Public Apology To The Biomedical Growth Research Initiative

This post is a public apology to the people and the organization Biomedical Growth Research Initiative. I have previously written a post stating at the end that I was suspicious of its intentions and believed it was a scam. Since then, I have been in contact with its main representative Harald Oberlaender. After exchanging upwards of a dozen emails and messages back and forth I have changed my opinion of the organization and retract my old judgement that it was a scam. I will be editing and changing the old post and leave an updated message saying that the organization is legitimate. It seems that the orgnization has been around at least sincce 2007 and for the last 5 years it has been difficult for Harald and others who represent the organization to get the amount of funding they are looking for.

I signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement and was able to obtain 5 short .doc files which contained only a part of one of the proposal ideas. In his emails to me, the 4 ideas were stated in very general terms so no details were told.

– The first research proposal is about a tissue engineered growth plate implant.
– The second research proposal is about creating a multidisciplinary research institute based on bone and cartilage tissue enginnering principles.
– The third research proposal is about using LIPUS to stimulate new bone growth.
– The fourth research idea is about using genes and growth factors to stimulate new bone growth (but no official research proposal for this idea yet).

I have promised that if I can get that interview with Dave Asprey, not only will I try to get his opinions on our endeavors to find  way to increase our height and other great biohacks and post the interview on the website, I will also try to mention the organization to him and see if he or anyone he know would be interested in assisting and/or funding the organization’s proposal ideas. I will try to get him in contact with Harald.

If you personally wanted to get in contact with Harald to see the 4 biomedical proposals and ideas , email him at

Thank you.

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