Grow Taller Using Body Remodeling Centers, Or Not

So this was a new method or technique that I discovered while looking through the message boards and was mentioned quite a bit. Most people have agreed that it is a scam or that it DOESN’T work. However, I still wanted to mention it because it is something that one could look into if one was truly inclined. I would recommend that if one decides to try it to get in contact and talk with the method’s creator before trying it.

Apparently there are these people popping up that offers their services which does “Body Remodeling”. I found only 1 website that talk about this approach. So maybe it really is just one person with a method with a service. They are at and their claim is that they are ” the latest technique to increase body height with body shape improvement “without surgery”They claim to go to your house and help you grow taller since there is no actual physical clinic. For me that is okay since my company is online and mobile. I have a PO Box as the mailing address for my company.

This is from the Techniques Page

“Body Remodeling Technique” is a very recent technique, generally depending on traditional physical therapy techniques, not only to make the muscles and nerves take the desired shapes, but also it molds the bones themselves to the desired shape and volume.

Our bodies, physiologically, are continuously changing through organized and coordinated destructions and creation of different cell types: skin, blood, muscles and of course bones.
Our bodies evolve and adapt themselves according to external pressures and events. Thus and according to the nature of our professional, social, personal and hygienic lives, our body responds with what fits it to keep it healthy and insure its future.

“Body Remodeling Technique” is based on the change of the ratio of external pressures and events surrounding us, hence the targeted body segment responds gradually by changing the necessary cells to improve the shape according to the wish of the therapist. The most obvious implication for Body Remodeling would be without a doubt OVERALL BODY HEIGHT INCREASE.

Currently, multiple techniques inducing height increase do exist. The most important and most reliable technique – besides Body Remodeling – is the surgery called “the Ilizarov technique” where the leg bones are cut and the two parts are retracted daily by 1 mm with the aid of a specific machine.
Many problems might occur with the use of the surgery mainly: pain, infections, osteonecrosis and bone bending, added to many long months during which the subject must be bedridden, in addition to the high cost of this technique.

There are other techniques such as hormone therapy and drug therapy of course associated to all their side effects and unreliability.

On the other hand, the “Body Remodeling Technique” depends on 3 sections:

1. Physical Therapy:
Specific techniques and specialized equipment will aid the mild evolution of bone and muscle cells and increase its speed, under close monitoring and control.

2. Specialized Machine:
This machine is used to simulate specific external pressures and events, it is custom made to each subject, according to his or her body measurements. It helps the graduate increase of bone length with the least pain mentionable.

3. Sporting Exercises:
The exercises are necessary to insure the correct and healthy evolution of muscles and nerves in parallel with the increase of bones length during the treatment.

The results obtained by this “Body Remodeling Technique” are more than satisfactory, where the candidates gained an average height increase of 1.5cm (more than ½ inches) per month with no specific limits.

In addition, there are no limits regarding the age or gender of the persons that can benefit from this technique, keeping in mind that physiologically, there are 4 variables that influence the monthly increase average: age, gender, weight, and bone type.

From a biological and physiological point of view, everything they stated is true but I can not say that what they offer really works. The claim is that the average height gain is 1.5 cm per month. Now if this thing works, that would be mighty impressive. .

This is from the FAQ page

4. What is your technique and how it works?

This remodeling technique is called Non-Invasive Bone Distraction divided in two parts:

a. the machine

It is custom made; this means that every subject has his own machine, which he or she takes home with them. It is a complicated and secret mechanic system. It looks like a cervical collar, you know the sponge collar; it is also worn the same easy way. Every segment of the legs has its own machine, so for lengthening the legs a person would need 4 parts each one for a different segment 2 for the thighs and 2 for the legs. These machines permit full range of motion of the lower limbs joints, so it is possible to wear them under the clothes at home but they a little bit unestethic to go out wearing them. So by strapping this machine for at least 6 hours a day preferably 8 hours, and most specially during sleep. They help the bone grow taller. There is no pain and no irritating discomfort especially when the subject is used to the machine. But the machine in itself can do nothing without the physical therapy.

b. Physical therapy

In the beginning, the treatment consists of 3 sessions per week where different P.T. techniques are done to help the bone react to the machine. Then this number of sessions will be reduced, up to the time where the wanted height is achieved then the machine must still be worn but the P.T. techniques are stopped permitting the bone to stop remodeling. We should mention that the subject must follow a rigid muscle stretching and strengthening in parallel usually for 1 hour a day (1/2 in the morning and ½ in the evening). Naturally there are some advises that will be given before and during the treatment about nutrition, health and other subjects.

Me: There is a lot more in explanation you can find from the FAQs section HERE. From What I can see, the machine appears to be some form of rough padding that one wears. They say one can get 4-6 inches on average after many months or a year, I am not entirely sure. I would have to say that the site is very informative. After looking through the website, I looked around the internet on what others have said about this new method or product. This is taken from the great resource and blog Quest For Height written in June 2010 By Tyler Christopher Davis.

Body Remodeling Review – Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sky of EasyHeight, famously flew Antoine to New York to test his Body Remodeling theory.  The issue with Antoine is that he’s never tried his techniques on himself.  Antoine has been performing his height increase method since 2007.  Antoine’s system may use some kind of bone vibrator.   I couldn’t find good information on good bone vibration machines but I assume it works like Ultrasound.

Antoine’s traction device may cause spiral forces on the bone and may place a stretching force on the cortical bone in that manner.  Sky mentions that Antoine uses a 10lbs traction device, which although Sky may have mentioned might have been insufficient for longitudinal stretching with severe spiral forces may be sufficient.  Although it’s hard to tell without actually seeing the device in action.

On the BodyRemodeling site, Antoine mentions the evolution of specific bone cells being caused by his devices(stem cells?, chondrocytes?).  Still 3 years after 2007, Antoine only has one before and after picture(the first before and after picture is only an after picture at different magnifications).

Antoine’s Body Remodeling has undergone a lot of criticism at the various height increase forums and I can only conclude that it is somewhat deserved.  Antoine needs to provide a lot more transparency into how his method works or he needs awesome before and after pictures.  If the method involves Ultrasound(bone viration machine) and Spiral Forces(his traction device) then perhaps he’s keeping everything secret because he wants to overcharge versus what the equipment actually costs?  But, if he gave transparency then it would help height seekers and he could make the money with volume?

Posted by Tyler Christopher Davis at 4:08 PM
Me: There is a lot of criticism to this method but that is okay if this guy Antoine can show the stuff really works. So far he has not allowed for any members who want to test the method do it. He claims that there are many of these Body Remodeling Centers around the Middle East. So there is indeed a lack of transparency. If you want to see the thread where people are accusing him of running a scam, click HERE. The only picture that is shown of a before and after is clearly fixed. As for me, I am on the side that believes that while the guy has a method that does not work ,his intentions is (probably) more than just making money but probably does want to help his clients grow taller. Overall, don’t use this method. 

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