Alternative Ways To Regrow And Regenerate Teeth With Video On LIPUS, Jie Chen, And Distraction Osteogenesis

I had posted previously about the use of the Low Intensity Pulsed Ultrasound , LIPUS technology to increase height and also regrow teeth. For this post, I wanted to write more about other technologies being developed currently that are trying to regrow or regenerate lost or broken teeth.

From resource 1, we learn that a groups of researchers have developed methods to control adult stem cell growth toward generating dental tissue and “real” replacement teeth.

“”The NSU researchers’ approach is to extract stem cells from oral tissue, such as inside a tooth itself, or from bone marrow. After being harvested, the cells are mounted to a polymer scaffold in the shape of the desired tooth. The polymer is the same material used in bioreabsorable sutures, so the scaffold eventually dissolves away. Teeth can be grown separately then inserted into a patient’s mouth or the stem cells can be grown within the mouth reaching a full-sized tooth within a few months. “””

Also from the resource we learn the horrifying statistics of tooth loss

“””The statistics on tooth loss are a bit staggering: 7 out of 10 adults age 35 to 44 have lost at least one tooth and a quarter of those aged 65 or older (or about 20 million people) have lost all their permanent teeth. Additionally, side effects from medications can effect oral health, such as changing properties of the saliva that helps fight bacterial growth. And increased tooth loss leads to poor dietary habits even among dentists, according to a recent study, which leads to secondary health effects. Add to this high sugar diets contributing to the obesity epidemic and increasing cases of periodontal disease due to neglect and you can see that the market for tooth replacement is enormous and expected to grow. “””

“””Dentists are at the front line of the increased demand for perfect teeth. A 2009 nationwide survey by NSU revealed that 96% of the dentists polled expected stem cell regeneration to dominate the future of dentistry. Additionally, more than half predicted that the technology would be available within the next decade. “””

Me: There is even an entire blog dedicated to the topic of trying to regrow and regenerate teeth in a natural way.

And that is not all. From resource 2 we learn that it may be possible to get natural replacements someday, thanks to breakthroughs being made at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

“””…researchers are inducing lab rats to form new dentin to fill cavities in their choppers. It’s the first step toward the holy grail of dentistry: regrowing teeth. Eventually people may be able to get replacement teeth—even a whole set of 32—made of human dentin and enamel and attached to the jaw with human fibers (rather than the titanium posts used today).

To create those new teeth, researchers are attacking the problem layer by layer, attempting “to copy how nature has done it,” says Anne George, professor of oral biology at UIC. George and her ten-member team of students and scientists are focusing on ways to produce dentin, the part-mineral, part-protein material inside teeth that provides cushioning during chewing. They drill a hole in a rat’s tooth and fill the cavity with a protein that attracts cells that make dentin. “It’s best to get cells to do the work,” she says. “What we are trying to do is see what molecules will help us repair and make new dentin.” George predicts that within five to ten years people will be able to generate their own natural fillings.

On the same floor where George works, Thomas Diekwisch, head of oral biology and orthodontic research at UIC, is growing gums and enamel, the harder-than-bone substance that forms the outer layer of a tooth. It’s made of crystals arrayed in a picket-fence-like structure that “prevents the enamel from splintering while providing sufficient hardness,” he explains.

Diekwisch has already grown frog and cow enamel in lab mice and is also developing ways to attach teeth. He is implanting new teeth in rats—or putting back their old ones—using so-called progenitor cells that can grow into dental tissues, including pulp, dentin, and ligaments, and can even re-form lost tissues. He and his team have already successfully replanted teeth in 35 rodents. Within five years, he expects he will be able to use cells to reattach human teeth, which eventually could end the need for dentures for millions of Americans.”””

Me: From this site HERE you can create a “do it yourself” home remedy to regrow your decaying teeth using just comfrey root and organic eggshells.

From resource 3 we learn that scientists from the University of Maryland’s School of Dentistry have developed a new cavity-filling system that they say will not only kill virtually all residual bacteria, but also help the tooth to regrow some of the tissue that was lost to decay.

From the article…

“””The system consists of a primer that is applied to the surface of the drilled-out tooth, an adhesive that is then applied to help the filling bond to the tooth, and the filling material itself. The three substances contain ammonium and silver nanoparticles, plus they have a high pH, all of which have been shown to kill bacteria.

….The filling material itself additionally contains calcium phosphate nanoparticles, which promote the regrowth of tooth minerals. While it isn’t clear if this could ultimately allow the tooth to completely rebuilt itself, it should at least help the drilled section to heal over. Although the longevity of fillings made with the material hasn’t yet been tested, Xu’s team believes that they should last considerably longer than traditional fillings.”””

From resource 4 we have even more researchers also looking for a way to regenerate and regrow teeth.

I am going to post 2 videos about the current technology that is already out there. The first two videos relates the use LIPUS on height increase (i.e. distraction osteogenesis) and teeth regrowth

This last video is from a news report about one of the technology reported in the previous links above.

3 thoughts on “Alternative Ways To Regrow And Regenerate Teeth With Video On LIPUS, Jie Chen, And Distraction Osteogenesis

  1. MiniGolfer

    Well, LIPUS for distraction osteogenesis is not to initiate new height growth it’s to accelerate the healing process. However, there is evidence that LIPUS can induce ectopic chondrogenesis.

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  3. Martin

    The LIPUS sounds great. But this review is from 2012. We are in 2014 and each time I see less new information about LIPUS.
    Another wonderful technique silently disappearing?


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