Body Hack IX: Learning And Using The Female Deep Spot aka A Spot For Stronger Female Orgasms

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When I was learning more about women and relationships years ago, I started to learn about different forms of orgasms that a women can have and I was amazed that the biological process of coitus was so much more elaborate than anything I could have ever believed.

The first “sex trick” I wanted to talk about is the really recent discovery in the female body deep inside called the “A Spot” or “Deep Spot”.

From the Wikipedia article on the Anterior Fornix Erogenous Zone

The anterior fornix erogenous zone (also known as the AFE zoneAFEA-spotepicenterdeep spot or second G-spot) is reportedly a female erogenous zone that when stimulated can lead to rapid vaginal lubrication and arousal, sometimes without any other form of stimulation, with continued stimulation resulting in an intense orgasm.

Early research – Discovery

The AFE zone concept is attributed to Malaysian sex scientist Dr. Chua Chee Ann. In his research with female subjects suffering from vaginal dryness, he found that stimulation of an area deep in the vagina on the anterior wall resulted in rapid lubrication and arousal. He did not make his discovery public until thirteen years after it was made.

A-spot stimulation technique

Dr. Chua Chee Ann has promoted his A-spot stimulation technique in books and at seminars as the most effective means of stimulating the AFE zone. The technique involves applying pressure to the area, making a scooping motion, and stimulating other parts of the vagina. He claims that if the technique is practiced for at least 10 minutes a day, it will make vaginal lubrication and orgasms regularly attainable, even without foreplay.

Deep spot technique

Self-proclaimed seduction expert David Shade claims to have discovered an erogenous zone in roughly same location as the AFE zone, which he refers to as the deep spot. Because of their closeness, it is likely that the AFE zone and the deep spot are one and the same. However, he sometimes describes the deep spot as being “the cavity of the cervix”, a term that is usually used to describe interior of the cervix, where semen is deposited for fertilization of a woman’s ovum. This does not appear to be what Shade is referring to, as he sometimes describes the cavity of the cervix as a Frisbee-like ring around the cervix.

For stimulating the deep spot, David Shade promotes the deep spot technique. The deep spot technique differs from the A-spot stimulation technique because it only involves stimulating one part of the vagina at once. Shade also distinguishes between the “front” of the deep spot, which is in approximately the same location as the AFE zone) and the “back” of the deep spot, which is on the posterior wall. This back of the deep spot may be the so-called cul-de-sac, thought by some to be the rectouterine pouch, or another erogenous zone altogether.



The AFE zone is reported to be located at or near the deepest point on the anterior wall of the vagina, above the cervix, where the anterior wall of the vagina starts to curve upward (the entrance to the anterior fornix, but some websites and news articles have described it as being on the posterior wall of the vagina, roughly opposite of the G-spot. Dr. Chua Chee Ann stated in an interview that this is completely wrong.[1] Some believe that this area may be a different erogenous zone altogether.

Connection to known female anatomy

Some believe that the AFE zone is the anterior fornix itself, but it is thought by some sex experts to be a degenerated female prostate (a theory that has been applied to the G-spot and the Skene’s gland) or the area where the vaginal nerves connect, which is thought to be near it. One other theory is that it is the vesicouterine pouch, due to its proximity to the supposed location of the AFE zone and the supposed erogenous qualities of the rectouterine pouch.



According to doctor Chua Chee Ann, the AFE zone redirects female ejaculatory fluid, which is expelled from the Skene’s gland during G-spot orgasms, and turns it into vaginal lubrication.[2] Because stimulating the AFE zone causes this mechanism and creates an erotic sensation simultaneously, full arousal occurs very quickly.


The orgasms that result from stimulation of the AFE zone are thought to be distinct from the orgasms that result from stimulation of the clitoris, but some women who have experienced them say that they are similar in sensation to orgasms achieved by G-spot stimulation, while others say that they are more “intense”.


From Zee News

Get her to an orgasm by stimulating her “deep” spot! 

Last Updated: Wednesday, November 02, 2011, 20:45
Forget the G-spot. Get her to an orgasm by stimulating her “deep” spot!

What is the deep spot and where is it situated?

Columnist and writer David Shade, author of many tips and guidebooks for men about how to become a good and generous lover, advises men to focus on the stimulation of the so-called deep spot for great and multiple orgasms in his book Give Your Woman Wild Screaming Orgasms. The deep spot is situated in the vagina, deeper than the G-spot and is, unlike the G-spot, smooth. This part of the vagina is technically called the cavity of the cervix and is situated about 3 and a quarter inches (8 centimetres) deep. You reach it by pushing your fingers very deeply inside the vagina. Take your rings off before the massage.

How to get to work on the deep spot?

Your partner should lie on her back and spread her legs with her knees bent. Put a lot of lubricant on your fingers and be careful not to damage the inside of her vagina with your fingernails. Slide your middle finger up the upper wall of the vagina deep inside her, with your palm facing upward. You’ll first feel the rough part, where the G-spot is also situated, then the smooth and slippery part, where you can also feel the cervix. Curl your fingertip into the ‘come hither’ position and press firmly against the upper wall of the vagina. Start massaging her deep spot firmly as if you were making the ‘come hither’ motion. Be careful that your hand is moist enough with the lubricant and that the massage is really firm. Your fingertip should literally become immersed into the soft walls of her vagina. You’ll feel the cervix as a small hole, but don’t touch it because this makes many women feel unpleasant.

The feeling of anal intercourse

You can also tackle the deep spot a bit differently. You can slide your middle finger into the vagina, with your palm facing downward. This time you’re sliding on the frontal wall of the vagina, past the rough part of the interior to the smooth part of the interior. Go as deeply as possible, but be careful not to be too aggressive with your knuckles. Do the ‘come hither’ notion with your fingertip again and push towards the lowest vertebrae of the spine. This will make her feel like she’s having anal intercourse, which really arouses some women and many will experience a very powerful orgasm.

Comparing the deep spot to the clitoris

During the first type of stimulation, the lower part of your palm can also press against the clitoris, which will bring an orgasm on even faster. The deep spot has one big advantage over the clitoris. When a woman has a clitoral orgasm, the button is so sensitive for some time that any attempt of stimulation can be unpleasant and painful. The deep spot has no such problems and can thus be stimulated again very quickly. You can also use two fingers for stimulation (the index and middle fingers) and keep their tips apart for about half an inch (one centimetre) when stimulating the vagina.

Always the same result: a powerful orgasm

Stimulating the deep spot brings the orgasm on relatively fast. The orgasm is intense and powerful, especially if you’re massaging the clitoris as well. Because the deep spot isn’t sensitive after the orgasm, you can start massaging it again after a short while and bring your partner to multiple orgasms very quickly. If the vagina is a bit painful the next day, this can be a sign that you pushed a bit too hard or it can be a consequence of the fact that you did this for the first time. The pain disappears already the following day and both men and women are thrilled by the pleasures the deep spot offers.

Me: I wanted to end this first post about sex tips from my own knowledge about female sexuality. The sexuality of females is more complicated than men’s. For men, we probably have maybe only 2 ways to reach orgasm. For women, they have a multiple of ways and methods to stimulate many different types of orgasm. 
There is also some guessing that the deep spot is actually the recto-uterine pouch, which I am willing to guess is possible as well. As for an actualy step-by-step approach to doing the technique, I suggest going to David Shade’s website located HERE. He was one of the original people who talked extensively about this new secret method and he has done a lot of “research” on this. 

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