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I have been posting and listing as many of the credible height seeking websites and resources as I can find that I have never been able to get around to really even looking at the links on the resource page. It turned out from me analyzing my site traffic that a lot of people prefer to go to the “techniques” page and the the “products” page, and then lastly move down to the part where I talk about how to “increase by 10 cm” in the “height guide” page. I still have not gotten around to editing that “increase by 10 cm” page, and the main reason is that I have not found one credible source and method out there that can have even the remote possibility to achieve it. If I never find such a method, that part will never be edited or added upon.

Anyway, I found out that when visitors click on certain links, they don’t ever reach the intended site because I had done a link incorrectly. So I have fixed most of those issues now with linking problems, at least the ones that I know about.

I had stated before that ever since I managed to comb through most of the google results for height increase and posted the most credible sites, I was going to focus mainly on the forums and sites available to get new ideas, strategies, and methods on how height increase is possible. I have been doing that and I have gotten some really amazing ideas. However, I wanted to focus on some resources which were rally stand alone websites with few true editors and writers.

In my opinion, there is only 4 resources worth really focusing on presently, and only because they have been continuously edited and added upon over an extended amount of time. The first is the board Giant Scientific which is very good but I feel that has reached a place where real progress and innovation has stagnated. However, if one looks through the old posts from years past, there is a lot of interesting ideas and methods listed. The other is the Short Support Group website which is very good with its information but has not really changed or been edited upon in a long time. They have a section for resources where they list websites that are trying to figure out height increase but many of the listing are now gone or inactive. The third is Make Me Taller which is another board which mainly focuses on the surgical method to grow taller and basically shuns all other ideas as non-credible. They are also extremely useful and informative but they tend to only focus on surgical methods for height growth, which is okay. The last resource is the Quest for Height blog/website that has been edited since 2009. The writer Tyler Christopher Davis takes a very scientific and honest approach to looking for height growth. His own main method of Lateral Synovial Joint Loading is something I still have to research and look into because I have not gotten around to looking at the blog in detail. His dedication to this endeavor is something that I have seen few people can do with consistently. I have seen many other blogs where the writer tries to create either a height journal to explain their progress or search for a way to grow taller and they mostly give up after say 10 posts or so. Besides the LSJL method, I have found only 2 other main method which can really work besides the traditional limb lengthening method.

Since I can’t really read or understand any other languages, I can not search through the entire internet space for the other credible sites out there which might be in another language like Chinese or Arabic. I am sure that the issue for the desire to increase one;s height is something desired by at least 50% of the entire world, the shorter half of the human population. In my own life, I have had two female cousins, my own younger sister, myself, two ex-girlfriends, my own father, and 2 male friends who have all expressed the desire at some point that they wished to be taller, but chose not to do the work and the research to find s solution.

Since the internet is becoming bigger and more influential all around the world, I am sure that there are at least hundreds of other websites out there where members and blog posters are looking at where each person is looking for their own individual path to height increase success. I have not found many resources in other languages so I can only talk about the stuff that I have found, all of them in english.

And if Tyler is you Minigolfer, I had sent you an email to that email provided on the height quest website yesterday asking that you give a guest post on here explaining and reviewing your own ideas, thoughts, and conclusions on this unique niche of human endeavor.

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