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This is the first review I will do that is not really selling a product but selling a type of service. I know, this is not a real “Product Review” but more of a “Service Review” but the idea is the same. There is a website that is claiming that from using either their services or products they can help you gain extra inches in height. I look at their practices, they technique or strategy the intend to use, and review whether their practices seem legit and feasible.

Today I look at the site AddingHeight.Com¬†. On the main first page, they start off with a warning message, telling you to stay away from height increase scams. That is nice of them to do that. I’ve seen this type of front page before and I would call it a sales page. The picture of a doctor on the right side is the same doctor picture of another product which I reviewed in the past, the (Company That Will Not Be Named)¬†product/program.

At the bottom of the page is a cute seal with bold letter words saying “100% money back guarantee”. Then they challenge you by asking you the question “Are you ready to take the first step towards your new life as a taller person?”. They continue by saying that “there is nothing to lose and everything to gain”. Well what about my money if it turns out the service or product I buy doesn’t work?

When we go to the section “How the Program Works” there is a very short explanation that apparently we can still gain extra height from our spine which is not complete bone. The “Adding Height Program” is supposed to quickly and easily improve your posture problems that led to bad spine compression and other stuff that takes away from your true height. The end of the page ends with the same question to challenge you “So are you ready to take the first step towards your new life as a taller person?”. The exact same follow up phrase appears after it with “there is nothing to lose and everything to gain”.

On the “Join Now” section you are supposed to pay $50 to get the program. You can pay using credit card, money transfer, paypal, order by mail, etc.

Conclusion: I decided to stop reading after this point and just say that this site and whatever service or product they sell is a total scam. At least the other scam sites offered you some thin low content E-Book. This site doesn’t even offer that. I am really, REALLY getting sick of these types of websites that have sleazy crafted sales pages with reused pictures of “doctors” and “100% money back guarantees”. This site is one of the worst scam sites I have seen so far. Stay away from this site. I am going to add this page/site to the scams section.

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