Body Hack X: Using G-Spot Stimulation Techniques To Give Females Ejaculation Orgasms

From Dr. Susan Block, I’ll copy and paste the techniques she gives to women on how to achieve ejaculation orgasms.

Learning How to Squirt

Female Ejaculation is an everyday miracle. Just about every normal woman has the anatomy for it, but most don’t do it. Moreover, the practice is veiled in mystery. Some porn films show it, but they don’t explain what it is or how to do it. Sometimes they even use misleading tricks, like filling the woman’s vagina with water that she then squirts out for the camera. Some sex education videos and books explain female ejaculation in much the same way that this essay tries to do, but they don’t show it very well. Granted, it is difficult to explain. Thus, over the years, I have tried to create my own videos and literature that shows this process as clearly, and with us much fun and erotic delight, as possible.

I first heard the term “G-spot female ejaculation” from Deborah Sundahl back in 1992 at a Lifestyles Convention, having wandered into her seminar quite by accident. I had never heard of such a thing as women having “squirting” orgasms, at least not on purpose. Neither had anyone else in the seminar. It was something “new” and very exciting, but rather confusing and seemed way out of my personal realm-of-possibility, especially in a seminar like this, where we were sitting in rows of chairs as if we were in a biology class. I found Deborah to be quite charming and knowledgeable, and interviewed her on my show a couple of times, but didn’t get an intimate lesson in squirting from her until 12 years later! In the meantime, I would encounter a slightly different approach to the art and science of female ejaculation.

The Braun Method

Years past, and I didn’t give much thought to female ejaculation until I met one of the most prominent, prolific, “hands-on” modern crusaders for G-spot female ejaculation, Axel “The G-Man” Braun. Axel is the handsome, nimble-fingered son of renowned Italian sex pioneer and filmmaker Lasse Braun. The elder Braun, an old friend of mine, had written a booklet, The Nectar of Aphrodite, a sort of G-Spot Female Ejaculation Manifesto based upon his personal research into the phenomenon with 130 different women. Braun the Younger took his father’s work into the next generation of ejaculation.

Axel has long boasted that he can “make any woman squirt.” He almost lives up to his grandiose claim, having succeeded with 12 out of 15 of the women on whom he’s tried his method at the Dr. Susan Block Institute, most notably the vivacious and juicy Shayna Knight. As for the other three: One was deadset against squirting at all; she wanted to prove him wrong, and she did. Another was sick with a 102 degree fever (on another occasion, when she was well, she did squirt). The third admitted that she was too worried about what her jealous boyfriend would think to relax and let anything happen. The other 12, myself among them, all squirted with Axel, even though we’d never squirted before.

The “Braun Method” is all in the finger action. It begins with the woman lying back, legs spread open, her partner (let’s call him the “G-Man”) at her right side, if he is right-handed. After some sort of foreplay (kissing, oral sex, nipple play, rubbing the clitoris and labia, whatever gets her wet), the G-Man inserts two fingers into her vagina. Axel uses his middle and ring fingers for this, though you might prefer to use your middle and forefingers. Slowly, the G-Man moves his two fingers around inside of her, continuing the foreplay – rubbing her clit, playing with her nipples, lightly spanking her butt, etc. With probing fingers, he locates her G-Spot. He can feel it as a slightly raised, spongy, ridged bump on the “roof” of the vaginal cave. In most women, it is just behind the clitoris, and some experts consider it to be an extension of the clitoris. He then finds the center of this spot, pressing it gently but firmly. This pressure releases a warm flow of fluid, whereupon the G-Man begins vigorously “fingering” her, in and out of her vaginal opening, causing the rapid expulsion of fluid. That is, female ejaculation.

