Novel Inducer Of Chondrocyte Proliferation And Differentiation, Possible Adult Height Increase Invention

Me: This is another invention that allows for chondrocyte proliferation and its differentiation from the progenitor cells. It appear to be a type of injection composition with very specific molecules that targets the RANKL molecule. This means that the effect of RANKL is reduced, which allows for more cartilage and bones to be produced and the effect of osteoclasts to be decreased. 


Hisataka Yasuda et a

This invention provides a method for administration of an effective amount of RANKL-binding molecules that act on prechondrocytes and/or mesenchymal stem cells, accelerate cartilage differentiation, proliferation, and maturation of such cells, enhance chondrocyte differentiation, and induce chondrocyte proliferation to induce chondrocyte proliferation and differentiation or increase cartilage matrix production and a pharmaceutical composition used for inducing chondrocyte proliferation and differentiation or increasing cartilage matrix production. The pharmaceutical composition used for treatment or prevention of a chondropathies comprises, as an active ingredient, a compound that acts on prechondrocytes and/or mesenchymal stem cells and induces at least one of the following: (a) acceleration of prechondrocyte and/or mesenchymal stem cell differentiation; (b) acceleration of prechondrocyte and/or mesenchymal stem cell proliferation; (c) acceleration of prechondrocyte and/or mesenchy…

Application number: 12/998,253
Publication number:US 2011/0177069 A1
Filing date: Sep 9, 2009

You can find the link to the patent HERE. Again, this was found from using Google Patents and by typing in the words “chondrocyte proliferation”. It really is not that hard to find stuff like this. I just try to look through the patents and find stuff most relevant to what we are trying to do.

Invention Outline and Analysis

This patent is hard for me to understand how it is done. What I have been able to figure out is that a compound was synthesize similar to the binding region of the RANKL molecule and slightly altered to act as an antibody for the RANKL molecule. The actual molecule being administered appears to be a fusion protein of a peptide with a specific amino acid being sequenced, and from my quick glance at it is not that long, so I would guess the average university bimolecular lab can possibly synthesize this within a few months and get people trying it out.

What I am willing to say is that this may be the first real possible height increase technique or idea you can use and might get results from as a physically mature adult. However, you have to believe that the theory behind LSJL makes sense, that chondrocyte proliferation and differentiation will lead to bones being pressed apart.

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