Increase Height And Grow Taller Through DNA Manipulation And Gene Therapy

One of the biggest and most futuristic theories going around about the possible ways to increase our height has been the idea of using gene therapy through dna manipulation to allow for height increase. Here is what I can derive from the technology

The basic idea behind why we stop growing is that the growth plates seal from the human going through the natural process of aging, or senescence. At a certain stage in its physical maturation, somehow estrogen gets activated to start Puberty and after a certain amount of time after puberty starts, estrogen is used to signal again to start closing the growth plates. Well, it turns out the growth plates also go through a sort of senescence where over time in a human’s life, the layer of hyaline cartilage grows thinner and thinner, until one day the plate disappears.

With gene therapy, we can theoretically inject something on or in the bones and get the stem cells inside the medullary cavity to start to differentiate into chondrogenesis.

We can inject stem cells into a human beings in either a certain area and get that area to reverse in its senescence. We can change genes in the adult humans to push their physical maturity back in development to before puberty so that their bones can reverse into cartilage and they can go through another process of growth.

Harald of the Human Growth Research Initiative talks about the possibilities of using gene therapy for height increase HERE.

As for the use of gene therapy on adults it is still hard to get the technology to work correctly to be able to get either the entire body or certain body parts to reverse in aging or change in form and function to allow for height increase.

The big thing will be really for babies, and children. With gene therapy, potential parents who are short can ask a geneticist to change the genes in their future baby to allow them to get the tall genes (through gene exchange and dna splicing) and give them an edge in life from being tall. This type of thing was addressed in the movie Gattaca, and if I was to be realistic, it is a serious thing to consider. If I was to know that my future children was going to be short, I would personally be willing to use genetic engineering to fix them and give them as many extra inches to their height as possible so they will be not be disadvantaged in life.


5 thoughts on “Increase Height And Grow Taller Through DNA Manipulation And Gene Therapy

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  2. Brett Charnock

    How advanced is this technology so far. When will it be available ? Also I would be a test patient to trial this medical advancement . I am 5.2 . I had a growth problem when I was young , due to medical problems, & wish more then anything in this world , that I could reach my desired height of 5.7 . Please help me . Desperate

    1. karim

      never loose hope, you can still make it. No matter what your age, if you are still persistent on getting taller, than you have an unbreakable desire which shall be made true, by natural or any means existing in the universe. You hang in there mate. Also, one thing I would like to inform you, which has helped me greatly and has helped a few others too and is bound to help you immensely, if you can visualize yourself in your desired height, than DO IT. Visualization and its feeling of effect plays a strong character in shaping the future. So do try that as well ……. Cheers 🙂

  3. Christopher

    So I am 16 years old, and only around 5″4′, will this allow me to get to my desired height of 6″2′?

  4. Mark

    Hi, in community… First , i want to tell bravo in the creator of this internet page ,who try and inform all the readers ,this site with height detail. Im Mark 24 years old. I want learn if have apply genetist therapy to this time (2015).I want, if you can and if you have of corce, to sent me more about genetist therapy in the growth height (articles or research from approved periodically such as PubMed and other), because , i want to learn more and in the feature (i wish in the nearby) to try it ,then from suggestion doctor genetist. Finally, there is somethimg this moment (05/2015) ,from all this researchs ( preparations and techniques), where practically to give height ,i mean growth the bones?? I want found ways growth height ,i think some help gymnastic such as exercises strippimg, but not really.Thereforce. I want , to answer me the admin, without to want undo the others. Sorry,i write frist time in this site and i dont know how to do all here. Thank you, in advance


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