The first time Axel made me squirt was New Year’s 2000. Talk about toasting the New Millennium with my own Cristal Ejaculate! I’d just done a New Year’s show, plus received a particularly good whipping from Axel’s Daddy Lasse on Mario Saucedo’s Bondage Cross, and sat down and up a few times on Mario’s Dildo Chair. All that wild “foreplay” mixed with a few flutes of champagne got me loosened and lubricated for adventure. While Lasse was whipping me, Axel was whispering into my ear that he wanted to make me squirt.

I’d seen several women ejaculate – Deborah, Kiss, Annie Sprinkle and Carol Queen, to name a few – but I’d never been able to do it myself, not that I’d really tried. I was also one of those skeptics who wondered if it wasn’t just peeing while you’re coming. Not that there’s anything wrong with a nice golden shower, but well, that’s just peeing.

But Axel and Lasse both, each commandeering one of my ears, promised me it wasn’t just peeing. Moreover, Axel insisted he could make me squirt without my knowing how to do a thing. As soon as I agreed, Axel disappeared into the bathroom to wash up. Emerging with sleeves rolled up and hands raised, he looked like a surgeon about to operate, or a magician showing he had nothing up his sleeve.

Just to prove to myself that it wasn’t urine, I took a nice long whiz right before sitting down with Axel. As I was already highly aroused and very wet thanks to all that whipping and whispering, Axel didn’t have to do much in the way of foreplay. He slid his middle and ring fingers easily between my inner labia and into my vagina and immediately began probing around for my G-Spot. Once he located the raised spongy spot under the roof of my vaginal cave, he pressed it gently yet firmly. I felt a slight pinprick sensation, followed by a gushing feeling in my womb, at which point Axel began his dynamic forceful fingering technique. In and out, in and out. I felt like I was blacking out, but I could hear the oohing and ahhing of spectators around me. Actually, I felt kind of like a human washing machine (in a good way!) on rinse cycle. My eyes were closed, so I couldn’t see myself squirt, but when I was done, everyone assured me that I had, indeed, ejaculated. I also noticed that Axel’s arm and the towel I sat on, as well as the sofa under it, were soaked with my bountiful juices. Later, I looked at the video. Yes, indeed, there I was, squirting like a burst water pipe. These juices did not smell like pee. They smelled like pussy.

As for the orgasm itself, it was intense, a little bit painful, and exhilarating like a roller coaster ride, leaving me breathless, dizzy and more than a little worn out. A few minutes afterwards, I found myself feeling hornier than usual and wound up having a lot of wild wet sex that night. No more squirting, but some of my deepest, longest, juiciest orgasms ever.

From 2000-2004, I experienced G-spot female ejaculation about a half dozen more times, all with the G-Man, a frequent guest at my Speakeasy. Though I couldn’t yet squirt with my husband Max or other sexual partners, I noticed that my regular orgasms became stronger, longer and more frequent than ever, and I seemed to lubricate more easily and copiously than before.

Ivona’s Way – (Using well known vibrator Mr. Hitachi)

During this time, I met Ivona Diamond. When Ivona came to the Dr. Susan Block Institute, she had never squirted before. One night after the show, Axel asked her if she’d like to try it. Ivona’s boyfriend Larry went down on her as I played with her nipples. Then she let Axel’s fingers do the walking, using the Braun Method to make her ejaculate forcefully within about 10 minutes. Ivona is a very sensuous, adventurous woman. So no one was too surprised when she let loose and squirted up a small tropical storm. Still it was a baptismal sexual revelation. Soon Ivona became a Squirting Star. She squirted for me at my birthday party. She squirted at the first show on my broadcast bed at new building for Institute. Just as they christen a new ship with champagne, we uncorked our own personal Sex Bubbly to kick off a new era for the show in our beautiful new space. She squirted on her own birthday and for Halloween. She squirts regularly at home too.

Ivona still enjoys G-spot female ejaculation according to the Braun Method, which Larry mastered along with oral sex. But Ivona taught herself to squirt quite profusely with no fingering at all. With nothing but the firm pressure of her favorite plug-in vibrator, “Mr. Hitachi,” on her clitoris, labia and pushed-out G-Spot, Ivona can spray like a turbo-charged sprinkler system in a matter of seconds.

