Height Increase Sock Insoles

Yes, that’s right. There are now insoles available for socks that can artificially increase your height. So now you can have insoles for both shoes and socks. These new products seem to be used by placing them inside the socks to make your height increase inconspicuous.

As a guy you might try to add height to your shoes to make yourself look taller but there might be situations where you have to take off your shoes. Ex.

You go to your asian girlfriend’s house to meet her parents for the first time and you find out that in their culture, they always take off their shoes when they arrive at the front. Do you want to suddenly drop 1-2 inches immediately in height and weird out who could possibly your future in-laws? They might think that you are wearing some type of magic shoes. Imagine the type of conversation they would have after you left.

With these insoles, you can take off your shoes, keep your socks on, and still give the illusion of being 1-2 inches taller. Of course it is hard to think of any situations where a person would also be asked to take off their socks so you should be relatively safe from using these hidden insoles.

Apparently there are a few online stores that are already selling these heigh increase sock insoles. They are very similar to the regular height increase insoles, but only that they fit to the arch of your feet and can then be worn over by the socks. They are now available through Amazon, Ebay, and a few online specialty stores.


1. Amazon  

Product #1 – comes in only blue and yellow

Product #2 – comes only in white color

Product #3 – comes in white and black color

2. Ebay 

Product #1 – long and pale

Product #2 – same as Amazon product 1

Product #3 – comes in white, gives about 1 cm in extra height.

Product #4 – same as Amazon product 2 but cheaper


Note: I am not affiliated in any way with Amazon or Ebay and I do not get any money for promoting or endorsing these product by them.

Overall, I would state that these hidden sock insoles would be something to consider for people who might regularly wear lifts and realize that they want to keep that extra height in any situations where they have to take off their shoes. Just something to consider and for people to realize that there are options out there available to them.


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