Using Relativity To Define Size And Height And Finding Gratitude

When you are ever in one of those moods or states where you are focusing on your height or size, you will feel bad and get negative emotions. You can look at yourself naked in them mirror and wonder why is it that you have such a short torso, or short legs, or why your head is so much bigger than your body. You look at the Cosmo and Glamour magazines and feel envy towards the women on those covers and spreads. The women all seem to have the longest legs, and the most fit perfect bodies with not even an inch of cellulite showing.

Well, I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that as for those taut, fit bodies in the pictures are almost all photoshopped. The picture gets edited after it is taken, and then reedited to enhance certain parts of the body (i.e. breasts) and to reduce other parts of the body (i.e. love handles).

As for the dimensions that are defined by the bone, like leg length, the photoshops even work on those. A legs can be slightly lengthened using a few photoshop tricks and one who looked like they were 6′ 0″ in the previous picture now look like they are 6′ 2″.

When you look in the mirror again, ask yourself this honest question, “Would I still have this negative image of my body and my size if everyone else in the world was only 4′ 6″?”

What if you were living with a tribe in the middle of Indonesia where the indigenous people were pygmies would you still think you are “short”? Of course, not. Like most objects and phenomenon in our world, everything is relative. There is almost no absolutes in this universe. When we say that we are rich, that does not mean that we have a billion dollars on our bank account. What we really said is more like “we have more money than 95% of the rest of the society we live in”. So when we say we are tall, we are saying that our height is really in the upper percentile of the society we live in.

If you really don’t like your size, you can always just move to a country where the average height of its people are lower than where you had come from. So if you are 5′ 8″ you can move to Vietnam and you would actually be more on the tall side after living there for a short while.

My whole point of this post is to say that our perception our what we think is a immutable fact like our height/size is actually not truly immutable. While It may be true we may never be able to change ourselves, we can change our surroundings to make ourselves on the big/tall percentile side of another nation or tribe in comparison if we decided to move. So, please learn to use the concept of relativity to define your size and you can actually learn to feel better about yourself. There are plenty of people in the world who are shorter than you and if we all tried, we can all find gratitude in all the inches in height we do have, not what height we do not have.

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