How does she do it? Goddess only knows, but she does it almost every time. Some women are squirting naturals; they do it without even trying. In fact, if they haven’t been educated about female ejaculation or if they have ignorant lovers, they may even be embarrassed about it, though, of course, they shouldn’t be. Ivona’s not exactly a natural. She didn’t start squirting until the G-Man pressed her button. But she does practice and, at this point, she can pretty much squirt on command. Here’s her essential routine: She lies down, head propped against pillows, legs bent and spread wide, buns raised up slightly off the bed. She lubricates her sizeable clitoris and abundant inner labia with her saliva (or Larry’s), then pulls those big wet butterfly lips open, placing Mr. Hitachi’s head right under her clitoris and over her spread labia. Then she presses Mr. Hitachi down, turning him on high speed, raising her butt, breathing deep, squeezing and releasing her kegel or pubococcygeous (PC) muscles and gently but firmly pushing out her G-spot so that it is stimulated by Mr. Hitachi. After a minute or two, or maybe at the most, three, her eyes squeeze shut and a high-pitched moan emerges from her throat. A second or two later, the geyser erupts. It lasts up to five seconds. The amount of ejaculate that she releases ranges from not much more than a sparkly spritz of pussy perfume to a dazzling, gushing tsunami of amrita. Her secret? Practice, she says. Also, she says it’s easier to for her to squirt a lot when she hasn’t done it for a couple of weeks. Just like guys.

The Sundahl Method

But here’s essentially what I did: First, I urinated downstairs before I went up on the roof. Then I found my private spot, spread out my towel and did about 30 minutes of slow sensuous yoga, breathing deeply, squeezing and releasing my PC muscles, concentrating on the pleasurable feelings in my body in general and my genitalia in particular. Next, I licked my fingers, and stuck my hands in my panties (I didn’t feel quite certain enough that I wouldn’t be seen to get completely naked. I rubbed my now juicy clitoris until I was very excited but not orgasming. Then, I stuck my index finger inside my vagina, crooking it into the “come hither” position, and rubbed and pressed my G-spot, feeling the ridges on the bump just an inch up from the entrance.

I took my time. I didn’t try to ejaculate, didn’t really expect to ejaculate. I just focused on the pleasurable feelings in my G-spot. I felt it growing, swelling, enlarging against my finger. As Deborah’s book suggested, I let it build and grow bigger and fuller. Every so often, I’d stop and breathe deep, and on the out-breath, I pushed as if I was going to pee, but I didn’t pee. I just pushed out my G-Spot, so it was practically outside my labia. Sometimes it felt as if my G-spot was ballooning out on its own.

Deborah cautions against pushing too hard and straining yourself. But I found that pushing out slowly and gently did lead me to squirt. That’s right, I had my very first self-propelled female ejaculation experience, with Deborah’s book in one hand as my other hand rubbed and pressed my G-spot. I first felt it on my finger, then I pulled out my finger along with a stream of hot flowing ejaculate that wound up soaking my panties, the towel and the book, and seemed to make the police helicopter circling above me screech to a halt in the sky. I sniffed my soaked panties and was pleased to find them smelling very faintly of flowers, certainly not of urine. I floated blissfully on my wet towel under the clouds for who knows how long. Then I ran downstairs to show Deborah who sniffed my panties and squealed with delight. “Congratulations, Suzy, you ejaculated!”

From Intimate Communion, I copy and pasted an answer the advice giver gave for a question posed

Dear R,

Thank you for contacting me and your message.
Can a woman REALLY have orgasms so powerful that they are on the verge of passing out?
Yes.  It’s absolutely true.
Women can come hard enough to pass out, to burst into tears afterwards, or to shake uncontrollable for many long minutes afterwards as they try to regain their composure.
And, yes, women can ejaculate a large amount of clear liquid when they have a certain kind of deep orgasm.
The thick, white stuff you are talking about is just the normal lubrication of your vagina.  It’s totally normal and nothing to worry about.
The “squirting” orgasm comes out much more water-like, it is clear, and it is completely odorless.  It’s produced by a separate set of glands in your body called the intra-urethral glands (sometimes called the Skene’s gland).

