Website Traffic Went Through The Roof, Into The Stratosphere And Increased By Over 1000%

This post really doesn’t belong on this website but I felt that I still needed to talk about a little since it does have something to do with this site. I am sort of a website traffic analyst and last night before I went to sleep I noticed that the traffic on my website had oddly went through a rather large increase. At the time, my traffic was that I would get a little over 100 total visitors a day with 4-5 visitors on average per hour. Around 3 am I noticed that the traffic went from a 4 people/hour visit to a jump of 33 people/hour. Now that is insanely crazy because for me, anything above a 7 people/hour to my website was considered high.

Then the website really started to get traffic. for the 4 am time interval, my site got around 175 visitors/ hour. This is when I started to get scared and wondered whether my website was underattack from some spam or virus. I am not that knowledgeable on computers or internet marketing so I had no idea what was happening. The traffic sources stated that the traffic was coming from Advertisement. I went on google to find out what was happening and it turned out that I had created a Campaign that was letting me check the traffic of who was coming to my website. Anyone who gets into the website through the campaign method, which was through a  specific webpage would signal that it was from advertisment.

Now that scared me even more since I have had experience with Google Adwords. I remember watching the traffic of a previous sit increase dramatically and not understanding why it happened. It turned out later that Google took my Adwords campaign and had Adsense Ads placed around. People were clicking on the Ads and coming to my website and I was paying $2/click for it. Eventually I was billed a very high bill for what happened. I learned from that lesson so these days, every time I see a spike in the traffic to my website, my reaction is nervousness and fear instead of joy because I still remembered what happened with that incident.

So let me show you the traffic from last night to today. [Note: I am using Clicky, not Google Analytics]

Now take a look at what the traffic numbers were from just yesterday.

This shows that my traffic went through an increase of more than 10X. Amazing! Well, at least I thought it was amazing. It turns out that one of my posts about Tanya Angus went sort of viral because the major news and TV stations in the US decided to all do a news story about Tanya Angus and her updated situation. I checked on google to see what would happen if I typed in the name “Tanya Angus” or “Tanya Angus Height” into google. It turns out my old article appeared on the 1st page of the google results. So that explains why my site got such an insane spike in the traffic. It’s really nice but at the time I was scared I was either being spammed or I would have to pay thousands in ad money.

Overall, everything worked out well in the end.

5 thoughts on “Website Traffic Went Through The Roof, Into The Stratosphere And Increased By Over 1000%

  1. MiniGolfer

    You have more traffic already than I have after a couple years. I had 500 people a day pre-google Panda Update, now I’m about 150-200 people a day. Originally I focused more on traffic once I had found LSJL cause I thought I just needed experimenters but once I wasn’t getting the proof I wanted I started focusing a lot more on the science.

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