Do You Feel Insecure About Your Height?

This is just a question I always ask people who have expressed that they would like to be taller. So far in my life, I have met many family members, relatives, past girlfriends, and guy friends who have at some point proclaimed that they wished to be slightly taller.

However, for a few of these people, they were very adamant and almost obsessive about their desire to be taller. A girl I used to date who used to say that she was 5′ 1″ was really 5′ 0″ when I questioned her about it some more. When I asked her what she wished for more than anything in the world, she told me that she only wanted to be taller . I asked her about her professional dreams and what she wanted to do for a career and she didn’t have any desires and goals about them. I guess for her, she was insecure about her height.

I know that for a long time I was insecure about my height too. I tried to do some exercises and bought equipment to help me gain some extra inches (or centimeters) and I think for all of my work over 2 years, I got 0.25 of extra height, and I think I pushed from 5′ 11.75″ of height in the morning after I wake up to a height of 6′ 0″ (and slightly more) in the morning after waking up. I was very surprised the first time I measured myself and the tip of the top of my head hit the 6 foot mark. I was really glad and was not sure if it might have been a measurement error. So I double checked, and triple checked, and quadruple checked, and I found out that I had indeed grown or managed to push myself to over the 6 foot mark in height, at least in the morning after I wake up.

For me, I really wanted that extra quarter of an inch so that if I was ever on a first date with a girl and she asked me how tall I was, I could say that I was 6 foot and not lie about it. For so many girls these days, they have this strong cut off point in their own head of the minimum height their mate must be. On the internet/online dating websites, there are many women who actually set up their profile so that they can’t get emails or messages from men who are less than 6 foot tall. This means that some men on those sites will purposely lie and say that they are 6 foot when they are more like 5′ 11″ or 5′ 10″. For me, I have never used the internet or an online dating site to meet the opposite sex, but if I did, I would not want to lie about something like height. The people will eventually have to meet you, and at that moment, they know how tall you really are.

However, in the end it doesn’t matter and we all (the men and women) know that. A lot of guys like to joke that when they start doing the “horizontal tango” all issues of height disappear. I agree with these guys, but I can also point out that one can not always be doing the “horizontal tango” all the time. One does have to stand up again.

On my driver’s license when I got it first when I was 21 (I know, I was scared to drive and never took the driving test) I stated my height as 5′ 11″. After I lost that license and go a renewed license when I was 25, I decided to list my height as 6′ 0″. In the end, I am still to this day working on having good posture, walking correctly, and making sure I don’t lose the height I gained when I was younger when I get older. But that is really something that is beyond my control. For me, I do still sometimes feel insecure about my height. I feel I am too short. I feel that I am unattractive. I feel like I am not good enough. I feel like I may never be loved as much as I secretly desire inside. And all of this stuff just comes out and manifest in some bizarre behavior that other people might not understand and may find very strange.

So how about you, “Do you feel insecure about your height?

                                             “Why are you insecure about your height?”

    “How badly do you desire to be taller than you are now?”

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