You Can Get Limb And Leg Lengthening Surgery For Free Living In Belgium

I was searching through the Make Me Taller forums last week when I came across a news link another member had posted which said that a person who had been living in Belgium decided to get the limb and leg lengthening surgery and the cost for him was free!!        Click HERE for discussion.

The other forum members seemed to state that the free surgery is totally possible which for me is very hard to believe.

The forum former admin states…

“”Well, I think that only he would know if this is true Smiley

Certainly, most Western European nations do have a system whereby someone is very small and who can demonstrate some negative impact on their lives can get 5cm of LL from their health service without payment.

But obviously none of us can know whether or not that was the case here.

Someone who is officially considered to be of medically short stature (which someone at 165cm would be) should certainly see their doctor and find out if they qualify for any government assistance with their plans.””

Another forum profile states…..

yeah that’s entirely right.

About that free LL that the guy had, i think thats true. Beside it, the guy showed to me some pictures of the hospital,some  other pictures of the his legs(with the external fixtators ) and similar stuff. So i think he was serious about it.
Anyway, lucky them Smiley.

Me: When another poster likes the idea and hoped that being a resident of the UK< he could also get the British government to pay for his limb lengthening surgery like the guy in Belgium, he was blasted by the site admin over his greed and selfishness. As stated with these words….

WHAT?! So you can afford LL, but you would like British taxpayers, many of whom are struggling to pay their mortgages and their rent to pay for you?

It’s people like you who are destroying the very fabric of British society.

Queen Victoria would turn in her grave if she knew that future generations would be so ready to turn to the public purse to support their lives instead of employing the spirit that lead to the creation of the British Empire in the first place.

The NHS is not a savings bank for people to dip into when they feel like it.

If you can afford LL, then it is your duty to pay for it – do you realise that there are people who are dying of cancer and other treatable conditions and who cannot get treatment because of the stretched resources of the NHS?

In some places the NHS doesn’t even have money for life-saving operations, and you want to get the British people to pay for your vanity so that you can save your money?

The NHS is facing its most serious budget crisis in its history (, and you want us to pay for your LL because you don’t want to use your own money?! That’s just about the most selfish thing that I have EVER heard!!!

Read this story about a surgeon who has pioneered a life-saving heart procedure but who cannot find the budget to employ it, and then dare to come back here and tell me that the NHS should pay for your LL when when you can afford to pay yourself:

You should be ashamed of yourself!

It’s exactly attitudes like yours that are leading to the destruction of the NHS by the very people who should protect it rather than abuse it.

Next time you read in the paper about a child who died because their local health authority couldn’t afford a life-saving operation, just ask yourself why situations like that arise…

Me: In the end of the discussion, a person asked whether the Netherlands have some kind of government assistance program to pay for surgeries for cosmetic reasons like limb lengthening surgery as Belgium does. All I know is that if you want to get limb lengthening surgery for cosmetics in the US or Canada, it is NOT covered by your insurance plan.  



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