If Your Child Wanted Growth Hormone Therapy Or Limb Lengthening Surgery, Would You Say Yes?

I don’t know what type of audience or readers I have on this site. However, I would assume that most of the people who look for material on how to grow taller are probably past the age of still growing or at least, almost about to be finished with physical maturity. So I will assume most of you are in your 20s or 30s. From what I’ve seen, after a certain age, most people who used to want to be taller have lost that desire and don’t want it anymore or actively search for a solution.

I would also assume that most of you probably don’t have kids (yet) because to even consider the idea of being in some program to grow taller, you have to be extremely commited to the cause and program. Height increase is not like weight lose. Weight lose is at least 10,000 times easier than height increase. I know and have heard of many people who have put years and years of effort and dedication to this cause. So you probably don’t have kids yet.

So this question are for those readers, “If your son or daughter wanted one day to go through growth hormone therapy or limb lengthening surgery for themselves to grow  taller, what would you do?”

Let’s say one day you come home from work and find your teenage smaller than average statured daughter crying in her bedroom. You ask her why she is upset and she tells you she was teased mercilessly by other people in her school of her small size. They call her names and bully her because she is small and a easy target to pick on. You say the usual platitudes and try to make her realize that she can feel comfort and security  under your protection and care.

However, she doesn’t feel comforted or relieve. She did research on the internet and found out about the growth hormone therapies. Or maybe she realizes that she can’t grown anymore since her height hasn’t increase in over 3 years. She instead wants to go through the incredibly scary limb and leg lengthening surgery to be taller.

You know what it is. You’ve done the research. You’ve maybe even considered yourself at one point in your journey to look for a solution to your height problems. Now your child has found out, and they want to do it. You know the pain, the time, the effort putting in.

You argue that it would cost too much and she shows you the $50,000 she has been saving for the last 5 years working part time jobs. She has the money. Your reason for not doing it because of money is gone.

You argue about the fact that she will be too busy with school so she can’t take the time. She rebuttals with the fact that she plans to do the therapy or research after High School, when she takes an entire year break off (which you had agreed with her on). That is enough time.  So your reason over time is gone too.

Now it really becomes just about the pain, the conflict inside of you on understanding her problem and predicament. You maybe remember the years of frustration you had to go through being taunted about your size, until you finally accepted it. You chose not to do the surgery, but now your child does want it

S0, the question goes back to this…

“”If Your Child Wanted Growth Hormone Therapy Or Limb Lengthening Surgery, Would You Say Yes?””


2 thoughts on “If Your Child Wanted Growth Hormone Therapy Or Limb Lengthening Surgery, Would You Say Yes?

  1. Jimmy

    That’s a tough question. I know how it feels to be made fun of for being smaller than average but I don’t think I’d let my future child go through with such a barbaric procedure. Besides by the time I probably have kids (10-20 years from now) there will probably be a more sophisticated form of height increase.

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