The Tallest Twins In The World, The Lanier Brothers and Recht Sisters

I am just going to go with the whole theme for a while and write up a few more interesting posts about people who have extreme sized bodies since I personally find them so interesting. The next topic I wanted to research and write about is to figure out who are the tallest twins in the world, both men and women, identical or fraternal.

So far I have found out that there is a clear winner for the tallest twins in the world. For the last 15 years at least, that honor and the title of “World’s Tallest Twins” goes to Jim and Michael Lanier. Mike Lanier and his twin brother Jim Lanier (b. 27 November 1969) of Troy, Michigan are the tallest identical twins in the world, and stand 7 feet 6 inches (2.28 meters) each. The Lanier Brothers played college basketball at The University of Denver and UCLA, respectively. They have been featured on the Maury Povich Show. However, on the Guinness World Records website they are listed at 7′ 3″. I don’t know why though. (Resource 1, Resource 2, Resource 3)

As for the tallest female twins in the world, the title currently goes to Claire and Anne Recht of the USA who stand at 6′ 7″ (2.01 meters) each. They have been recognized by the Guinness Word Records for their title so it is official. (Resource 1, Resource 2) That’s all for now.


9 thoughts on “The Tallest Twins In The World, The Lanier Brothers and Recht Sisters

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  2. Michae Lanier

    Hi I am Michael Lanier I am currently 365 lbs and am at a height of 7’7″. The reason the size differances all over rhe web is wrong because they are out of date. GUINESS hasn’t talked to us or updated there record since we were 16 years old…it’s 2013 and there information is from 1986. Also I played at UCLA. It seems people get that wrong also.

    1. MaverickBruin

      Mike, I’m a longtime UCLA fan and a lot of us are wondering what you’ve been up to since your college days. Can you give us an update?

    2. Michael Marcus


      You may remember coming to my house for dinner when you were at UCLA. I would like to hear from you.

      Michael Marcus

  3. Michael Lanier

    I tried out for the Pistons in 1994-95. I tried Division II Basketball in Germany. Eventually unemployed I went back to school got a second degree this time in Engineering and have done that for last 15 years. After UCLA It was very difficult Being the third Tallest person in the United States to find a job. You don’t fit in anything and everyone wants to charge a fortune for custom. I once worked a month just to pay for a winter coat. Very expensive no one treats you like your Human. Very sad…. I have had no contact from UCLA after I graduated. Recently I had a small Part in the Movie “It Follows” due out this year.

    1. Joe

      So you are taller than your brother? I am twin myself. Have you ever met people taller than you? Being too tall seems difficult.

  4. Dalton

    Mr. Linier,
    The world can be a hostile place. And many people fear what or whom is different. Hang in there. There is good and beauty. If you ever need to chat don’t hesitate to reach out. Tank4969@Gmail is an easy way to reach me. That goes to anyone really who just needs someone to listen. Take care.


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