A Change In Direction

I recently realized that the nature and intent of this website is changing to something beyond what I had intended for when I first began the blog.

In the beginning, I had intended for the blog to be just a place where all of the ideas and methods for natural height growth can be in one place. However as time progressed, I forgot about the original intent and started to talk about unnatural ways to gain height including stem cells, surgery, and dna manipulation. In addition, I quickly moved into studies of pseudo-science and mysticism for other possibilities, which would be “supernatural”.

When I started to write posts that talked about height, but did not talk about how to increase height, I received complaints that I was not focused on the original intent of the website. I agree.

Finally I found myself putting a post about how one can be smarter from taking “smart pills” which I had referred to as the magic bullet for gaining increased intelligence.

From all of these posts, I realized that even in just less than 4 weeks after the website began, the website has already formed into something different. I feel that the name of the website Natural Height Growth is becoming unfitting for its purposes. What I finally realized is that I am looking for ways to hack the height growth process. I have always been interested in how we can hack the body to do amazing things. Ever since Tim Ferriss came out with the 4 hour body, I realized that most people have already beat me to the punch and found most of the best tricks. When I found Dave Asprey’s site, I realized that my focus should never be on finding hacks for the entire human, body but only focus on dealing with trying to hack human height.

Most of us can acknowledge that the traditional medical opinion is that height increase is not possible after the growth plates are sealed so trying to increase height the traditional way.

So I am now stating that the name of the site is no longer appropriate, but I intend to still use that as the website. The original reason for me to choose the name Natural Height Growth was really for SEO and internet traffic reasons. I wanted to allow google to easily find me and rank me when people were looking for a way to grow taller.

My other idea at this moment is to transfer all of this information into a new site Height Hacks at www.heighthacks.com. Currently, I have chosen not to do it or even buy the domain name yet. I plan to stay with the Natural Height Growth site and only focus on growing this website, even if the name is no longer appropriate.

3 thoughts on “A Change In Direction

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  2. Andre

    I’m really interested to hear about the result of your supernatural investigation on height increase. Please keep me posted. Thanks! :]

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