Increase Height And Grow Taller Using Ankle Weights , Part II

This will be the second post I write about the subject of using Ankle Weights to increase height and grow taller. This method and idea was one of the most talked about ideas in the older boards like Giant Scientific and The Impartial Height Increase Board. You can find the first post about ankle weights by clicking HERE.

In the previous post I basically only copy and pasted a few ankle weight routines I found on the old forums and what exactly the ankle weight are supposed to do. On this post I wanted to add a few more ankle weight routines I have found and go slightly deeper in analyzing the method in general for its feasibility and effectiveness.

From the site Easy Nutrition Secrets, I wanted to copy and paste a section of the main article

In fact, most people who believe they are fully grown have the potential of being two more inches than they are. One way you can make this happen to you is by exercising with ankle weights.

As a child you had non-fused bones because they were still growing quickly. Your body was surging with growth hormone which caused rapid height increase. A child is very active and your body naturally stretches in a way that continually demands greater stature. Therefore, your body is forced to become taller.

When you began to pass puberty your bones began to harden, or fuse. The closer you came to adulthood the more limited your growth became. However, if you can simulate the exercises that forced your body to grow in the first place you will be able to gain height. This can best be done when you use ankle weights.

Working out with ankle weights is a great way to increase your height. As you work out, the increased resistance builds strength in your legs and lower torso. This resistance stretches the cartilage between your joints and in your spine, giving you added height. Also, ankle weights cause your bones to heal micro-fractures at a new length.

When you are doing a high-impact exercise such as jogging, the bones in your legs suffer tiny breaks called micro-fractures. These breaks are painless and normally unnoticeable. Without the proper enhancements, these fractures are simply repaired and your body does not grow. If you weigh down your legs using ankle weights, these fractures are extended. As your body repairs itself, it will fill in these micro-fractures with new bone matter and make you taller. The increased resistance improves your muscle tone to support your body as it is growing taller. Additionally, ankle weights stretch and increase the cartilage between your joints. Please remember not to wear your ankle weights during your high-impact workout as it may cause injury.

Many ankle weight exercises can help growth. These exercises should be strategically planned to optimize your periods of activity and rest. After you perform a high-impact exercise, like running, you should apply ankle weights. Sit in a chair with your legs hanging freely for about 30 minutes, always keeping your legs still. This makes your bones repair themselves in this lengthened position. You should apply ankle weights again about an hour before you sleep. Sit on a chair with your legs hanging freely and swing each leg one at a time. This gets your bones prepared to use the growth hormones while you sleep and it is a great preparation for sleeping with tension. To sleep with tension you will want to attach ankle weights and then sleep with your lower legs dangling over the edge of your bed. This method is more efficient because it puts all of the effort on your lower legs.

If we look at this method from one of the only credible resources on the internet, Height Forum, this main point was stated very clearly.

I think ankle weights were a method claimed by the so-called “shin-bone” routine. The theory was that using ankle weights with various positions, you can cause microfractures in the shin bone (the tibia, I suppose). The bone then heals itself thus lengthening itself.

The person who investigated it, I believe, concluded that it was useless. I may be speaking with hindsight, but the chances of creating even microfractures in the direction that you want would be next to zero unless it is done through limb lengthening surgery. Even then I wouldn’t call it micro-fractures. Just straight up fractures.

So the short answer is no. Ankle weights may increase the tensile load on your bones, thus increasing your bone density. What you get is stronger bones. The length of the bone, I’m afraid, remains the same.

Me: I couldn’t have said it better. The truth is that on the big legitimate boards like Giant Scientific and The Impartial Height Increase Board, there was a lot of talk about this idea or method years ago, from say 2007-2009. A guy named Sky came along and told everyone that he had a method that could help increase one’s height by using the principles of creating microfractures and then using ankle weights to stretch the microfractures so that the long bones will stretch out. In principle and theory, it made sense and seemed reasonable. This sky person made some big claims, got a group together, was trying to branch out a business model, and started testing his method, called the shinbone method. The shinbone method was a combination of using 1. Microfractures and 2. Ankle weights. In the end, this person named Sky never gave a definite answer and ran away to never speak with the other height seekers again. No one knew what happened to him or his site (or .org) I personally can’t find much about him or his site, or his ideas. I guess his theory and idea on how to increase height was not successful. 


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