It doesn’t happen from any special foods, or from drinking enough water, but from a special type of orgasm.  Usually it is the result of a long build-up and then a “blended” orgasm from both the clitoris and g spot at the same time. Also, as the “squirting orgasm” builds you may feel the urge to pee (this is the glands filling).
So I’d like to talk a little bit about why some women can have such intense orgasm, how YOU can begin to intensify your own orgasms, and then give you some rock-solid tips on how you and a skilled partner can experience female ejaculation.
The simple fact is, most women find it very difficult, or even impossible to have their most intense orgasms while alone because it is difficult to surrender that deeply without someone coaching you, reassuring you, and sometimes even “commanding” you to continue deeper into the experience.
Some women, with the help of a vibrator, can indeed come hard enough to squirt and even to take themselves to the point of nearly passing out… and many women can completely wear themselves out from coming so many times even when they are alone.
But that’s not typical.
As a really powerful orgasm builds up inside of a woman, it can sometimes feel almost scary, and instead of just continuing to climb in  excitement, they will either just make themselves come right away, enjoying a more shallow pleasure…or they will back down completely…
Many women can’t come at all because they are “stuck” in a cycle where they get more and more excited… then get nervous about getting too excited… and the nervous energy knocks them out of the excited state and they slide back down before ever reaching the top.
The example I sometimes use to help men understand this is the experience you might have when you get on a giant roller-coaster ride at the amusement park.
While you’re waiting on line, you can feel the butterflies in your stomach… the ride looks scary, and maybe you’re wishing that you never agreed to do this… but, of course, you can’t just get off the line because you’ll look like a dork, so you just keep moving forward. Then, when you get strapped into the seat, you can really feel your adrenaline pumping, and as the car gets pulled up that first giant hill, your heart beats faster and faster as you slowly go higher and higher.
Now, you have no control anymore.  You are on the ride and you can’t get off until it’s over. But imagine if there were a button on the ride that you could push, just as you got to the top of that first terrifying drop… and if you pushed that button, the ride would stop, and you could get off and take an elevator back to the bottom.

From GentleNibbles.Com (resource click on link), I copy and pasted their method/technique…

Female Ejaculation – A New Technique

Posted by Mr. GentleNibbles on June 12, 2008 ·

Female Ejaculation otherwise known as Squirting is the spontaneous release of fluids from the urethra of a female during sexual intercourse.  Squirting really came into the public eye after the release of a very successful adult movie, The Grafenburg Spot in 1985.

In this movie, all of the “squirting” was staged for cinematic purposes, which led to the controversy over the reality of this phenomenon.  Since then it has slowly worked its way out of legend or urban myth to an accepted reality in the eyes of many women.

Mrs. Gentlenibbles and I fully believe in the reality of female ejaculation as Mrs. Gentlenibbles is a card carrying member of the club.  In a post entitled Its Raining Its Pouring, we wrote at the end of last year, we described how Mrs. “G” entered the world of squirting females.  We would like to use this post to describe the technique we successfully used in helping Mrs. “G” find her G-spot as well as achieve an ejaculatory orgasm.  We have now successfully used this technique with some of our friends and swinging partners who were having difficulty in achieving a squirting orgasm as well.

The typical technique most often referred to in articles addressing g-spot stimulation describe the following:

The woman is usually sitting or laying on her back with her legs spread and slightly elevated.  The person stimulating the G-spot sits in between the woman’s legs and uses two fingers slightly bent in a palms up position to gently stimulate the wall of the vagina directly above the vaginal opening.  The G-spot has a different texture than the rest of the vaginal wall that helps to identify it’s presence.

