Mind Hack X: How To Become Smarter For $150 Or Less Using The Right Supplements

Update: It might be important to note that this post appeared far earlier than the Mind Hack IX post. This correction is my way of getting this post on the Mind Hack list so the order of the series is a little off.

One of the most loyal readers for this site gave me an email this morning (Korea standard time) asking whether I could give him some tips on how to increase one’s intelligence using tricks, tips, and certain techniques.

I had stated in my previous post about “How To Become Smarter…” located HERE about the fact that during my undergraduate days I did a lot of research on what I can do to increase my intelligence. Well, today I will release all of the ideas, strategies, and tips I have discovered on how to become more intelligence.

Tips, Tricks, Techniques, Methods, Strategies, Ideas, etc….

1. I suggested in the previous post HERE that you might considered trying the nootropic prescription “drugs” Piracetam and/or Provigil. After 2 decades of research, most people have concluded that the “drug” has minimal side effects. Piracetam can even be order online off of Amazon HERE.

At the time of this writing, the Piracetam 60 capsules of 800 mg each cost just $16.25. That is a 2 months supply and you will definitely start to feel the effects of it if it even works on you. For some people, they don’t feel any cognitive ability changes. It is a sort of natural herbal supplement or something so it can’t be that bad for you. Just ask yourself “How much can I possibly lose by spending $16 for a set of “smart pills” which could theoretically increase my thinking and intelligence by up to 15 points?”

Again, I am not affiliated with Amazon so I don’t get any money if you buy through that link.

2. Use Creatine. Creatine is the most common form of muscle bulk building supplement in any drug store. I don’t care which country you are in. If you can find a drug store close to you, you probably will find over the counter creatine. You can literally buy like a year’s worth of creatine for $60 and just store it in a dry area like your kitchen counter. Or you can spend $15-20 buying some for a month’s worth of stuff (that’s over 2 lbs of the stuff). Go to Amazon HERE. Remember that for this purpose we are suggesting to take creatine for intelligence reasons, not to gain muscle or bulk up, but hey, if we are like most men we want to probably be slightly more muscular. So it seems like creatine taken in proportional good doses can probably increase intelligence. It is supposed to be able to increase one’s intelligence by up to 10 points.

And of course always remember to take things in small doses and moderation until you find the right dosage and amount for you. I know over a dozen male friends and college roommates who take creatine to get big and they seem to be just fine so this supplement is quite safe.

If you want definitive proof creatine can improve intelligence click HERE, HERE, or HERE.

3. Trying a software program called “Dual-N Back Training”. This is very controversial because I am slightly sceptical of this product and only talk about this because Asprey promotes it. He wrote a post HERE about the effects of doing this program. These are the claims Asprey makes….

“”I gained 2.75 IQ points for every hour of brain training I did.””

“”So what does a higher IQ get you?

– Faster problem solving

N-back training teaches your brain to juggle more factors at the same time than it could before. If you’re trying to solve a problem, it’s extremely useful to be able to remember all the factors you know at once. A classic example would be running through look ahead moves in a chess game. If you don’t remember the 2nd and 3rd moves you planned, how can you design a strategy 5 moves ahead? N-back training is the answer.

– A more insightful synthetic imagination

In Think And Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill talks about two kinds of imagination–synthetic imagination and creative imagination. Synthetic is the one we use the most, it’s when our brains combine existing known information and derive new insights from it or see new patterns. Creative imagination is a bit different; creative involves flashes of insight that aren’t necessarily related to what we already know. More on creative imagination later–I’ve noticed N-back training boosts my synthetic imagination significantly. After N-back training, you’ll be able to solve every day problems and tasks faster and more easily because you’ll “just see the answer,” and your academic or career performance will soar.

– A better memory

Dave first noticed the effects when he unconsciously memorized restaurant take-out orders for 10 family members so he could call them in. His family was floored but he didn’t realize why until they told him they couldn’t do it without writing things down. In both of our experiences, once you get new brain skills, there’s no going back, and they immediately feel natural and like a part of you. “””

Me: Asprey states in this video HERE that you will at first feel VERY frustrated about the program which gives you a bunch of tests to do. The entire program takes about 10-20 hours to do (So if you really work on it, you can finish in like 3-4 days with complete focus). After you are through with the program, he states your iq gets raised by 10-20 points. And those points are supposed to be permanent. 

Asprey uses something called IQ Mindware i3 which you can find a free work shop for HERE. or you can even play the game version of this software HERE.

If you wanted to use the same type of software (the IQ Mindware I3) that Asprey and associates use ,you can click HERE for the IQ Mindware i3 website. It’s $45 for the download. But I am going to attach a BIG WARNING to this site.

WARNING: I checked out the product and it turns out the software product is something you can get from Clickbank, the worlds largest E-Product website. In general Clickbank has always been associated with shady Internet Marketing people who sell useless E-Products and stuff. I am very much agains the idea of selling or promoting to you the intelligence seeker a product which could very well be a scam. This product sold under the name “IQ Mindware i3” can be jsut a ripoff or a cheap piece of Dual N-Back training software. From the images on the screen on what a software looks like, it looks REALLY simple to design. Personally, if I had a choice I would suggest to you to NOT buy the Click bank product but just use the free download version you can find elsewhere on the internet. 

The articles written that shows the Dual-N Back training seems to really increase your intelligence are located HERE.

4. It is mainly about diet. From reading about the issue on this link HERE, I would suggest 4 things to take away from the long article. 

a. avoid as much sugar as possible, especially refined sugar.

b. minimize the carbohydrates you take in

c. Try not to snack too much on refined processed food like chips and pretzels

d. Eat more naturally raised cow beef

WARNING: It seems a LOT of health and nutrition experts these days are going in the Paleo Diet direction when it comes to health. The idea of less or no carbs and more meat and proteins has been the fad for the last 5 years or so. The suggestion above are in sync with this new wave of diets. If you don’t think the advice given above is correct or right for you, don’t follow the diet’s advice. 

5. Get a book on Lateral Thinking Logic Puzzles like from Amazon HERE. Some of the used books can be just $1-2. Try to do 2 puzzles a day.

6. Take the L-Tyrosine 500 mg supplement. Reviews are here and seem to be mostly positive. It is supposed to help with ADD and Depression. Total of about $10 for 120 capsules or 4 months. Amazon link HERE

7. Get more sleep. Focus on REM sleep and deep sleep and get around 7-7.5 hours. For most people, they don’t function well with too little or too much sleep. The average is around 7-7.5 hours. Try (and I use the word “try” here) to get to sleep early and wake up early. Some people even suggest to go to sleep at 9 pm and wake up at 4 am.   No financial cost to you to change your lifestyle that much.


Conclusion: So if we were conservative with our number and added them up all together, we realize that over 80% of the total cost is from our Provigil prescription, if we don’t have a good medical plan. For everything else, you probably can get everything for only $60 or less.


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