$10,000 For 5 cm Height Increase Challenge!

Note: This post/message was posted only on (and only intended for) the readers and visitors of the Natural Height Growth website at www.naturalheightgrowth.com and on the LSJL forum at lsjl.freeforums.org . This is supposed to be a private challenge for the people who come to either the NHGH website or LSJL forum. I ask that you all don’t post this challenge to anyone outside of the small community. 

For those of you who don’t know who I am, I go by the user name HeightG. There is a long story for how I got that username but I won’t go into that right now. I started the blog/website Natural Height Growth at www.naturalheightgrowth.com about 6-7 weeks ago and I have been trying to build up an audience and group around the site.

So far I have been in contact with the people at the Make Me Taller Forums, Harald of the Biomedical Growth Research Initiative, and have also asked Tyler if he would like to do a guest post on my site on any topic he would like. The big thing I am trying to get this September is a phone Interview through Skype with a guy named Dave Asprey who is a silicon valley entrepreneur and self-proclaimed biohacker. He had originally said yes to the interview but it has been hard to get in contact with him recently.

As I was reading Tim Ferriss’s 4 Hour Work Week at 4 am very early this morning, I was around the 30th page in the book when one of the sentences just jumped out at me and I had a rather novel idea. The idea is that I am going to issue a challenge. The challenge I wanted to do is to hold a contest. I am willing to pay $10,000 to anyone who can increase their height by 5 cm over the span of exactly 1 year using whatever technique they would like, but I most hope that it would be from using the LSJL. For the extra incentive, If you can gain the 5 cm from using the LSJL method, I will pay an extra $2,000 on top of the already $10,000 prize for a total of $12,000.

You must show irrefutable evidence that you indeed increased your height by that much from only using the LSJL method, NOT from doing ordinary stretches like using yoga and decompressed/stretching the vertebrae and spine for the extra $2000.

Note: Height varies with the progression of time after you get out of bed as you go along with your daily routines, not the time of day because some people go to sleep at different times and have different sleep schedules. Right now I can not think of a way for you to account for the height variation throughout the day so if you can show in some way absolute proof that you are measuring at the same time of progression after you get out of bed.

Most of the rules are created to show for other people the absolute proof that you have truly grown 5 cms. The rules are mainly to remove possible measurement errors and possible ways you are cheating.

Here are the rules  

1. You have to show a picture of your current ID (i.e. Drivers License Or Passport) which has your picture on it, the documented height, and clear documentation of your age. You can block out your name, but we have to see your face so we can see that you are the person in the photo. Your picture will never leave this forum and your identity for this project is completely secret.

After one year we need to see another picture ID of you with verification that 1 year has passed (i.e. renewed drivers license,  gym membership picture with dates on it, military ID, etc)

The dates of when you started the project and when your project officially ended will be noted.

Special Rule: If we check your age and you turn out to be still very young, and I believe your growth plates are still open, I may ask that you go to a endocrinologist and ask them to get an X-Ray on your growth plates to make sure the growth plates are indeed fused.

2.  You have to show at least 6 before and after high quality pictures of you standing in front of a measuring scale like a 6 foot tall metal ruler you get from Home Depot or Lowe’s for $15.

The 6 positions will be of you in a front shot, one side view shot, and another shot of you at a 45 degree angle, both  in an indoor environment with a plain easy to see background and the same shots angles in an outdoor environment standing next to some recognizable land object (i.e. basketball pole, ymca court,

3. Both of your feet must be clearly visible with no socks on. You must be completely barefoot.

Note: a lot of attention will be focused on the ground you are standing on and your posture and feet position. I strongly recommend that if you choose to take a photo of yourself again, be in the same standing position and posture as the picture of you a year ago.

4. You must shave your head for the pictures at least to completely minimize the possibility of measurement error from hair. This is why I suggest only the men take part in this challenge.

5. We will do an analysis of the 6 before and after photos to check see if any editing from Photoshop or other photo editing software was used. There is a complete chance that if I am not satisfied with your pictures, I might ask for a few more so please take a few more of you during the two dates so take more than just the required 6 for each.

6. In both the before and after pictures you have to show your back and your posture. This is to remove the possibility of purposely slouching and reducing your height in the before pictures.

7. After you post 6 before and after pictures, the other members on the forum will look over the photos to check to see if you are being honest and check all of the evidence to account for any way you might have cheated.

I will not tolerate cheating in any way which includes…

  • you edit the picture and blow your figure up slightly.
  • you go to a hardware store to buy a steel ruler that is 5 cm shorter and make it seem like it is the standard 6 feet ruler. or any other way to change  the measurement tool or your environment in the picture.
  • you do not shave your head
  • you do not provide sideways pictures of yourself.
  • you do not show a consistency in your standing position or posture in your before and after pictures.
  • you do not show your feet or you wear socks.

8. The money will be transferred either to your personal bank account or your paypal account discreetly and directly.

If on the off chance that at the end of the challenge more than one individual proclaims that they have succeed in reaching the 5 cm HI, then the winner will be the person who managed to get slightly more height increase than the other, even if it is 1 mm.

Remember that even if you don’t get the prize because you got beaten out by 1 mm, you still won because you proved Height Increase is possible and you added 2 inches to your height.

I hope with this new contest and challenge, I have been able to provide enough of an incentive to old members around and regular inactive readers to finally take the leap and start doing something about their height increase desires.

14 thoughts on “$10,000 For 5 cm Height Increase Challenge!

  1. Jimmy

    You’re either really crazy or really passionate about height increase in order to be willing to put up $12,000 dollars in order to prove that growing taller is possible! Honestly I think that people would still participate in the challenge even if the award was $1,200.

    1. Sugata

      Why do u think there would be less than 0.1% SUCCESS? What would be the reason.. why the other 99.9% would fail? if in an experiment there is only .1% success then u can’t tell that the experiment as a whole is a success.

      1. admin

        If one person manages to accomplish this that means that there is a way. All that is needed to validate an idea like this is one case study.

  2. tim

    well you can consider that I’m already into the challange, but I’m not gonna get your 10(or 12)000 dollar because

    1. I won’t shave my head:)
    2. probably I won’t grow 5 cm
    3. I think I’d already won a lot more than 10 or 20.000 dollar if I grew that much

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  4. Metaldragon

    Hey man i can tell you a method worked for me …you need to performance lsjl in knees and tibia distal growth plates and sleep with 25 lbs ankle weights on each leg with them without reach the floor and being vertically,since they will make you strech not only your ligaments,your tibia too.
    Take igf-1 and maintain a high calorie diet basically of proteins and vegetables for vitamins
    I am pretty sure you will reach it in less than a year. You dont have to pay for growth,this is only a thing of motivation

  5. ALIN

    Hi there.
    I’m Alin from Romania.. credits for this idea.. . I’ve been in the same situation as you all are.. trying to find all my lie a method to gain height.. I just hope i wil finally manage to reach the height i want. I must say.. i’m 30 years old already:), annd i’m trying to gain some height since 17…:).. . I’m 5.10.5 in the morning.. and until the evening.. i’m 5.9.5” I would just lie to keep that inch frmo morning.. You’re doing a great job with this contest. Meanwhile try what the last user said: sleeping with ankle weights and LSJL before bedtime. I will start it too, at the begining of December. Good luck everyone!

  6. ALIN

    @Metaldragon: Could you please share yur experience with us: how long did you perfom the method described above, how old are you, with how many cm did you manage to increase your height? Thank you.

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