscles and surrounding muscles are elastic enough so they can be stretching by 1 mm each day for a long time. So far, the method is not commercially available and I suspect won’t be available for cosmetic surgery use to help short stature people for at least another 10 years. 

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