Grow Taller Using Steroids , Part I

This article post will be one of the most controversial posts on the website so far because of the nature of steroids and the horrible side effects that can have on a person. Let me start out by saying that I have only found anecdotal evidence through stories of people who have grown taller from taking certain types of steroids.

Most of my information comes from many of the steroids and bodybuilding boards and forums I found across the internet. Most people would state very clearly that taking steroids , usually HGH or somatropin would not help or do anything once the epiphyseal growth plates are closed. I personally would agree with them on that point but there is a few things which I would want to add.

The thing is that human height is 95% determined by bones, the other by cartilage, muscle, and ligaments. While the bones, is believed not to grow, the steroids can still have an effect on the cartilage, maybe even thickening the cartilage.

If one was seriously thinking about taking the steroids path, here are the main 6 steroids which people have stated does work in gaining some height. Most people have stated that one can gain only 0.25 inches through taking a large amount of it over a year. However, the side effects of steroids taking is not worth it in my opinion just to gain a quarter of an inch.

1. Human growth hormone (aka HGH) or somatropin – Reference

2. Anavar (aka oxandrolone) – Reference

3. Dianabol (aka Methandrostenolone) – Reference

4. Synthroid

5. Winstrol (aka stanozolol) РReference

6.¬†Primobolan (aka methanolone acetate) –¬†Reference

It would seem that most people agree that if one had gotten hormone treatment before the growth plates fused, they growth rate would have been accelerated, but it is not conclusive whether being accelerated means that the rate of growth just came earlier in life or that the growth rate was increased.

From the Boards at the Impartial Height Increase Board found HERE, this excerpt is taken

“”The steroids that are bad for your growth are the ones which convert to estrogen…other steroids which doesnt aromatizes (doesnt convert to estrogen) are good for the growth of your bones. I dont know if it will work with u…steroids have a rare patern of success…some ppl have experimented growth having steroids at 21 years of age and we are talking here about a big growth spurt 3inches-5inches. Low doses of steroids during a short period of time isnt dangerous at all and has very little side effects. And talking about this steroid which made me grow 0.5cm in 40 days, WINSTROL, doesnt makes u fat…bodybuilders use it…to “dry” themselves…meaning that it will make u stronger and more dryed, with less fat, but again using the steroid at low doses…will only have an effect on your bones, and not in your muscles or fat…the steroid is quite cheap but u need a prescription”

I take another part from the boards here

“”he gave me winstrol…a non aromatizable steroid…I was having 50mg (one injection) each 20 days which is equal to 2.5 mg daily (for 40 days) its an unsignificant dose..but its very effective to increase height(remember i grew with my growth plates fused without any exercise..besides running 2 days a week)”

I wanted to conclude this post with a few considerations for the reader. Most people have reached the consensus that if one tries to take steroids to increase height, they can actually have the reverse affect and can decrease one’s growth rate and one can end up shorter than one was intended for if left alone. 2nd, steroids do have some bad side effects including sexual dysfunction, so more research needs to be done. If you intend to take steroids, do your own research first and get all the facts first. That is why this post will be the first in a series of posts which looks at which steroids out there have been reported to help one increase height. Stay tuned over the next few months.


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  3. Siddharth

    I’m Siddharth and my age is 22 year and 8 month
    tell me abt any steroids with help in growing my height………

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    The best article i’ve ever read about steroids’ effects on human height. Thank you for this successful work (y)

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    Hi …. I want to know about the height increase hormones … And till at what age we can take this for increasing height ????
    My Age is 26 and height 5


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