Once the G-spot is found it is usually recommended to keep the fingers still while moving your hand in and out with a gentle rocking motion to achieve the proper stimulation.  Some women like this movement slow and gentle, while some prefer a very rapid pace associated with this technique.  The person providing the stimulation should also consider clitoral contact as this usually increases the overall effect.  This website does a much better job of illustrating and describing this approach.

With Mrs. Gentlenibbles, as well as others we have met ,this approach has yet been able to work.  After a lot of trial and error (that was quite fun by the way), this was a technique that we found worked the best for Mrs. “G”.

Mrs. Gentlenibbles would lay flat on her abdomen with her legs spread at about a thirty or forty degree angle.  She would be completely relaxed, as we would often try this right after waking up on a Saturday morning.

I would lay down beside her with my face about level with her posterior, which is a pretty good view I must say.  Then with my hand closest to her, I would insert my thumb into her vagina facing down and wrap my hand around the front exterior wall of her vagina where I was actually gripping the front wall of her pubis.

This position will place your thumb almost directly over her G-spot, you can feel around for the texture change to be sure.  I would begin slowly stimulating her G-spot with just thumb movement until I could feel her start to moisten and begin reacting to the sexual excitement.

As her arousal increased, I would increase from just thumb movement to now slowly moving my hand back and forth.  As I do this, I am stimulating her G-spot with my thumb, her clitoris with the palm of my hand, and putting a little pressure on her lower abdomen/pubic wall with my fingers.  This slight pressure countering the pressure of the thumb we have found to be very important in finally achieving ejaculation.

After several minutes of this Mrs. Gentlenibbles will be very noticeably aroused with flushing skin, increased breathing patterns, and most importantly more moisture in her vaginal cavity.  When I notice her entering this phase of arousal, I know her body is just about ready to squirt.  At this point I will increase the tempo of my movements quite a bit, and gently increase the pressure on both her G-spot as well as pubic wall.

The other thing I do really seems to seal the deal.  I change my overall movement slightly at this point.  I push in deeper with my thumb and reach further up her vaginal wall and then almost use a “milking” motion as I pull my thumb outward.  Usually after just a few seconds of this Mrs. Gentlenibbles will achieve ejaculation.  Once she is in that heightened stage I can usually repeat this last step over and over causing her to squirt every time until one of us yells “uncle” due to exhaustion.

I should warn you, that you may want to have a towel in place before attempting this, as the amount of fluid can be much more than you would expect.

A couple of things to have in mind before attempting this.

  1. Make sure the lucky volunteer has emptied her bladder.  The sensation of squirting feels much like releasing her urine, and she will feel much more comfortable giving in to that sensation if she knows her bladder is empty.
  2. Guys cut your fingernails and consider smoothing them a bit, as you may be performing some rapid work near some very sensitive equipment.
  3. Don’t do this on a woman just because you think she will like it.  If she is not expecting this your rapid assault will most likely just feel odd.
  4. If the female is so inclined the person doing the stimulating can use their other hand to perform a little anal stimulation.  Many times this will greatly intensify the overall effect.
  5. Important– Don’t be discouraged if this technique or any technique does not work right away.  It took Mrs. Gentlenibbles and I several months before she finally achieved ejaculation.  Just keep practicing  That is the fun part, remember.  Often the barrier is mental more than sexual and over time mental barriers usually find their way of resolving themselves.
  6. Many believe that as woman age their G-spot plays a  much larger role in their overall sexual arousal making them more prone to squirting.  In our experience in the lifestyle we have found the ratio of woman who squirt over thirty versus those under thirty is pretty large!
  7. Have fun!

We really hope this technique helps some of you out there who may have been trying this for awhile.  Please leave us a comment and let us know if this works for you, or if you have your own suggestions please share them with the rest of us!

Happy Squirting!

~Mr. and Mrs. Gentlenibbles

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