A Lesson On Breakthroughs, Persistence, Success, Passion, And Pure Dumb Luck

This will be one of those posts that I get a little more personal and philosophical. I was sitting around last night and could not believe what had happened the day before when the traffic jumped from around ~100 visits/day to over ~1400 visitors/day where there were hours where the site was getting almost 200 visitors.

At the time, I was very scared because I thought my site was begin attacked by a malevolent foreign invader like spam and I was almost going to cancel my Clicky Account because I was afraid that the advertising links Clicyk said was the source of my traffic was going to be charge to my Clicky account or something. After I managed to calm down and look over to see what had happened, I learned that my site had been involved in what I can only call a “viral moment”.

Afterwards I am still kind of stunned and confused at what happened. Before that day, the traffic to my site had been rather constant and consistent. I started the blog about 6 weeks ago and since then it had been going through a steady rate of growth, and you could actually draw a very nice trend line through the points at the top of the graph of visitors for every day. I had noticed that the traffic to the website sort of stalled for at least the last 2 weeks around the 100 visitor mark so I had secretly wished that maybe the traffic would increase a little. Well it did increase, and by a lot more than I could have hoped for.

So I asked myself, what caused this chain of events? Was it because of me, or because of something out of my control? Of course the smart observer would say that it was a combination of both my effort and rather dumb luck. I agree. We as finite beings can only do so much and accomplish as much as our bodies allows us. After a certain point, we have to leave the rest to random chance and hope that the rest of the world will be able to find our work of effort and find some value with them.

For the site, it definitely had a huge breakthrough. The breakthrough for me was a confirmation to myself that if I put a lot of hard work and persistence on a project of mine, I can make it go very far. For anyone to be able to constantly day in and day out produce as much content as possible, sometimes even 6-7 posts a day, there has to be some form of motivation factor. The subject one chooses to put this much effort in must have have some form of internal personal motivation behind it.

I have learned from reading enough books on self-improvement, personal development, how to accumulate wealth, and be successful that the desire to become successful is in everyone of us, but very few of us is willing to do what it really takes to succeed. If we remember the US retirement statistics, only 2% of the population will ever be able to retire comfortably. That means that the rest had never been able to save, invest, or accumulate the type of money they would need to live the rest of their life without working.

I really hate to tell the people who believe that there is some form of easy quick way to be successful that there is not. Even if there was such a solution, I haven’t found it. And if I did find it, there is high chance that me being the selfish human that I am would not want to tell anyone else about this secret method to “quick and easy success”. I see so many people these days who think that if they just go to business school for 2 years, get their MBAs, while spending half the time playing around with other business school peers, they will instantly be given a golden ticket to a upper-mid level management consulting job that pays in the 6 figures right out of school. That is not the case and that was never the case.

People who try to take the easy path in life and look for the shortcuts towards success often find that the path they took is actually longer than if they had just stayed on the hard path and endured for some time in their effort to succeed. If if the person should happen to reach success through that method, they often lose what they managed to accumulate.

This project is from my heart, a work that is built on spirit, love, and integrity. I will continue to put more work, persistence, and discipline in building this site/ blog to what I have always dreamed about. There is no easy way to get around it. I have to work hard. I have to be able to solve the provlems when challenges appear. I then have to learn from my past experiences and be able to not make the same mistakes as before.

The passion and desire is from the inside, not from some external influence. I am not motivated by money or fame. I would rather that this site get only 100 loyal readers who are willing to comment and collaborate on this project with me. We work together to create something amazing, a resource that the rest of the world can look to for all of their height increase and height related issues and question.

There is of course an element of dumb stupid luck involved for this project tot really take off and for people to come along and read what is written. The dumb licks often lead to the biggest breaks in life, after years and years of pure pain, suffering, and frustration. But in the end, given how life randomness, probability, and chance works, I know that one day I will see another great success again. I just need to focus on putting out great content, always searching for the latest information, and not giving up.

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