The Biggest And Tallest Babies In The World And History

In the last post I wrote I had talked about the tallest couple that has ever existed in history, at least in the age where documentation was possible. It is rare indeed to spot any man over 7 foot tall, like 1 out of 100,000 chance of that happening. I have only seen that happen maybe 15-16 times in my own life. It is rarer to see a woman even close to 7 feet tall. I personally might have seen one woman who was around the 6′ 9″- 6′ 10″ range at a city fair once and I was not even sure about that. But to see a man and woman together who are both 7 foot, and married as a couple could be one of the rarest sights one ever gets to see in one’s life, except say you happened to see Bigfoot or an UFO land on your front porch.

From the meeting and culmination of the tallest couple ever, Anna Haining Bates and Martin Van Buren Bates had conceived of two children. The first one was a girl who was supposed to be the same size as Anna when she was born (around 18 lbs, more than twice as large as an average sized baby) but the girl turned out to be a stillborn. The 2nd child they had was a boy and this boy is claimed to have been the biggest baby to have ever been born. It was stated that the first initial labor process took 36 hours. Sounds painful. Apparently the baby boy’s head was too big to pass through so the doctors tried to use forceps.

From the Wikipedia article on Anna Haining Bates click HERE. The baby was born on 19 January, but he survived only 11 hours. He was the largest newborn ever recorded, at 10.8 kg, or 23.12 pounds and nearly 30 inches (71 centimeters) tall and each of his feet were six inches (152 mm) long. Now THAT is a large baby. However, was he the largest baby ever recorded?

So currently the biggest and longest baby in history has measurements of weight: 23.12 lbs and length/height: 30 inches

I did some more research over the internet using google and typed in “largest baby” and decided to see what popped up. There seems to be a few contenders for the title of “world’s biggest baby” for the current world today . Let me list a few of the them.

1. Chun Chun – Xinxiang CIty, Henan Province, China – 2012 – 15.52lbs (7.04kgs) in central China. – (Resource 1, Resource 2)

2. North Sumatra, Indonesia – 2009 – A full two-feet long and weighing 8.7kg (over 19 lbs), the huge child was born via a caesarean section. The unnamed baby is in healthy condition despite initially needing oxygen to overcome breathing problems.  The cause of his great size is because his mother suffers from diabetes. (Resource 1, Resource 2)

3. Niamh – Britain’s biggest baby girl — weighing 14 lbs 4oz. – was nearly DOUBLE the average UK girl’s weight of 7lbs 4oz when born by caesarean. (Resource 1)

4. JaMichael – Texas, USA, – 2011 – weighing 16 lbs 1 oz. 2 feet long. Janet Johnson is mother has diabetes (Resource 1)

5. Kiran Singh – Meerut, India – (measured at 10 month old, so technically was still a baby at that age) – 22kg (3st 7lb) and at nearly 1m (3ft 2in) tall – (Resource 1)

6. Hegang, Heilongjiang Province, China – 2007 – (a little more than 2 ‘ 5.5″ tall) 0.75 meters , exceeding the previous “super baby” by 0.09 meters. He weighs 7.05 kilograms, 0.08 kilograms less than the world’s heaviest, ranking second in the world. (Resource 1)

7. Lu Hao, China – 3 years old – (2011) – 132 lbs !! – 5 times the size of a child his own age – Born at 5.7 lbs – He already gets short of breath on the slightest effort. He can also expect joint damage, high blood pressure, heart trouble and diabetes, if he hasn’t developed these complications already. (Resource 1, Resource 2)

On a related note, a study was done where the size and height of siblings were compared. It turns out that children who were born later in a woman’s succession of children were more likely to be bigger and taller than her earlier children. Doctors and Researchers hypothesize it is because after have a few kids, the woman’s uterus and birth canal becomes bigger and more accomodating for her next children. That means that your younger sisters and brothers are probably going to be bigger than you because they were born later and your mother had more room down there to grow a baby.

That is a strange way to reason but makes some sense. For example, the largest toddler in the world Karan Singh is the son of one of the talles women in the world. The biggest and longest recorded baby ever born was to Anna Haining Bates, who was one of the tallest women to ever exist.

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